Rabid: Are you Crazy About Your Dog Or Just Crazy?

There are dog lovers and there are dog LOVERS. In Pamela Redmond Satran‘s latest book Rabid: Are you Crazy About Your Dog Or Just Crazy?, she shows us the difference.

What is the difference? You include your dog in your holiday family card—crazy about your dog. You send out a holiday card of only your dog, dressed in a Santa suit, and include a newsletter including all of Max’s doggie accomplishments—CRAZY. You treat your pooch to your steak bone—crazy about your dog. You make Sadie a homemade organic smoothie with kefir, flaxseed and kale—NUTS.

I had the pleasure of enjoying a cup of coffee with Pam at Red Eye Cafe recently, she’s a Montclair resident, where we discussed Rabid.

Pam Satran is a New York Times bestselling humor writer (How Not to Act Old) and novelist as well as the coauthor with Linda Rosenkrantz of eight books about names. She is the creator of several websites, including Nameberry, a leading baby name site, and a columnist for Glamour. Her novel The Possibility of You makes my list of favorite books.

My first question to Pam, was, “Why a book about crazy dog owners?” She said the idea for Rabid came one evening while she was talking with her son Joe. They were discussing a crazy dog story they had seen or read about and after laughing about it, Joe suggested she write a book about the “doggie-centric” trend that has been going on. He even suggested the name—Rabid. Pam then started to create a Google alert for dog stories and started creating a file. Things such as, doggie spas and doggie daycares, holistic treatments for canines, dog tattoos—anything that pushed a regular dog lover a bit over the  edge to a crazy dog lover. With that file in hand, she pitched it. Long story short—Rabid was released yesterday.

Rabid: Are you Crazy About Your Dog Or Just Crazy? is full of great color photos and includes quizzes that will help you determine just how crazy you are about your dog. The “How Hipster is Your Puppy,” quiz made me laugh so hard, I almost needed a wee-wee pad.

Pam admits that she isn’t an animal person. She doesn’t have pets because of family allergies, but said she could see getting a dog—maybe. Before you dog lovers out there start foaming at the mouth, Rabid isn’t meant to offend people who put FiFi on a pedestal. It’s a funny, hysterical actually, look at how man’s (and woman’s) best friend has moved his way out of the dog house and into the center of the home. And I bet that dog lovers, and even the craziest among them, will embrace their craziness and love Rabid.


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  1. Congrats, Pam! Will have to check this out.l You look adorable, by the way.

    I guess I fall into the “crazy about your dog” category, rather than just crazy (although some of my colleagues might disagree). While I did buy my late Lab, Kelly, a winter coat to keep her warm on walks, I didn’t buy her a ballet tutu.

    Yes, I have Labby pictures up in both my offices, at work and at home but I DO have a photo of just me and my husband. 🙂 And, although I think the concept is cute, I don’t see the need for a doggie spa. (Seriously, does your dog need to watch TV? Or care about gourmet food? My dog used to eat deer poop).

    So, at the end of the day, I recognize that a dog is a dog and not a human, with doggy desires and needs.

  2. The “Rabid” I recall fondly is a combination porno-horror movie made by a young David Cronenberg. It starred Marilyn Chambers,who bared quite a bit more than most of us even consider “all” in “Behind The Green Door,” a famed 70’s flesh epic she followed with several more. In it, a woman supposedly has a penis in her arm.

    And I’m sure that even a re-viewing of this “Rabid” would prove more fun than Ms. Satran’s book. Marilyn Chambers was far tawnier than any labbie, after all.

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