Fairway Market Foodie Class for Kids

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Relaxation for many parents is grocery shopping without the kids. Having the luxury to scoot through the aisles without hearing “I want Sugar Munchies!” and without having to return all the surreptitiously collected items that appeared in the shopping cart not only shaves time off the trip, but saves sanity as well. And in Foodie Heaven – I mean Fairway Market – that goes double. Is it just me, or does everything look more vibrant at Fairway?  The fine folks at Fairway Market in Woodland Park know this, and they would like to introduce parents to a fun program that will keep the kids occupied while parents shop: Foodie Friends Class. I took my kids to the first class held at the Woodland Park Fairway, and they are already looking forward to the next one!

The topic for this class was centered on planning, shopping for, and creating a packed lunch. All the children received a Fairway shopping list, and they had to come up with items to put on their lists if they were making sandwiches and yoghurt and fruit parfaits. They then went around the store (with several adults to supervise) to “shop” for bread, cold cuts, condiments, and fruit.  Once they had taken the tour and checked the items from their lists, they returned to the cafe to create their meals.

This is when the real fun began. Kids chose bread, cold cuts and/or cheese, condiments, and lettuce to create their own sandwiches. Anyone who has watched kids use mayonnaise and mustard knows that the scene was not the neatest, but the kids sure had fun and learned about what it takes to build a well-rounded sandwich. Next was a yoghurt parfait. Vanilla yoghurt was distributed, and each child got to choose which color they wanted added. This was genius! Kids mixed food coloring into the yogurt to make blue, red, yellow, or green yogurt. Then they added their fruit of choice as an added treat. All this – and a mini bottle of water – was then packed into their new Fairway lunchbags. The children were supervised the entire time, but they were also given freedom to learn how to complete the tasks.How would you like YOUR kids to start packing their own lunches?

The next Foodie Friends class is coming up on Wednesday, October 17, and it will include Halloween oriented food activities. From 4 to 5 pm ages 4 to 6 are invited to attend, and from 5 to 6pm ages 7-11 get their chance. The classes are led by Hannah Netter, the Children’s Culinary Instructor at Fairway Woodland Park, Hannah has over a decade of experience working in childcare and currently manages and teaches children’s cooking classesEach participant will take home a Fairway lunch box that they will have time to decorate during the class, and their grown-ups will receive a coupon to shop.  Tickets are $5 per class, and parents are welcomed, but not required, to attend as each class will be supervised.

For more information, call or inquire within the store or email [email protected]. Purchase tickets at the Woodland Park store or online here.

Foodie Friends Class at Fairway Market
Who: Kids ages 4 – 11
What: The class will teach kids how to navigate the store and shop, pack their own lunch, prepare fresh dishes, and understand healthy habits.

Where: Fairway Market, 1570 US 46 West, Woodland Park, NJ
When: Wednesday, October 17 4 pm – 5 pm (ages 4-6); 5 pm – 6 pm (ages 7-11)
Cost: $5 per child. Parents are welcomed but not required to attend as each class will be supervised. For more information, call or inquire within the store or email . Purchase tickets at the Woodland Park store or online.

Disclosure: I attended the first Foodie Friends class, which was complimentary to all participants. All the children and parents were very happy with the experience!

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