From the Farmers’ Market: Revolting Roasted Halloween

A Halloween party isn’t complete without some creepy foods that will add a terrifying touch to your freaky festivities. You have the classic mummy dogs, mummy pizzas, wormy hot dogs and deviled eggs, but those can get a bit tiring year after year. Plus, they’re not the healthiest choice before your kids ingest loads of sugar and candy. This year, consider a Farm Fresh Roasted Halloween, which will lure guests to the table with its creativity, using local produce from the farmers’ market. It’s a terribly tasty, frighteningly satisfying and horribly healthy way to kick off your eerie evening.

Roast a head of cauliflower whole with some olive oil and cardamom for some tantalizing Roasted Brains—serve it whole and your guests can cut a gross chunk out of a piping hot brain. See if you can find orange or yellow cauliflower to make it that much spookier. Get some long and skinny Fingerling potatoes which are abundant now at the market, roast them with olive oil and serve as Shriveled Fingers with ketchup as a bloody good snack.

Roasted Kale—plain or dusted with Parmesan cheese—crisp and shrivel freakishly to be offered to guests as Scaly Lizard Skins. Roasted Brussel sprouts transform into freakishly mini Alien Brains or dried up Monster’s Eyeballs. Slice red beets thinly with a mandolin, brush with olive oil and a sprinkle of salt and roast until crispy for dreadfully delectable Bloody Bat Ears. Get out those cute jack-o-lantern cookie cutters and carve peering Pumpkin Faces out of sweet potatoes. Brush with olive oil and salt for an irresistible Halloween treat.

All you need is a bit of creativity, some cute labels that you can easily make (Ask Holly!) to identify your snacks and voila—you’ve transformed ordinary tasty foods into hair-raising Halloween treats.  Happy Farm Fresh Halloween!

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