McDonald’s In Montclair?

Photo courtesy of Dylan Blackwell

Don’t believe your eyes: Mickey D.’s is NOT coming to Montclair. They are, however, shooting a commercial on South Park Street today.

“I realize a number of people are amused, confused or intrigued,” says Luther Flurry, the executive director of the Montclair Center Business Improvement District. “I keep getting calls about how lovely the plantings are.”

Since it’s only for one day, “I’m Lovin’ It.” How about you?

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  1. DANG!!! Just finished my 3 miles in Brookdale, and a quarter pounder with cheese meal would have been a great lunch.

    (Does this answer the folks who thought it looked ugly? With all the other hip suburban downtowns to pick– they chose US!!!)

  2. Prof! You could have done three and a quarter miles and trotted from Brookdale Park to the Mickey D’s just off Broad Street in the Parkway Service Center. (And you can order under an assumed name there, in case the Upper Montclair Taste Police are watching.)

  3. (Trot is really more like it…)

    But you can’t expect me to go to Bloomfield to eat, can you? It’s bad enough I was considering LOWER Montclair. Understand, I live in posh, UPPER Montclair. I rarely travel outside of my “town.” (And while some of Brookdale is located in Bloomfield, it’s a County Park, otherwise, I’d be running in Anderson Park- flat, boring Anderson Park, yup, UPPER Montclair has ’em beat!

  4. All true, prof. Before we moved to the Riviera I would put the top up on my Bentley, cover my BIGBUX vanity plates, and sneak through the take-away lane (with the other plebs) for my sausage egg McMuffin. (I used to send one of the house boys, but he kept eating the hash browns.)

  5. They could’ve stuck it next to the new dispensary …

    jqp — the visual of your comment just caused me to forcibly egest coffee through my nose. You will get the cleaning bill soon.

  6. Luther – ask the greens crew to leave the plantings. Less work for them and you have a nice looking corner until the winter sets in.

  7. Conan – My sincere apologies. Too bad it wasn’t hot Mickey D’s coffee. You and I could’ve split the lawsuit proceeds. 😉

  8. jqp — I’m afraid the courts have caught on to the hot McDonalds coffee scam. However, for a meager investment, I can cut you in on my new “Train the Cockroach to Burrow into the Salad” scheme…

  9. Does this mean, by spending our tax dollars to create the scene for a McDonald’s commercial, that we’ve contributed to the problem of obesity in the US?

    Should we feel guilty?

    Did the town at least earn anything for this? Will that go to offset the cost of the new scenery?


  10. White Castle also located in Clifton and Hasbrouck Hts. for that matter; Eatontown too. Seems curious you didn’t mention those locations. Riiight, you were not aware!

    So apart from informing readers here, who are predominately from Montclair and neighboring towns , why would anyone need to know that there is a WC in Elizabeth? Or am I missing the point?

  11. What is your problem, Silverleaf? I was merely unaware of those locations. Why would anyone need to know about Hasbrouck Heights, to use your cockamamie logic? Elizabeth is about 25 minutes away.

  12. There’s also a White Castle in Union on Route 22, right next door to a combo car wash/oil change establishment.

    I’m pretty sure both places also use the same brand of oil.

  13. I have no problems MM, but I do know where two KFC’s are located. One on 110th Street, the other in Bed Stuy. Not aware of any other locations.

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