Montclair Romney Supporter Has Choice Words For Political Sign Stealer

A tipster tell us of some overzealous Democrats who keep removing a Montclair Romney supporter’s lawn sign near Highland Ave. The Montclair Romney supporters made a sign of their own in response (watch out for their German shepherd who has a taste for “cowardly libs.”) Click photo to read message.

What’s the temperature on your block? Are Obama and Romney supporters warmly co-existing or has a deep freeze set in?

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  1. Love it. I’m a diehard Obama supporter, but I find it reprehensible that people do things like steal lawn signs.

  2. I might add that I often think it’s teenagers doing this though. Or someone at the maturity level of a teenager.

  3. Just to let you know, the League of Women Voters has weighed in on the pros and cons of the two issues that will be on the ballot. Check out their non-partisan website or FB page.

  4. As a young lad ol’ herb got severly reprimanded by his father when he was caught switching lawn signs on peoples lawns with his crew. Where I grew up it was very politcal and many people worked for the city so having the wrong sign out in front of your home could mean a transfer or worse. I learned quick not to mess with signs. Stealing lawn signs are usually done by middle and high schoolers walking the ‘hood at night. I can’t imagine a rational adult risking getting caught and the embarassment they would face. As far as my hood Romney supporters all around except one nieghbor, were all friendly some have bumper stickers but not really into signs. No one really talks about the election.

  5. Actually, although I do love the sign in general, I agree, hrhppg. It would have gotten its message across better without that. It’s quite clever in its initial response signaling that stealing a sign is tantamount to contributing to the Romney campaign, but then becomes childish itself at the end. Oh well.

  6. A point of some interest for those new members of the 11th District: Rodney Frelinghuysen has pledged allegiance to Grover Norquist. Just sayin’….

  7. Btw, no “deep freeze” in our neighborhood among people of different political persuasions. I think we’re all more mature than that (going back to theory that this is the work of teenagers).

  8. My theory is these yokels wanted attention after their sign got ruined by some rain or something (notice how the sign is wrapped in plastic?) – or hey maybe their vicious dog ate it.

  9. Response from a Romney supporter (to what was most likely teenage mischief): name-calling and physical threats.

    Very nice.

  10. Actually it wasnt really a physical threat is was a warning to look out for the dog next time they trespass, followed by an attempt at humor, lighten up people

  11. Good to see someone stand up to these law breaking vandals. Maybe if the inept one would have stood up and supported the people in our embassies we wouldn’t have 4 dead Americans. Then come on the TV and lie that it was a film. He lied because he wants you to believe his foreign poilicy is working, well like everything else this guy has got his hands on, he’s failed. Herb told you all along this was a lie and that this disgrace had nothing to do with a film . Well this isn’t over and there will be heads rolling over this one. Bottom line is, its over for the inept one, he will be sent packing on 11/7 .

  12. “lighten up good people”. They can’t, their candidate is going to lose and libs have no sense of humor when they are losing.

  13. I agree with MM to a point. Trespassing is a mild form of stealing, you are utilizing someone else’s property without paying for the benefit.
    On the other hand, anyone ( like this particular homeowner ) who uses the word “cowardly lib” as an epithet sounds like an idiot.

  14. The two numbered points were all that was needed to make the point and to be clever. The P.S. is one step into the land of unfunny. Reminds me of Alan Alda’s classic line from Crimes & Misdemeanors: “If it *bends*, it’s funny; if it *breaks*, it’s not funny.”

  15. PS herb, I didn’t know “libs” had cornered the market on being sore losers ! But maybe you have a point- don’t be a sore loser ! Just learn from Sarah Palin – if you’re crushed in an election, don’t wallow, just sign up as a talking head on foxnooz!

  16. spiro, can you admit that the handling of this Benghazi situation was extremely misleading and botched by the administration?

  17. “Botched by the administration” – no. Bad people do bad things and we try as hard as we might we can’t stop them all. As with every terrorist attack information comes in drips and drabs after and hind site is always 20/20. Even events like 9/11 when we had been warned and it had been attempted before the bad guys did their worst. Blaming a single administration on terrorism is short sighted and a weak attempt and trying to bloster your belief that we won’t get another 4 years. We will.

  18. Hind sight? They were warned and did nothing about it. Then they blame it on a film when they knew the entire time it was a terroist attack. Then this so called leader stands in front of the UN and once again blames a film. Yes bad people do bad things and thats why you need to be prepared. Terrorists showing up with rockets and mortar is not a spur of the moment protest over a film. Nice attempt to spin it and cover it up by the inept lying administration and like I said weeks ago it’s a disgrace you give him a pass on this. He is weak and aloof and didn’t even show up for intellegence briefings for weeks.

  19. My take herb, is that the GOP had marginalized the old Bushie Neocons during the primary season, as Cain, Bachmann,Gingrich,Santorum and especially Ron Paul curried favor with the isolationists and fiscal conservatives within the GOP and focused almost exclusively on the economy for the entire primary season. I think the Neocons ( Sununu, McCain and friends ) were having a hissy fit since no one was inviting them to partake in the shenanigans, and then when the Embassy was attacked, it gave them a chance to burst out of quarantine and rattle their sabers in public once again. But their ideas stunk under Bush, and their ideas stink today. And they sure know how to run up a tab when it comes to ill-conceived wars.

  20. Stealing signs is, pardon the term… “Bush” league.

    That said, I wonder if these people also strap their dog to the car roof when they go on vacation ?

  21. Actually, herb, to be clearer, I should say Sununu, McCain and the neo-cons. (Sununu and McCain were always conservatives). Its worth noting that the GOP was really pissed when the public considered Obama more suited than any of their candidates during the primary season, when it came to sound foreign policy. The GOP couldn’t stand the ideas they were losing their reputation as the true tough guys protecting us from the sissy bleeding heart Democrats. Hence their manic insistence that Obama get zero credit for killing BinLaden, and placing the credit exclusively on the Seals. If the raid flopped, believe me, Obama would have been blamed. They’d still be talking about it today, but they can’t. So the Embassy debacle is their consolation prize.

  22. As far as alternative energy ( your other post, herb ) I’m all for it. Things are hard to get going in the beginning and money gets wasted, but then, keep at it hard enough, and major progress is made. I’m sick of reading stories about kids near coal mines having extremely high rates of asthma.

  23. ..herb, no doubt they said that to the earliest oil and gas explorers, too. It’s only a matter of time before the future is here. Who knows? Maybe by then they’ll have holographic lawn signs that can’t be stolen, you know, like ” Help me Obie Mitt Kenobi, you’re our only hope”

  24. MEMO

    From: Mitt Romney campaign

    Re: Fundraising

    We have recently instituted a new campaign to raise funds. One volunteer will steal the lawn sign on Highland Ave. Second volunteer will then contact the owners to sell them a new sign and collect $50.

  25. Suppose the cowardly lib is walking past the house and the dog is out in the yard. Can the cowardly lib shoot the dog out of self defense if the dog starts to walk towards him or her?

  26. If I’m not mistaken, the Romney/Ryan plan calls for large cutbacks to embassy security budgets. That tragedy could have occurred under any administration. To use is as a political tool is reprehensible. We used to unite over national tragedies, now we just use them to point fingers. This is not a Republican/Democrat issue, it’s an American issue.

  27. Here in meat-space there’s been a lot of comity in my neighborhood. Though online, on facebook for instance, it’s been a festival of liberal tantrums lately.

    I suspect it’s going to be a very hard month…

  28. I might personally prefer “nitwit self-absorbed Montclair ‘progressive'” on a sign of this sort. (Though it is amusing and curious that people who post and believe the worst sort of rot about anyone local of a somewhat conservative bent complain so here about the other phrase.)

    But “cowardly lib” does seem to work very well as an apt description of all those many times that Obama merely voted “Present” in both the Illinois state and national Senates, come to think of it.

  29. Gee, “cowardly” might also work well to describe people like Cheney, Romney, Santorum, Hannity, Limbaugh, Levin, et al who elected to avoid service when their country needed them.

    But you don’t have much to say about that, do you?

  30. All you liberal loons are amazingly closed minded. So happy there are people like this in Montclair. There is hope for our town after all.

  31. Being a Romney supporter, do you also have your 120lb german shepherd ride on the roof of your car? Got to love Romney, he’s all about solutions.

  32. WOW! This is the best ever give and take. Tomorrow, when I haven’t had 2 glasses of wine I’ll weigh in.

  33. By Russ Krueger
    “It’s one thing when you call the Romney/Ryan ticket a “death wish” (she did), or when you interrupt Mitt Romney 28 times (she did). But when she interrupted the debate to support Obama by assigning herself the role of fact checking Mitt Romney (and then later admitting that she had her “facts” wrong)… well, you, Candy Crowley, get the prize for Worst Debate Moderator in Modern History.” Nailed it Russ.

  34. Croiagusanam, you really have some pitifully abrasive nerve raising the issue of “cowardice” with politicians of any party. Need I remind that neither Obama njor Biden served in the armed forces, that Clinton dodged the draft, etc. It’s getting harder and harder in a world where there is no compulsory military service to find actual veterans in the House and Senate from either major party, even allowing for the increased presence of women in the services. So you were just posting exceptionally desperately above.

    And if I wished to vote for someone who famously has actually displayed courage under fire, I’d vote for James Webb. I only wish I could. (He’s also a pretty good novelist.) But he’s not running for re=election, and that our system cannot retain such an outstanding man is simply a tragedy.

    But merely voting “present” so many times, yes, that does strike me as a modern form of cowardice to which all intelligent folks should express strong disappointment. And his “present” votes help define the overrated brief transit that is Barack Obama.

  35. Since you’re so exercised at the lack of “courage” displayed, one can wonder why you only note “progressives” in your posts. Can it be because you are the epitome of a partisan hack? Yeah, that’s pretty much it.

    You want to vote for someone who displayed “courage under fire”? Can I assume that you voted for George McGovern back in the day?

    Thankfully, your “modern form of cowardice” exists, like so much else, in your mind alone.

  36. My sense, cro, is that whenever a war hero (or even an undecorated vet) later becomes a liberal or progressive party candidate for president, he becomes a prime target for vindictive character assassination by his political foes… It appears these foes cannot stomach the idea of a good American soldier with left wing political views… It’s an extension of the decrepit idea that only right wing Americans are true Americans. Hence, Dick Cheney with his multiple deferments is hoisted up as a patriot, and JFK bearing a Purple Heart is chiseled down to little more than a womanizer. Surely, cathar, you too would find this type of right-wing hackery disgraceful and abhorrent.

  37. I think my fellow Romney Supporter misunderstands the intention of the Obviously Obama-maniac that keeps re-distributing his sign. Its just all part of the “Change” we got we he was elected…..In there eyes its therefore a Social sign and we should take turns sharing it…… Hopefully it will pop up on my block soon …..

    Romney Vs Obama – AL Smith Dinner .. Quite Funny to lighten ya all up

  38. And yes, better a dog on the front lawn of the residence than on the roof of Romney’s car or the roof of little Barry’s mouth.

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