New MSU Dorms: “Insanely Luxurious”

Montclair State University is undoubtedly a pretty campus, but “luxury” is not a word I would generally associate with it. Nevertheless, that’s how its new dorms, The Heights, were described on a recent website that listed MSU as one of “10 Public Colleges with Insanely Luxurious Dorms.”

“The university’s newest residence hall complex,” according to the Fiscal Times, “features single and double rooms, a community kitchen, multiple game-recreation spaces, and closed study areas on each floor. All rooms have wireless access and 78-channel cable TV. The 24,000-square-foot dining hall has stations that include Bella Trattoria, Flying Star Grill, Wild Mushroom, Magellan’s World Cuisine (which rotates ethnic menus throughout the semester), a vegetarian cuisine-based station, and breakfast served all day.” (Those are the old dorms pictured above.)

This does sound pretty sweet and is a far cry from the college dorm rooms of my time, which consisted of not much more than a lumpy twin bed. Then again, I haven’t been in MSU’s dorms and I doubt the writers of this article have either. But this article, written when the dorms first opened last year, attests to their impressiveness. Has anyone been inside?

In what might be considered another new luxury at the university, the school recently launched a partnership with Zipcar, to offer the car-sharing program on campus. The transportation option is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for students, faculty, and staff ages 18 and older, as well as members of the local community ages 21 and over.

Two vehicles, a Ford Focus and a Honda Insight, will be located in campus lots just north of The Heights residence halls. Two additional Zipcars, a Mazda 3 and a Honda Insight, will be available at the NJ Transit Montclair State University train station.

The Zipcars will be a clear advantage to students without wheels who may want to pop into town now and then for a quick bite. But with those new luxurious dorms, why would they want to leave?

Photo from Wikipedia

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  1. Wow!! A forward looking State University. Go Montclair!! I love driving through the campus everyday, it’s grown so much from when I went there. And unlike other State U’s I know fairly well, Montclair continues to impress.

  2. I remember a lot of folks complaining here a few weeks back about college grads whining that they have too much debt.

    I’m fully in favor of college students being able to get a degree without spending their whole life paying off the debt, but, kids, this is kinda one of the reasons why you won’t pay it off until your 50: because you won’t just sleep in a crappy room with three beds crammed in it, and instead insist on ‘luxurious’ dorm rooms. It should not take 30 years to pay off debt from a public-college education.

  3. “a crappy room with three beds crammed in it, and instead insist on ‘luxurious’ dorm rooms”

    There’s a lot of room (grin) between these two extremes.

    But I want to comment on the zipcars. That may be brilliant. Hopefully, it’ll reduce the number of students that feel the need for a car on campus.


  4. There’s a lot of room (grin) between these two extremes.

    Maybe elsewhere, but I’ve been in the MSU dorms, and that’s pretty much what they got: terribly small concrete blocks built 40 years ago, and the apartments with single bedrooms and kitchens built within the past few years. Not sure what the price difference is for a student, but I’m sure it’s mammoth.

  5. Ever check out the economics of Zipcar? Unless something has changed, it isn’t exactly a bargain, and considerably more expensive than just renting a car by the day. I could never figure out why someone would use it. As a bonus, I was almost T-Boned by some Zipcar drivers doing their best imitation of a circus clown car act in Providence. We drive on the right here in America.

  6. “considerably more expensive than just renting a car by the day”

    I don’t understand, then, how the firm survives.

    Back during my first period of living in Philadelphia, I considered briefly owning a car. There was no zipcar at the time (this was the 1980s), but I did find that the numbers – at least for me given my infrequent need – did favor occasional renting over owning.

    I’ve always assumed that zipcar builds on this somehow.


  7. We have friends that live in the city and use Zip Cars. For one, you don’t pay for the gas you use. You can basically drop it back off in front of your house (save for a cab ride home from the rental location) For college kids 21-24 years old, there is no extra fee for Zip Cars. Rental companies often charge a premium for young drivers between the age of 21-24. Also, a lot of Rental car companies only offer discounts when you rent the car for 2 days or more. Also, if you bring your car back to enterprise after hours, you just bought yourself another day. Zip cars can be dropped off 24/7. You can rent a zip car for an hour vs a whole day a rental is needed.

  8. Andrew, Economy Car Rental gets you a Toyota Camry for $47/day. Assuming that you’re over 21, and a frequent enough user to amortize the $65 initiation fee and only rent for under 4 hours at a time, say to attend regional MENSA meetings, Zipcar is still no bargain. Do the math.

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