Obama Versus Romney: Let the Presidential Debates Begin!

President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney hold their first of three Presidential debates beginning tonight, Wednesday, October 3 at 9 pm. Jim Lehrer of PBS will be moderating.

Will you be watching and on what station? Tell us your predictions and then come back and tell us in comments who you think did the best.

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  1. No. I opted for a rerun of The Big Bang Theory. I am not worried about the election. I am worried about Sheldon. Very worried.

  2. Every time Romney gives details about his tax plan, I’m going to do a shot of tequila. I don’t really like tequila.

  3. Spiro, I’m with herb right now. He’s drunk off his ass at my pal’s East Village bar Jonathan Swift’s.

    How do I know he’s lit? He’s singing Al Green songs and telling one and all that “Obama is the man”.

    In vino veritas, says I.

    Oops, gotta go. I think herb’s gonna ralph!

  4. I’m not wasting my time. Each candidate is re-reading a prepared response to a scripted question. Neither will shine, CNN will claim Obama and victor and FOX will claim Romney the victor. I’d rather watch reruns of Cybil.

  5. The partisan attempts at the most petty kind of wit above notwithstanding, Romney came across as well-prepared and forthright. Something he sometimes hasn’t been in the past.

    Whereas Obama lapsed into his occasional academic gasbag mode. But this time as an ill-prepped gasbag. Alas for him, this is not a law school lecture, and Romney snapped back rather successfully. Romney wins this one.

  6. Sadly, I must agree Romney did better. There is no way I’m voting for him, though. Then again, most people watching these debates already know who they are voting for, and the debates will do nothing to change their opinions. It’s the undecided voters that I’m afraid of.

  7. Romney did reasonably well tonight by spinning his extremist positions and presenting himself as a centrist candidate It was totally disingenuous based on his presidential campaign to date, but probably more in line with his actual philosophy. Too bad Obama didn’t call him out on the flip flopping. Amazes me how little people really understand the issues, based on these “instant polls”. The Medicare voucher program, in particular, is a real stinker of an idea.

  8. Romney won ???? By what standard ? Just for showing up ??

    By supposedly “winning”, Romney has lost – Let the fact checking begin, believe me it will – Tricky Mitt makes the “Slick Willie” label pale by comparison .

    Most interesting “presto” stat of the nite from CNN – 47% of undecided declare that they would not vote for EITHER candidate based on tonight’s performance.

    47% …what a coincidental number …. hmmm .. where have I heard that figure uttered before ?

    So did Romney move the needle enough to win ? No.

    Two debates to go – Cayman Islands and Bain anyone ?

  9. Well, it was worth tuning in here just to see an “ill-prepped gasbag” pay tribute to another “ill-prepped gasbag”.

  10. the housing market sucks because people in amt cant take re tax deductions and now they want to after our mortgage interest deduction! after we bought in gr!


  11. Oh man, how sad it was to watch the inept one without a teleprompter. Mumbling staring at notes…awful . Even Chris Mathews was disapointed. The first time he forced to defend his record and his deficit and he fumbled big time……Cro… heb was making the rounds in the city last night but didn make it to the village. I do vivit Swift’s Hibernian Lounge but not Jonathan Swift’s , what street is it on ?

  12. Its the same place, herb. I just always call it Jonathan Swift’s even though the name IS Swift’s Hibernian Lounge.
    I have to hand it to you, herb. Your man came away with the win last night. We’ll see what happens next, but if the president turns in another performance like last night’s it could really get interesting.

  13. Obama had no response to that money being cut from Medicare for Obamacare. It was nice to see him squirming.

  14. Romney came off as a better salesman, even if his showroom is full of old and rusty clunkers.

    I’d recommend that the President be less polite next time, even though it goes against his grain to do so.

  15. Cro,

    The other two places they own Puck Faire and Ulysses are pretty good but Swift’s in my fave. Except heading down the stairs to the bathroom after a few pints of Brooklyn. I’m not sure if they still but they used to have a van that transported customers between all three establishments. Also Swift is good area you have the B bar and Phebe’s right there and a quick walk to Mcsorely’s. That’s the hood ol’ grandpa herb that devout FDR dem settled in many many year ago. Man was he a loyal dem and my father used to get so ticked off at my brothers and I for riling him up and getting him mad on holidays over politics. Ahhh, he was a good loyal union man. 40 years in the factory and when he retired they gave him a clock.

  16. It IS puzzling that Obama had no answer, nellie. Especially given the fact that there are no benefit cuts, and that the exact same amount of “cuts” is in the Republican FY2012 budget that Paul Ryan, Romney’s running mate, authored.

    But tyour post is a good indicator of the truism that if you say something that is false often enough, even well-informed people will believe it.

  17. I’ve not had too many problems getting down the steps, herb, but often the view from the bottom can look like a climb of Kilamanjaro.

    I don’t know if they still run the shuttle. That was a good idea, and one that other places should adopt. I can still remember the kerfuffle when the neighbours ran Pierce Turner’s Sunday afternoon gigs out because of the “noise”. I love Sunday afternoons in there with the papers if you’re lucky enough to get the table to the left.

    Of course, you’d probably want to move that table to the right!

  18. Pfft! What debate? I saw 2 talking heads, both representing the single corporatocracy that we’ve become. How about a real debate, one that lets a few of the other parties be heard? We get 2 choices, that’s it?

  19. I was in there on a Sunday a while back. I came in for the WFMU Record Fair and walked over sat down for an hour or so. It was quite enjoyable. The record fair will be happening again Nov 3/4 so I’ll be sure to stop in again. I’ll be the one with the Romney/Ryan pin on.

  20. Romney goes on offensive, pays for it in first round of fact checks:


    Romney won, not accounting for lies, exaggerations, and vagueries.

    He has learned that the path to winning is saying exactly what the middle/independent voter wants to hear regardless of facts. In politics it’s a winning tactic. Who cares about fact checks…, they do not matter. 68 million viewers last night are not going to even be aware of fact checks. Their “facts” were presented last night.

  21. Perhaps, croiagusanam, you simply lack the simple ability, as our President proved last night, to count five seconds out. You are more than a little gusty yourself on the “best” of days. (Though your current spate of affability to Herb while exchanging reminiscences of gin mills surprises me a bit, but it’ll pass, it’ll pass. What you most need are willing stooges like good old Spiro, not drinking companions.)

  22. Your latest post is even more incomprehensible than usual, cathar. And that’s saying quite a bit. But I’m sure you amuse yourself, anyway. Most likely, in every way.

    Herb is a good soul with whom I’ve exchanged many pleasantries for quite some time. I disagree with him on political issues, but unlike you he remains a charming, self-deprecating and witty correspondent. Its hard not to like him.

    Should he morph into a pompous, bitter and talentless crank, I guess I’ll move on. But then, I don’t think that will happen, and anyway we already have someone like that here, don’t we?

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