Pumpkin v. Squirrel

What are you looking at?

How do I know it’s fall? The leaves are turning a kaleidoscope of colors, it’s time to bust out the sweaters, and a family of little squirrels is feasting on the pumpkin placed on our front stoop –which is now scattered with seeds.

I’ve read that dousing your pumpkins in Tabasco sauce will keep the critters away.

Observing two squirrels dining al fresco.

But my daughter and I would miss watching the adorable rodents packing their cheek pouches and scampering away to hide their loot in our magnolia tree, and bury it in a million holes all over our front yard.

How are your pumpkins holding up?

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  1. President Obama strongly supports keeping pumpkins off the stoop. He is asking the 1% and others to keep their pumpkins inside, and to, instead, make pumpkin pie for the 99%. Fox News has called him “weak on squirrels” and accuses the President of taking the joy out of Halloween and redistributing baked goods. Romney, on the other hand. believes we should act fearlessly as Americans, and display our exceptional American pumpkins wherever we gosh darn please, and, should squirrels show up, we should just shoot the pesky varmints on the spot.

  2. Speaking of sweating. What does Romney do if he loses the election….go back to work? Where? A: (Anywhere he likes)

  3. Two winters ago, when it was really brutal, we made the mistake of storing a huge bag of birdseed in one of those big plastic storage box / benches in our backyard. The squirrels chewed right through the plastic to get to the birdseed. We won’t be making that mistake again!!

  4. I thought Moose and Squirrel were on the same team. Against the team from our number one geopolitical rivals, Boris and Natasha.

  5. Rumor has it that Romney paid a Darien-based hedge fund an 8-figure fee to purchase the presidency of a small nation in case he loses here in 2012. His plan is to practice there and run again in 2016. Why do I believe this is true? Because Hillary told me.

  6. Squirrels?? I just KNEW it was a teenager. Though considering how much teenagers hate all that “healthy” food, I should have known.

  7. Laughing so hard at profs post I forgot the reason I wanted to sign in. Regarding squirrels and pumpkins: we have always picked the damn pumpkin up off the steps and brought it into our enclosed porch at night. A week ago we found a product at Costco called “MINT-X” which is a mint scented rodent repellent trash bag. Since we no longer have children or pets we put one on the steps near the pumpkin but out of sight. It’s been there for a week now and no squirrels yet! The letter carrier may be offended though, it does smell quite minty.

  8. I bought 3 pumpkins this year specifically for the squirrels. Instead of putting them on my steps I learned the hard way to place them where the mess won’t be such a problem. I’m happy to know my purchase is keeping the little furry critters busy and might help get them through the winter. Last year the little buggers were very considerate, though. They cleaned up every last bit of pumpkin from my front steps.

  9. We keep the pumpkins in the garage until we carve them right around Halloween then I roast half of the seeds for us and give the other half to the squirrels.

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