Rate The Debate Moderators

Last night’s presidential debate was moderated by an unintrusive Bob Schieffer of CBS. Some critics would say he was “geographically-challenged” as well. Though the discussion was supposed to focus on foreign policy, Schiffer basically never left the Middle East until the last few minutes of the debate when he asked the candidates about China.

It was, however, an improvement in moderating over the first debate on domestic policy, which was less mediated than simply hosted by a sleepy Jim Lehrer of PBS.  At least the candidates weren’t literally circling each other in displays of aggression, as in last week’s town meeting affair, which was refereed by a game Candy Crowley of CNN.

What did you think of Schieffer’s handling of the debate? How would you compare him to the other moderators, including Martha Raddatz of ABC, who presided over the vice presidential debate earlier this month?

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  1. I was dismayed that Obama, trying to be a smartass last night, told Romney in a condescending tone, that we have aircraft carriers today. Yes, we do, and I only wish Romney had replied that so does China (and India, of all nations, which might make Pakistan shudder). No, too, the Chinese do not yet have the ability to actually land aircraft on their new carrier. But give ’em time (even as both Japan and Taiwan might shudder in their own turns).

    Obama also sounded very foolish with his remark about bayonets. Surely, in his capacity as Commander-in-Chief, he’s heard before that bayonet drill remains a component of recruit training in our armed forces? Most especially in the Marine Corps, understandably.

  2. Are you guys kidding? Crowley and Radditz were the only decent moderators of the bunch. Jim Lehrer, especially, should never ever be let near a debate mic again.

  3. Well, given your “class”, that doesn’t surprise me.

    Instead, I see it as a hack being called on his use of a soldier’s death — a soldier he met for 10 minutes and didn’t know the name of — to make a political point.

    But hey, that’s just me.

  4. Sure he is, ROC. While Obama/Biden are just using these men and women.

    You make Sean Hannity look fair and balanced.

  5. You guys arguing reminds me of college days being back home with the dysfunctional family for Thanksgiving and being glad everyone is together but also somewhat ambivalent and wondering when to dial 911…

  6. I have no problem with Obama and Biden relating the bravery of the fallen seals on the stump. None whatsoever. I do, however think it’s pretty un-classy and crass to say to a grieving father at a memorial ceremony, “Did your son always have balls the size of cue balls?”

    But, of course, these are matters of opinion.

  7. Obama was correct to lambaste Romney’s reference to 1917 fleet levels. Navy’s have changed. Likewise his remark about FEWER horses and bayonets.

    The US has the most modern carrier fleet in the world and about 10 times the tonnage in service as the rest of the world combined. China has ZERO operating aircraft carriers.

    Our Naval superiority, in general, is past overkill and it was a pitch by Romney to the ill-informed that Obama knocked out of the park.


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