Baristaville Street Style: Mom’s Edition

Local artist Joanna DaToca-Raines was born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal, and is known for her understated, internationally flavored style. She moved to Montclair six years ago, where she lives with her husband and young daughter.

Q: Where did you get your lovely outfit and jewelry?

A: Many different places! The flowy dress was made in India, and I found it at Eastern Gift on Park Street. The gemstone earrings are from a trip to Costa Rica. The silver and turquoise necklace is from the Dominican Republic–a gift from my husband, Joey. I bought the bracelet at Irish & More on Church Street. It was handmade in Kenya from paper beads.

This Hei Hei reversible jacket I bought at a thrift store near Times Square. I was with my friend, the amazing artist and costume designer Miodrag Guberinic–and he spotted it for me!

Q: Do you make your own clothes, shoes or accessories?

A: Back in school I’d make simple summer pants and tunics by repurposing fabrics. I once made a hoody coat with colorful patchwork squares. I also made two pairs of flat shoes out of black fabric and burlap. I glued on the soles. I wore them often because they made my feet so happy.

Q: Where do you get your fashion ideas?

A: Mostly from coordinating and playing with different patterns, textures, and colors. I especially love various shades of green, yellow and orange.

Q: How would you describe “Montclair style”?

A: It’s youthful, expressionistic, and eclectically eccentric. As an artist, it enriches my senses.



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