Veep Candidates Take Debate Stage Tonight

When the vice presidential debate airs tonight from Centre College in Danville, Kentucky, will you be watching? Democrats likely hope Joe Biden brings the energy, authority, and confidence President Obama seemed to lack in last week’s Presidential candidate face-off, while Republicans are probably eager to see Paul Ryan carry forward Mitt Romney’s debate momentum and further articulate their plans to turn around the economy.

Past vice presidential debates have only rarely impacted elections results (though some have been memorable for other reasons), but with recent polls showing Obama and Romney in a much closer race than anticipated in some key states, this one seems like must-watch TV. Both candidates have reportedly been in serious preparation mode the past week.

Does it matter that moderator Martha Raddatz, Chief ABC News Foreign Correspondent, invited her former law school classmate Obama to her 1991 wedding? Are you interested in these five points pundits say the veep candidates must address?

The debate will be televised live by all the major broadcast television networks, several cable news channels, and streamed live over many online venues – including Yahoo, AOL, YouTube and XBoxLive. It runs from 9:00 until 10:30 p.m. Eastern Time, and the announced focus will be on “foreign and domestic policy.” (The next presidential debate is scheduled for October 16 at Hofstra University, in the same time slot.)

Take our poll and then please tell us in comments what you are hoping to see, hear, learn tonight. And come back tonight after (or during) the debate with the breakdown.

Top images, both: Flickr via Creative Commons.

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  1. I think the Southeast Northwest Louisiana Tech and Vocational vs. East Ohio Storm Window and College game is on ESPNnth tonight. Can’t miss that.

  2. I’m hoping that Joe Biden’s rhetorical skills can undo the damage Obama did to himself in the last debate.

    How’s that for irony?

  3. This just in:
    Sean Hannity throws a hissy fit, calls Joe Biden a meanie, and swears that he saw Big Joe steal Little Paulie’s Ryan’s lunch money.

  4. Surely Joe Biden was only exercising free speech, MM!

    ..After all, that what the Foxnooz pundits insisted and insisted when Rep. Joe Wilson (R) went into “interruptus” mode and yelled out “liar” to the President during a formal assembly in the halls of Congress!

  5. Add “to me” to any serious expression of the phrase “he came across as…” That makes debate commentary on the internet more intelligible.

    Or, if you’re feeling goofy, try adding “in bed” instead.

  6. Sure, MM, but I heard very little condemnation of Joe Wilson’s boorishness at the time by his apologists. Those same apologists are the first to condemn Biden. Pathetic.

  7. Biden was certainly animated, and he lacks the ability to maintain a stoney facade when listening to such outrageous BS from Ryan. It is Ryan, by the way, who has what I feel is a PERMANENT smirk on his face, and resembles in my view nothing more than a self-righteous frat boy who thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room.

    Regardless of who you liked in this debate, at least the two of them were engaged and showed up, unlike the last presidential debate where it seemed as though only Romney was even interested.

  8. Also heard in the Twitterverse: Joe Biden was like a happy cat with a fat mouse.

    Paul Ryan was a punk (intellectually speaking) and Joe put him in his place (again and again and again!).

    Now excuse me while I go out side to slap my “I {heart} Joe Biden” bumper sticker on my truck!

  9. I doubt very much that anyone’s mind about the upcoming election was changed by last night’s debate. And sure, it was lively in a way that Obama-Romney wasn’t.

    But let us also face that Biden came off last night like a loud, obnoxious party guest who insists on sharing his opinion with everyone else, and that had he been a Republican, he’d rightly have been chastised for his weird, often downright rude behavior. The man’s a good performer, I can admit that, but neither debater struck me as armed with a particularly good grasp of data and facts.Nor particularly good at actual, reasoned debate.

    And both Biden and Ryan remain “employees” of others. Loyal employees, okay, but hirelings just the same. Unlike Ryan, Biden’s never even been especially well known for original thought. (Famously, he went through a period when he got all his best stuff from Neil Kinnock.)

  10. No mention of Biden from cathar is complete without yet another reference (we must be up to 90 by now) to his lifting parts of a speech from Kinnock.


    Perhaps Biden’s honesty would be more accepted were he to talk about his REAL time in a marathon? I doubt it.

    But as far as rude, obnoxious party guests go, it IS good to see cathar back on board.

  11. And let’s, shall we, invoke yet again the incrediably whingy, tiresome “If (insert Dem name here” had been a Republican….”

    Without that mantra, these folks would really have nothing to say.

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