Volunteer Ambulance Duty: A Non-Partisan Civic Activity for These Divisive Political Times

During this campaign season — with less than a month to go before the national election — when so much focus is on partisan differences and divisive topics, it’s worth noting that voluntary civic duty is a universal element of American society, regardless of outlook or political affiliation.

For the 45 members of the Glen Ridge Volunteer Ambulance Squad, the act of responding to neighbors during medical emergencies bypasses politics altogether. It doesn’t fall into either big or small government. In fact, during a time when the entire healthcare system is being reformed, volunteer rescue operations show up as being an unequivocally essential resource in the infrastructure of local municipalities. After all, medical emergencies are a common denominator amongst all people, quickly erasing tax bracket status, ideology or party membership. Helping our fellow citizens during their times of need is grass roots community involvement at its most basic – by the people and for the people.

The Glen Ridge Volunteer Ambulance Squad is in need of daytime help and is actively recruiting new drivers and EMTs over the age of 18 who have some time in their lives and the desire to make a real difference in the community. No previous medical experience is necessary (all training is provided at no cost to the volunteer), and shift schedules are flexible. For more information, call 973-748-7721 or email grambulance@glenridgenj.org.

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  1. These people are dedicated and selflessly help others which along with volunteer Fire Dept. keep your taxes down. For some reason I don’t think two rescue squad workers will be arguing politics while pumping some guys chest. I think I understand your point but it’s a bit drastic in comparison.

  2. Perhaps you miss my point, herb. This type of community service is about the absence of political differences. Never meant to imply that anyone was discussing politics in the line of duty. That would be contraindicated.

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