Writing Matters Discusses Hope and Desolation At Watchung Booksellers

If you are a writer—and isn’t everyone in Baristaville?—you understand the need to constantly work on your craft. Writing Matters, a series of informal panel talks about the craft and business of writing, is a great way to do just that.

Co-hosted by local author Jenny Milchman and Watchung Booksellers, Writing Matters moves beyond readings or book signings, by facilitating discussion among readers and writers. Each program features authors and editors with experience in a given subject area. Upcoming topics include: Alternative Roads to Publishing Your First Novel; Can Writing Be Taught?; The Art of Translation; Reaching Today’s Teen; From Page to Stage; Food Writing As Social History; Serious About Humor, and other topics.

This Friday, October 26,  the topic is Hope & Desolation in Fiction and the Writers Life, a look at what the life of a writer is really like, how the road to publication impacts the work and the dream, and explores if it’s possible, in the end, to stay separate from one’s stories.

Three authors will share their own take and experiences on the above questions, and your own:

Emily Colin’s mesmerizing debut, The Memory Thief, explores the way memory, love, and great loss bind our lives together in ways we might never expect.

David Harris Ebenbach’s collection of short stories, Into the Wilderness, explores the theme of parenthood, from a reserved father who uses an all-you-can-eat buffet to comfort his heartbroken son to a lesbian couple trying to decide whether their toddler son needs a man in his life.

Robert Blake Whitehill’s Dead Rise sends Ben Blackshaw down to discover the wreck of a speedboat, filled with both gold, and a dirty bomb.  But the real shock is the corpse of a drowned man at the helm of the wreck; a man Ben has not seen in fifteen years. His father.

Writing Matters talks are scheduled bi-monthly on the third or fourth Friday, at 7 pm. Join one and enjoy food, wine and a night of rousing conversation.

Writing Matters: Hope & Desolation in Fiction and the Writers Life
Friday, October 26 at 7 pm
Watchung Booksellers, 54 Fairfield Street, Montclair, NJ, 07042


(Photo: Flickr)

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