How Does Yogi Berra Way In Montclair Sound?

A little birdie told us there was a movement in town to rename a road in Montclair as Yogi Berra Way. The road, Edgewood Terrace, appropriately is one part of the fork in the road Berra famously referred to while giving directions to his house, saying:

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

When driving from Upper Mountain onto Edgewood Road, the road forks with two choices: continue on Edgewood Road, or onto Edgewood Terrace. Both streets lead to the same destination– Highland Ave.

Councilor Rick Rich McMahon confirms the possible name change. “We now have on our agenda to add Yogi Berra Way to Edgewood Terrace. It will be an honorary rather than legal name change.”

The honorary route is different than a legal change, which would affect actual addresses, according to Linda Wanat, who could not recall ever officially changing a street name in the years she has worked for the Township. “That process would start with a “petition”/request to the Council. Then neighbors would have to be consulted.”

Wanat recalled some discussion in the past when Montclair State had suggested changing Normal Avenue to something related to MSU but that did not happen. “I believe that is what killed the Normal Avenue change. Neighbors did not want the cost or inconvenience of changing their individual addresses.”

Already in Montclair, atop Pine Street, there is a sign bearing a second name, for St. Sebastian.

Dave Kaplan, director, Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center, was enthusiastic about the possibility of a Montclair street bearing the name of the great Yankee. “Keeping score, the Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center is on Yogi Berra Drive, adjacent to Yogi Berra Stadium. And now there will be a Yogi Berra Way. Perhaps Montclair should just change its name to Yogi-ville.”

Berra turned 87 in May.

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  1. That would be great to have a Yogi Berra Way in town! I believe that Mr Berra’s expression….”when there is a fork in the road….take it!” refers to giving directions to his previous house on Stonebridge Road that is at the fork of Stonebridge and Wayside Place. I have a photo of that in my Bellevue Library slideshow tonight!

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