Barista Kids Hurricane Sandy Poll: Should Schools Hold SATs On Saturday?

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Both Montclair High School and South Orange – Maplewood’s Columbia High School have announced that SAT tests will go on as scheduled tomorrow, Saturday, November 3.

Many parents are upset. Read this comment from a Baristanet reader:

We have been out-of-town this week. We collided with a deer on Sunday night on the Thruway, and totaled our car. (We are all safe and sound; miraculously unhurt). We have not returned home since the collision. Returning home was impossible on Monday and Tuesday, and, as our home has no power, a return trip home is currently (no pun intended) pointless. Or, at least, it should be.

Our son is registered for Saturday’s SAT-II tests, with Montclair High as his testing site. This morning, we called the College Board to see if we could use our Montclair ticket for another location near where we are staying. The College Board will not allow this. The test must be taken at the place where the student has registered. We were advised that, due to weather-related factors, our son could take the test on the next scheduled test date, in early December. We would not be charged a routine additional registration fee if we elected to change the test date to December 1. Unless we are interested in taking the test in December (and we aren’t), our only option is to drive down to Montclair for Saturday’s test.

There is a different policy for students who are registered to take the test at schools which have opted to remain closed during the current weather crisis. Their tests will be rescheduled to be administered, according to the College Board rep with whom we spoke, in “about two weeks” , instead of December 1. Presumably, by then, life will have regained a semblance of normalcy, without the attendant anxiety about electricity, gasoline, groceries, and heat. They will take the test in more optimal conditions, and their scores should be reported well in advance of the new year, for inclusion on their college applications.

Several local high schools that are SAT test sites – including Livingston, East Hanover , Nutley , Paramus, and Madision – will not be administering the SAT tests this Saturday. Students registered at those sites will take the test in two weeks. I’ll speculate that, if that date is not convenient for a test taker, the College Board will allow the student to defer their test date to December.

I think that Montclair’s decision to proceed with the test is short-sighted, and inconsiderate of the difficulties which are confronting people locally this week. I hope that the powers-that-be in Montclair will re-evaluate their decision, and elect to host the tests in mid-November, as other schools are doing.

What do you think? Should SATs be re-scheduled? Take our poll…



  1. POSTED BY crankinmontclair  |  November 02, 2012 @ 10:02 am

    Some kids need to take the SAT ASAP to make early decision/early action deadlines. Postponing could have consequences. Since the school has power, and since kids have signed up, and most of them likely are still in town, I think the right decision has been made for the majority. The writer above has 3 choices — try to do a walk in at one of the postponed sites in two weeks, take it this weekend, or in early Dec. That’s a decent number of options, none of which is ideal. But could make good fodder for a college essay!

  2. POSTED BY outragedinmontclair  |  November 02, 2012 @ 1:47 pm

    Get a grip…somehow the students in Millburn, Livingston and higher performing high schools all have to deal with the same issue. College application deadlines have been extended and so have the deadline for SAT submissions. Why would you not want your child and others to test under the best circumstances? Maybe you have had heat and power; maybe you didn’t have a loved one stranded at the shore; maybe you didn’t lose a house there either. Plenty of the students in this area have been dealing with all of this.

  3. POSTED BY njcald16  |  November 02, 2012 @ 1:48 pm

    I certainly hope it’s a joke that these schools are administering the test tomorrow. What a poor decision they will have made. Any student that is applying early decision should have taken the October SAT that was administered, since the deadline for most early decision applications is BEFORE the SAT scores are released for the November 3rd test date. The test should be postponed for all of the NJ students. Haven’t they had enough to deal with? Just because MHS or Columbia has power doesn’t mean that the students testing do/.

  4. POSTED BY crankinmontclair  |  November 02, 2012 @ 1:53 pm

    No one is MAKING anybody take the test on Saturday. But kids who signed up and WANT to, should be allowed the opportunity if it is safe to do so. If not, wait a month and take it in Dec. And I do not have a child taking the SAT at all, this is not personal.

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