Child Bitten by Dog, Owner Left The Scene

Montclair mother sent the following:

My son was bitten in front on 272 Claremont Ave between Midland and Valley. The dog’s name was Sam and is a large,medium haired black dog that had a shepherd-like build. The dog was attacking a greyhound and my son was bitten accidentally in the process. The dog owner left the scene. My babysitter said the owner was in his late 20s/early 30s, medium build, dark complexioned white man and we assume he lives in the neighborhood. If we don’t find the dog ASAP my son has to have the rabies shots. If you have any info, please call me at  917-628-1330 or  973-744-2666. There is a financial reward if you help me identify the owner. Thank you.

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  1. You might wish to go down to the health department or whatever dog licensing authority in the town and explain the situation. They will have records of the dog’s vaccinations if it is indeed licensed. They may be able to identify the dog (and owner) based on name, type and location.

    Good luck

  2. Not too long ago, somebody else was bitten by a black dog on Claremont, and the owner left the scene as well. It was posted on barista.

  3. Have you reported the bite to the police? Please do so. Especially if the dog has a history. It is important to have these things documented. I hope you get resolution before your son has to undergo treatment.

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