Ad Mailed By Little Falls Republicans To Voters Targets MSU Students

Montclair State University students voting at Mount Hebron Middle School.

Some Montclair State University students and professors say a flyer mailed to Little Falls residents by a local Republican group is bigoted.

The ad, which is illustrated with pictures of mostly non-white women–some wearing Muslim veils, and a few non-white men, states: “Warning…Thousands of students have been registered to vote.” They could “change the outcome of the election.”

“Let’s send the democratic machine a clear message! NOT IN OUR TOWN! Leave our local politics and government to our town residents who know the issues and candidates, not part-time residents,” reads the advertisement.

“Their reaction doesn’t make sense,” said an MSU student voting at Mount Hebron Middle School this morning. “Earlier this year the school passed out voter registration cards, because how else are we going to vote when we’re far away from home?

Yianni Floropoulos, professor of political science and law at MSU, described the ad as offensive toward women and minorities. He believes the flyer violates state and federal laws against voter harassment and intimidation, and has reported the incident to the New Jersey elections board.

Asked about the advertisement, MSU spokeswoman Suzanne Bronski told

“On Election Day, voters across the nation will have the opportunity to exercise their right to vote, one of the most important and fundamental rights afforded to us in our democracy. College students throughout New Jersey have the option to register to vote from their college addresses.” She declined to elaborate.

The advertisement was removed from the Little Falls Republicans website yesterday. Baristanet has contacted the Little Falls Republicans for comment and will update the story as needed. Here’s the flyer:

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  1. Good luck with yet another non-issue. Warning residents of like mind to show up and vote to minimize the effect 18 year old college kids have in their community policy , taxes etc. that they disagree with is perfectly fine by me. It’s politics, stop whining.

  2. I just returned from voting at Cedar Grove H.S. on Rugby Road, where a volunteer “joked,” “Don’t you know your own address” when I paused after he asked for mine. Apparently, civility is not a part of the volunteer training process here in Cedar Grove.

  3. So when we want the students to spend money here they are embraced with open arms and potential shuttle buses. When we are scared that the youth vote might trump grumpy old men they are a threat and how dare those modern and educated students exercise their constitutional right to vote ?

    I think the only non issue is whatever inspired such a flyer to be printed and distributed.

  4. I was hoping the mailings were warning residents of neighboring towns about the dangers of depression & the high potential for a motor vehicle accident when driving through Little Falls, a time warp, eye-sore of a flood zone gushing with aggressive, low information voters who so often demonstrate that they lack both courtesy and coordination, consistently failing to use turning signals while pulling out in front of you to make a right turn from the left lane at 15 mph in their El Caminos.

  5. OK, can you explain this to me — why is Little Falls so threatened by these MSU students when this article uses an example of students voting at Mt. Hebron Middle School (clearly in Montclair)? It’s not even the same county for Pete’s sake!

  6. Why aren’t the MSU students voting be absentee ballots for the towns/states that they are actual residents of? That’s what I had to do when I was in college.

  7. Rukiddingme- “College students throughout New Jersey have the option to register to vote from their college addresses.” There’s your answer. It took a lot of research to find it.

  8. @fussyhostess: A portion of the MSU campus is located in Little Falls and therefore some students are able to register to vote there (I believe based on the physical location of their dorm but I’m not positive). Anyway it’s moot now since the Republicans won across the board.

  9. There is only one way to view this mailer. It is racist. I am a white male homeowner in Little Falls and when I opened this mailer on Monday, my jaw dropped. I had to double check that the local Republican Party was actually taking credit for this piece of trash and that it wasn’t planted by some rogue outfit. The photos of MSU students were mainly of black, Latino, and Arab students, including women wearing a hijab. Coupled with the text of the ad – “Not in our town” – the message was crystal clear: These are not our people, they are minorities, they are outsiders, we don’t want them in our town and we don’t want them voting in our town. It is an awful, hateful, xeonophobic message, and Mayor Darlene Post and the Republicans should be ashamed. This is not what I expect of my town. I am not usually a partisan when it comes to the town election; I like to see who I like regardless of party. But this mailer made me vote for all of the Democrats. I am only sorry that this filth managed to prevail at the polls as the Repugs won in Little Falls. But, watch out Darlene Post; we will be watching you for your next racist invective, and we will catch you on it even if you send it the day before the election. You really should be ashamed. This piece of filth makes Little Falls look like Selma, Alabama. And, Darlene Post, you also are just wrong on the law. College students are permitted to register to vote in the town where they are attending college. I did this over 25 years ago myself. This obnoxious flyer is a clear example of why you and the Republicans with you should not be in power. More than 90% of the Montclair State University Campus is located in Little Falls, and you want to treat the students as enemies and aliens rather than members of our community??! You should be reaching out to the school, emabracing the students, figuring out better ways that our town can benefit from having this valuable asset in our town. Instead, you demonize and alinante the students. You, Darlene Post, have a lot to learn about leadership.

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