DeCamp Refunding Bus Tickets Unused In Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

Are you stuck with DeCamp bus tickets that are about to expire–ones you couldn’t use because of Hurricane Sandy?

The NJ Transit train system, devastated by the storm, displaced commuters who then packed the buses to Port Authority. Many of those with DeCamp passes carpooled, switched to other bus lines, or simply stayed home until the trains began running again last week. If you’re a DeCamp regular who found it nearly impossible to board during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, you can get your tickets refunded.

A representative of DeCamp Bus Lines (who declined to be named) told Baristanet today the company will refund tickets that went unused after the storm–and in most cases without charging the usual 10% processing fee for refunds. A discounted packet of 40 tickets costs $253.00, so we’re not talking chump change.

To get your refund, drop off your tickets at Montclair’s DeCamp office at the address below, or mail them in along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Include a note explaining that you couldn’t use the tickets in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, due to overcrowding on the DeCamp buses. Company representatives say they’ll decide “on an individual basis” whether or not to apply the 10% processing fee.

DeCamp Bus Lines
101 Greenwood Avenue
P.O. Box 581
Montclair, NJ 07042

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
(973) 783-7500
(800) 631-1281

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  1. Mail them? Company representative will decide whether or not to charge the processing fee?
    Hey, where’s that 7:45 bus that’s supposed to show up at Bellevue Plaza, it’s already 8:50? “We’re sending one directly there.”. Sure.

  2. Sounds like a good PR ploy to me. I would imagine most people use up their tickets in a FIFO fashion. And purchase their tickets monthly ahead of time through certain programs. So I won’t have any tickets that are expiring at the end of November, but I bet there’s a bunch of tickets out there that people no longer need which are expiring in December. Which I guarantee DeCamp will not refund.

  3. it’s more than a pr ploy. my husband had 12 tickets, set to expire at the end of november, that he couldn’t use because he worked at home in the aftermath of the storm. i went to decamp yesterday and turned in the tickets with a note explaining the situation. they gave us a receipt, and said we’ll get a check for $66.00 within a few weeks.

  4. UPDATE: we got a check today for $76 from decamp for the 12 tickets we couldn’t use after Hurricane Sandy hit. they did not charge us the 10% processing fee. Definitely worth the trouble.

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