Election Day: It's Time to Vote (with Kids in Tow)

We’ve been excited about today for months. My kids were psyched to come vote with me on Election Day. We slept in a little this morning (tomorrow it’s back to school!), then we rushed out to get our vote on at the Third Ward polling place in Montclair. Hillside School is always packed with my SoBlo nabes, but the workers keep the lines moving fast. (If only gas stations could be so efficient.) We were in and out at 10 a.m. within 10 minutes.

A dad named Jamar brought his first-grader to vote with him, see left. Jamar said, “I’m teaching him the importance of exercising the right to vote. It’s one of his rights as an American citizen, and we should not take it for granted.” His son, a Nishuane student, was eager, and he knew who his dad was voting for. It was the kid’s first election.

My kids (left) are experienced standbys at the voting booth. They love the buzz in the air, and they talk to anyone who will listen. Today, Election Board Member Brenda Simpkins (in purple) lavished them with attention. She said a lot of children had been at Hillside today, and she thought that was a good sign. “We lead by example,” she added.

Last stop, of course, was the student-run bake sale in the hallway outside of the gym. The kids were selling coffee, apple cider, cookies, muffins and Danishes for about $1 each. They told us they had already made $210 for the PTA at 10 a.m. We happily spent $4 on homemade pumpkin butterscotch muffins.

Now we’re back at home. I refuse to turn on the TV until late this afternoon. The wait begins.

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