Election Day: Kids Rocked the Vote!

Local kids joined their parents at the polls today on Election Day and had a powerful and valuable learning experience. My girls came to the polls with me and were so excited to “vote” today. We were behind a mother and her 18 year old son who voted for the first time. Her expression as she watched her son go in the booth brought tears to my eyes. Yes, I’m a little emotional this week, on day 8 without power, but seeing children experience this special American right we have gets me all verklempt.

I am a child of an immigrant father who wished he could vote the many years he was in America. When he finally became a citizen 22 years after coming to America, he said it was the proudest day in his life.

Seeing these photos of children at the polls with their parents makes me so proud. See for yourself:

Now we wait!


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