“Fall Back” Tips For Parents: Daylight Saving Time Ends on Sunday

BY  |  Saturday, Nov 03, 2012 7:00am

As if our kids need anymore inconsistency after Hurricane Sandy, here’s another thing to mess with their schedule.  On Sunday, November 4, Daylight Saving Time ends and we turn the clocks back one hour to standard time. If you’re concerned about how your young child will adjust to this change, these tips can help.

Sleepytime Consulting’s Paula Ives, a pediatric sleep consultant who helps parents resolve their young children’s sleep issues, shares these helpful “Fall Back” tips:

  1. Put your child to sleep at his or her normal bedtime on Saturday night.
  2. Your child will probably wake up one hour earlier on Sunday morning than he or she normally does. While it will be painful for you to see a very early time on your clock, get up with him or her and begin the day together.
  3. If your child still naps, try to keep him or her awake until his or her normal first nap time (according to the current clock).  Your child will probably want to nap one hour earlier than normal. Don’t let that happen! Instead, do whatever it takes to keep him or her awake until as close as possible to his or her normal first nap time and then follow the usual schedule thereafter.
  4. If your child no longer naps, spend your day doing activities according to the usual time (even though the clock has changed). Do your best to keep your child up until his or her regular bedtime at night. Keep in mind that he or she may be a little cranky and tired in the evening and that the adjustment only takes a couple of days.
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