Got Gas? Where Have You Been Able To Fill Up (UPDATED)

4:21 pm, 11/2: Exxon station at corner of Route 23 and Myrtle Avenue in Cedar Grove looks like it is pumping for folks with gas cans only.

1:20 pm: A reader reports that if need to head that way anyway, the Plattekill, NY Sunuco (1 hour, 5 mins from Montclair) on I-87 NY Thruway, has gas and no lines.

12:44 pm, Friday Nov 2: At the Valero station, the line snakes down Watchung to a left onto North Fullerton, then down Wildwood and across the park. They just started pumping; cash only, $50 limit.

8:59 a.m. From Baristanet Facebook reader: Valero Gas station in Watchung Plaza opens at 11 for gas. Line is HUGE already. Cash only.

Juan A., awesome Montclair guy, picking up gas for a neighbor.
6:25 a.m. Gas line for the BP on rte 46 snaking up hill on Clove Rd through MSU down Upper Mountain and is at 625 am already at Upper Mntn and Bellevue.

8:51 a.m. Link to working gas stations in New Jersey

6:14 a.m. Parkways stations in Bloomfield getting refilled.

5:00 a.m. Gas station on Valley, across from William-Sonoma gas gas and opening at 7am. Line is already 3 blocks.


We will continue to update as we get additional gas intel.

4:49 p.m.
Breaking News Network reports:

NJ| Essex| Bloomfield| *Traffic Advisory*| Garden State Pkwy| Traffic backed up due to gas station| BNN | BNNDESK/njn291 | #548496

UPDATE (3:15 pm): The Valero Station at Watchung Plaza opened with gas this afternoon. Line snakes all the way down Watchung Ave, up North Fullerton to Gordonhurst.

UPDATE (2:30 pm): Delta on Bloomfield Ave just got gas but won’t pump until later today

UPDATE (2:06 pm): A Facebook commenter tell us that police have just escorted tankers into the Delta and Eastern Oil gas stations on Bloomfield Avenue. Another says a station is open on Main Avenue in Clifton, between Union and Harrington. Gas also at Sunoco station on Rt 3 West, Nutley.

UPDATE: (1:58 pm): Gas is indeed available at Eastern Oil, CASH ONLY.

Lots of closed gas stations around town, indeed in every town in and around Baristaville.

Here in the Montclair area, this is what we are hearing: The Exxon on Grove and Bloomfield Ave is open with a long line. The Exxon on the corner of Bay and Broad just filled up. Lines are long, but there is gas! And there is another in Bloomfield center that has had a very long line causing major traffic and was being guarded by a police officer. Late yesterday, several stations along Washington Avenue in Belleville and Nutley were open.

Late this morning, a Gulf station was open on the Eastbound side of Route 46 in Clifton, about a mile past the entrance to the Garden State Parkway; the car line was snaking along the highway, then around the block behind the station (by Burger King). There were also about 40 people standing in a separate line with gas cans, which is the case at other open stations – one line for cars, another for cans.

Lukoil was open in Woodland Park on the Westbound side of 46, not far from the Kohl’s entrance, also with a car line about a mile long.

In Fairfield, we hear the Valero on Route 46 and the Sunoco on Route 46 are open.

In West Orange, we’ve heard reports that the Exxon / Mobile across from Pal’s Cabin is open; and the Sunoco near the Essex Green Shopping Center too.

In Wayne, the Gulf on Hamburg Turnpike and Berdan Avenue; Shell at Riverview and Edison Drive; Exxon Route 23 and Packanack Lake Road are all reportedly open.

Be aware some stations are accepting cash only. Be careful on major roads where shoulders and/or right hand lanes have been turned into gas queues.

It’s getting crazy nearly everywhere in northern NJ. Someone we know just counted 147 cars on line to get gas on Route 206 in Mount Olive, NJ. There are police at most open gas stations standing guard now.

On Twitter, you may also be able to find info using hashtag #njgas and an interactive map was being updated here.

(Consumers who suspect price gouging or any other violation of consumer protection laws, particularly as a result of Hurricane Sandy, are urged to call the Division of Consumer Affairs at 800-242-5846.)

One Facebook friend tell us: “The guys at the uptown Montclair firehouse (Valley Road) say they have handled 500 calls in three days. They have 24 hour shifts, but several said they’d gone two days without sleep. The firehouse is powered by back-up generator. There is gas in the trucks, but the firefighters said they are in the same situation as the rest of us with their own cars: outta luck.”

Have you had any success finding an open gas station within a reasonable distance? How long were you on line? Any tips? Please share in comments.

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  1. The landscapers were at the house today removing all the downed trees from the property, and my neighbor called to say someone stole all of the gas cans out of their truck! Seems like things are getting worse.

  2. How much of this is based on the need for generators combined with the amount of stations that are closed due to no power ? How long is this expected to be like this ?

  3. Forget about short lines close by. Woke up at 5am and drove down bloomfield Ave. The Valero in Bloomfield had about 30 cars in line waiting for the station to open. I abhor lines. Drove about 30 miles up 17 to Ramapo and found a number of stations open. Many stations were open before Ramapo but the lines were too long. I had about 3 cars in front of me. Keeping in mind that this was 5AM.
    IMHO, the gas cans and generators are only a problem in that each person spends 3 times as long at the pump even though their pumping perhaps 25% more gas per customer.

  4. From my apartment, I can see the line for the station just before exit 151 on the Parkway. It stretches up past exit 153. That’s two miles worth of line.

  5. **BEWARE**
    The LukOil station at Valley & Lorraine has some funny business going on there. I filled my 5 gallon can this morning. Well wasn’t I surprised to see that despite being at the 5 gallon line, it now magically holds 6.75 gallons for which I was charged.

    Suffice it to say, everyone including the officer on duty was now aware of the “issue”. He agreed with idea of calling Weights & Measures Div of Consumer Affairs to report this. Makes you wonder why they didn’t start pumping when then the tanker came in last evening.

  6. I just jogged by police officers diverting cars at JFK Parkway and Montgomery St. in Bloomfield who said that three gas stations in south end Bloomfield just got deliveries.

  7. Avoid the gas station at Watchung Plaza if you are in a car. I arrived at 7 & waited in line until 2:50. It wasn’t until I got to the front that I realized the 4-6 uniformed police being paid were also directing another “friends & family” line from across the street at the Pollack business driveway. There were at least 2 plain clothes police directing traffic. Best I could tell, to get in that 10-15 minute wait line, you have to be an officer or be friends with one. Town workers for Montclair were also seen in this quick line. The line in Upper Montclair with no friends & family line took 4 hours.

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