It’s Always A Great Time To Vote

Sign redirecting voters from Bradford Elementary School to Mount Hebron Middle School

The temps are low, but the sun is shining brightly and the lines are short, so it’s a perfect time to vote! While voters across the country are waiting in long lines—especially in swing states–we’re seeing and hearing of wait times of 10 minutes or less.

Mount Hebron voting booth

Things appear to be running smoothing at the local polls. The Montclair Park Service has redirected over 60 people this morning from Bradford Elementary to Mount Hebron Middle School–where, despite having double the number of citizens voting this morning, no one  has waited in line more than a few minutes. In other cases, neighbors are texting each other with the location changes. Natalie Dowd of Montclair said: “We have no power, so how else would I know Bradford was closed?”

Election officials and voters at Mount Hebron

I’ve heard radio interviews of citizens who don’t plan to vote, because New Jersey always goes blue anyway. But every vote counts. Lower turnout in the blue states of New Jersey and New York because of Hurricane Sandy could contribute to the possibility that one candidate wins the electoral vote but loses the popular vote, further dividing the country.

How was your voting experience?

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  1. At around 7:45 this morning the fire station on Pine St was a disorganized mess. They had 90% of the voters using one machine and the other 10% using the other two. They were also telling people who were having problems to come back later.

  2. Took me at least 40 minutes. Kept getting redirected to three different lines, and then was told to fill out a paper ballot because the machine was suddenly broken.

    Overheard reporter asking how long it was taking people, and the people running the place said “only a few minutes.” I wish she had asked me!

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