Montclair: Update Your Power Status Here

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If you are still without power in Montclair, email

Update: 1:40 p.m. 11/6: Hearing lots of reports of power restored on streets along Park Street as well as Alexander in Montclair. If power is back on, let neighbors know.

Since PSE&G is telling readers that power is restored on their street (when it’s not!), let’s crowdsource streets with outages in Montclair. Add your street in comments and we will update this post with a list. Also leave any PSE&G sightings in comments or (good news) if your power gets restored.

Elston Road
Glenwood Road between Norwood and Valley
Upper Mountain from Bellevue and north (west side)
North Mountain Ave (parts include west side, at Alpine)
Braemore road
Wildwood Avenue between Grove and Park
Cooper Ave (btwn Park and Grove)
parts of Gray Street (Montclair/Glenridge)
Highland Avenue (between Bradford and Mt. Hebron and up to Little Falls)
Haddon Place (parts)
North Fullerton (from Watchung to Wildwood)
Riverview Drive
Gordonhurst Ave.
Macopin Ave
Summit Ave
Yantacaw Brook Road (most)
Alexander Ave (between Park & Valley)
Appleton Place
Fernwood Road
Marion Road
Greenview Way (even # houses)
Clarewill (even side and half of odd out)
Edgecliff Road (some houses w/o)
Heller Way
Heller Drive
Woodmont (parts)
Club Road
Aubrey (btwn No. Fullerton & Grove)
Grove Street (btwn Alexander & Mt. Hebron)
Mountain Ave. Train Station
Watchung Ave
Brookfield Road between North Mountain & Valley
Godfrey between North Mountain & Oakcroft
Parkside between North Mountain & Oakcroft (along Anderson Park)
Princeton from Godfrey to Parkside
Edgemont from Watchung to Parkside
Carteret from Godfrey to Parkside
Waterbury Road
Beverly Road
Valley Road (btwn Watchung & Gordonhurst; btwn Fernwood and Mt. Hebron)
Carolin Road
Stephen Court
Lorraine Ave (near Park)
Bruce Road

Park Street (btwn Walnut & Chestnut)
Christopher Street (McDonough to Watchung and south of McDonough)
Gates Avenue between Hawthorne and South Fullerton
Melrose Place
Wilde Place
Montague Place (btwn Valley & Midland)
Gates Avenue between Hawthorne and South Fullerton
Clairidge Court
Fairfield Road
Glenridge Pkwy (south)
Carriage Way
Virginia Ave.
Elm Street (parts)
Grove Street (parts)
Oxford Street (btwn Grove & Ridgewood)
Ardsley (south side)
Tuxedo Road
Cambridge Road (north side)
Essex Ave (north of Columbus)
Montclair Ave (Watchung to Chestnut)
Garden Street
Yale Terrace
Mendl Terrace
Champlain Terrace
Eagle Rock Way,
Wayside place (east side)
Prescott Ave
Undercliff Road
Vera Place (south side)
Holland Terrace (north side)
Watchung Ave
Columbus Ave
Erwin Park Road (east side)
High Street (parts)
Orchard Court
Claremont (off Valley down to Park, and west of Midland)
North Mountain (btwn Berkeley and Watchung)
Ridgewood Ave between Watchung Ave and Brookdale Park
South Mountain Ave. (parts)
St. Luke’s Place (parts)
Warren Place
Bellaire Drive
Belvidere Drive
Madison Ave.

Ridgewood Ave between Watchung Ave and Brookdale Park

Glen Ridge
Oxford Street (btwn Grove & Ridgewood)
Ardsley (south side)
Tuxedo Road
Cambridge Road (north side)
Ridgewood Ave between Watchung Ave and Brookdale Park
Ridgewood Ave (north of Belleville Ave)

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  1. Most of Valley Road between Watchung Avenue (including the traffic light at Watchung and Valley) and up towards the A&P is out. Further, Brookfield Road and Oakcroft Avenue appear to have no power.

  2. East side of upper mountain from Bellevue on northwards as far as I can see is out. Braemore road is also all out.

  3. Upper Mountain Ave (near Mountain Terrace) is still out. PSE&G customer service had told us that the power would be restored in our area by November 5. The website now tells us that power would be restored by November 7. This is getting discouraging.

  4. Upper mountain between Bellevue and braemore was told power would be restored by 11/9 (never given an earlier date).

  5. Gray Street (Montclair/Glenridge): Houses who pull power from line behind our houses are still dark. Those that pull from the front line have been powered up since Wed.

  6. I reject this threat for it asks me to identify just where in the very dark and very cold section of the Borough of UPPER Montclair my Palatial Estate is.

    (And to those in town who need reminding: I’m thrilled that all I have to do is worry about power. I cannot imagine searching through rubble to find a pix of my late father, or the little prof, or any keepsake I have. Happily though, when I think of loss of possessions I only think of this

    Hope everyone gets power soon. Even those of us who can see Brookdale Park, just North of Watchung.

  7. Llewellyn Road from Eagle Rock Way to South Mountain is out, as are Eagle Rock Way back to Stonebridge, Warren Road from Eagle Rock to South Mountain and half of Melrose Place along the same length. The other half of Melrose and Gates Ave. have power.

    This morning’s PSE&G workplan is depressing. It’s good news for 5,000 of the 7,000 still-dark houses in Montclair who supposedly will have power within the next 3 days, but bad news for the 2,000 who will remain dark longer — and particularly for the 500 houses that PSE&G says still will be dark after six more days.

  8. @ProfWilliams: Do you realize how ridiculous you sound? If you really wanted people to think you were that well off, you wouldn’t be bragging. It actually shows a lack of class. Normally I ignore you, but I am just far too cold, hungry, and frustrated not to respond.

  9. Odd-numbered houses on Prescott Ave and even-numbered houses on Clairidge Ct (between Ridgewood Ave and Grove Street) are without power.

  10. The east side of North Mountain Avenue, south of Anderson Park, for at least several blocks, has been out since Monday night. The west side of North Mountain never lost power. I’m pretty sure the blocks behind us to the east–including Princeton Place and the east side of Edgemont Road–are still dark too.

  11. The entire area bordered by (and including) Ridgewood Ave, Watchung Ave, and Grove St (Fairmount, Morningside, Beverly). Fuse detached at 358 Watchung Ave, wires behind 13 Fairrmount detached from house.

  12. Several of us out on Watchung near the Watchung/Valley intersection and then several houses on Valley down in the A&P direction.

  13. I think PSE&G wins the award for WORST dissemination of information. The “work plan” on the site has no real information, and the twitter feed they send you to is a redundant series of tweets saying the same thing. I think next bill that is due I will get them a rough estimate of when I might pay it. But no promises. What are they going to do, cut my power? I now have plenty of practice living that way.

  14. @the28thfish, forgive me if I don’t play the all is lost because I have no power game CONSIDERING there are people who have, you know, LOST everything.

    I don’t have power. For a week. Or did your lack of a good hot meal cloud your reading comprehension?

    As I’ve stated and will continue to state: this is a time when one’s true character comes out. Complaining about a loss of power (I was out for a week during the microburst, 5 days last year) is nothing I will do. Because I recognize it will come back. I don’t have tree in my house like a neighbor (along with the RED sign that reads the house is unfit to occupy), my house is not off its foundation and I have all my possessions and keepsakes.

    That you would somehow find critical anything in what I wrote (or if you don’t like Steve Martin movies), says more about you than me.

    I’ve been VERY consistent in being grateful for what I STILL have. Likewise, I’ve make a point, even while waiting in gas-can lines, to meet folks talk and share stories.

    You, it seems probably sit in you cold, dark house, calling PSE&G, checking updates and crying about what you don’t have. And blaming PSE&G for NJ being hit with one of the worst storms ever.

    I’m thankful for what I do have. PSE&G doesn’t control that.

    I do though, hope you get power soon because it seems we live very close to each other.

    Just go for a walk in Brookdale, sit in the rose garden, and take a few deep breaths.

    All will be better very soon.

  15. The odd number houses on Warren Place between Orange and Harrison are still dark. PSEG keeps saying that we are restored, but we are not.

  16. Watchung Aveneue bwrween the Parkway and the Plaza is still dark. SO is Montclair Avenue from Watchung to Chestnut.

  17. LOL at the guy who says true character comes out in a time like this lecturing other people on how to behave – irony.

  18. A couple houses on Haddon on the end near Grove appeared to have been restored last night, but the majority of the street was still dark this am.

  19. Upper Montclair Valley Road from Kings north to just about mid Montclair State out, plus all the communities east and west off that main feeder. Park road still blocked with full power lines resting on the street in multiple locations.

  20. At council meeting — significant fire on home at Fairview ave due to generator – please be careful.

    Fairview, westview and buckingham among streets w/o power

  21. It’s so interesting that somebody who lives next door to you on the left can have power, then you and the two houses to your right have no power, and then houses have power again. I find it both encouraging and discouraging!

  22. I am at 3 Riverview Drive West and this outage affects 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 and 13 Riverview Drive West in Upper Montclair. We have down power lines behind our house. Two Utility poles split in half due to trees falling on the lines. We have been given an ETA of 11/9 as have all others in Montclair and I have not seen a single PSE&G truck in the close vicinity. I fear the work will be major.

  23. I have to correct the reader above who said the west side of North Mountain never lost power. This is not true on my end of the street. There are about six houses on the WEST side of North Mountain near Alpine that are still without power.

  24. Alexander between Park and Valley is completely dark — tree still down on wires at the corner of Alexander and Park. We’re told there’s a Transformer down in a yard on Park near that intersection as well. Crews scouting yesterday and at work there this AM.

  25. @Common: It really doesn’t seem to make much sense. I live around the corner from Wachung Plaza. I see random houses with lights, while others are still completely without. It is hard to determine which houses are operating by generator, and which ones do have power restored. The Wachung station does appear to be restored, which is even more discouraging.

  26. This “crowdsourcing” is starting to make it clear just how many downed trees and downed lines there must be. That’s clearly the real problem here—the scattershot nature of the outages, and the sheer number of them. The more ‘handwork’ fixes that are required, the more chaotic (and laborious) the restoration work must be. Ugh–what a logistical nightmare!

    Best to all who are struggling without power, and thanks to Baristanet and BaristaKids for keeping the information flowing, even as you all deal with your own inconveniences and hardships.

  27. Christina, I meant the west side of our stretch of North Mountain, near Anderson Park.

    We have a tree down on power lines behind our house (it’s from the house behind us on Princeton Place), which I think did not probably cause the original outage but will probably make it tougher to restore.

  28. Edgemont Rd between watching and Berkeley pl. (excluding school apparently). Tree snapped pole to pole line behind 36 Edgemont. Same stretch of houses behind us on N. Mountain too….

  29. Only 1 side (odd numbered houses) of Greenview Way has power. The other side is still in the dark ages. Hope there will be heat soon!

  30. Saw a convoy of shiny, white, newish-looking private-contractor trucks with cherry pickers (more than 10 of them) heading west this morning on Claremont toward the Georgian Inn parking lot. Perhaps they were getting ready to install new posts or lift trees or fix wires. Anyway, seems like someone is finally doing something. BTW, our power is still out, at a location mentioned a couple times on this list. Thanks to the volunteers at St. James Church, who have given us some warmth and encouragement.

  31. Haddon Place is still out–both sides. And everything around there, from what I can tell. There was a tree crew from Alabama on the street this morning–but they were having to wait to get to work because of a downed utility pole in a back yard.

  32. Oops, clarification re: Gordonhurst — ALL of the street is out, not just the section between Park and GROVE (not Valley)

  33. Add DeCamp to the target list for angry commenters. We have adjusted OK to having no power, in part because we are lucky enough to have a fireplace and hot water. (Our street is in the Bradford School area). We also are lucky to be living in a town with open restaurants. Some of my colleagues are not so lucky. But getting up in a stone-cold house, shaving in the dark, finding my way to a bus stop before 6:00 AM to stand in the cold for 1 1/2 hours for a bus that never came while holding a cellphone that was almost dead is beginning to tax my patience. It finally took me 4 hours to get to work. Is this the new normal until trains come back on line? I understand that DeCamp does not have an army of buses and drivers sitting around waiting for an emergency, but we could have filled a bus with the line I left at Bellevue Plaza. Did this not occur to anyone at DeCamp? If anyone has any alternative suggestions for commuting, I would be very appreciative.

  34. Fernwood Ave between Valley Road and Norwood Ave is still out. Seems to be dark in the “Woods” generally…

  35. I came home last night and all of Valley from Normal to King’s was out and streets on either side. Laurel, Marion Rd, Valley Place, Mountain Place, Lansing, Fernwood…….all out.

  36. Also, I saw out of town crews on Valley this morning. I also still have a very very large tree with upturned rootball on power lines next to my driveway. I have called the Montclair FD as well as PSEG. PSEG called back on Thursday to see if it had been repaired. Nope. It’s still there as of Monday morning at 9am.

  37. Power out east side of wayside place, although west side seems to be mostly on. Also eagle rock way between wayside and stonebridge. I am not optimistic about restoration soon; we were without power for 5 days in the storm last Halloween, I guess because there aren’t many houses on our chunk of the grid.

  38. Also, thanks for doing this Liz. I think the town should really have one main place with all outages listed and a continued dialogue with PSEG since they don’t even know what’s restored or not.

    And DeCamp – oy!!!

  39. Upper Montclair (update):

    – Crews working to clear and wire Park Street now.
    – Tree clearing and pole being replaced at the corner of Park and Alexander, many crews in attendance and as stated above transformer point.
    – Tree cleared but wires still down at Elston Rd just off Valley (major feed east towards Park Street).

    So Valley (and communities east and west) still dark from Upper Montclair Kings north to mid-campus of Montclair State on Valley.

    Crew trucks have Arkansas plates, some Verizon folks along with local fire trucks in attendance. Encouraging progress.

  40. One side of Clairidge Court is without power. The other had their power restored on Thursday — they must be on the “good grid.”

  41. This crowdsourcing makes me wonder if the Township has done any sort of surveying of the damage themselves over the past week, or if they were just waiting for PSE&G to fix everything.

    Seems like there are some pretty obvious problems – such as a pole and smashed transformer laying in the driveway of one of my neighbor’s, still – that have yet to be addressed in anyway.

    The pole laying in a driveway on Yale Terrace is barely even roped off.

  42. Not only is North Mountain Avenue without power north of Edgemont School, a huge up-rooted tree is still sitting on top of power lines behind 199 North Mountain. I am a neighbor. It is now November 5th, a full week after the storm and the tree danger still has not been removed.

  43. Maybe we need a list of downed trees on lines – I called my tree guy but he can’t touch it. When the next storm hits on Wednesday, it will come crashing down on my fence and will probably take down the utility pole with it.

  44. @rblee19, not 100% positive but I live near there and no power in my house. I know for sure that houses one block on the other side of N Fullerton in that area do not have power.

  45. @mattb, just who in “the town” do you expect to do this survey? And what do we do with this “survey”? Do you really want the town to create its own Dept. of Power? More taxes… PSE&E is best suited for this, with what may be the biggest storm to hit NJ, being reasonable in our expectations is the best bet.

    The bigger issue is that no one knows how power is “restored.” kay offered a link a few days ago, but most folks have NO IDEA where or how they get power. But yet everyone expects that it will return when they “see trucks.”

    B’net tweeted out some useful info about “circuits” yesterday, but hearing ideas from those with no expertise in the field is not useful. (I’d love to see a PSE&G worker standing next to your desk tell you what to do.)

    Also, while I think our Mayor was grandstanding in some of his initial comments about PSE&G, having a daily Council meetings and briefings is a good thing.

    It will get better. And has. Shorter gas lines!! That’s progress.

  46. Just a clarification: a couple people have reported that upper mountain and valley, etc, dark from Kings on north. It actually starts at Bellevue on Upper Mountain on north, so south of Kings.

  47. Prof, you must have a generator running or be staying at someone else’s house to feel so positive after a week.

  48. Brookfield Road between North Mountain & Valley / Oakcroft
    Godfrey between North Mountain & Oakcroft
    Parkside between North Mountain & Oakcroft (along Anderson Park)
    Princeton from Godfrey to Parkside
    Edgemont from Watchung to Parkside
    Carteret from Godfrey to Parkside

    The westside of North Mountain between Watchung and Bellevue has power and appears never to have lost power but the east side does not have power.

    The block bounded by Brookfield, North Mountain, Watchung, and Edgemont does have power (with a couple of exceptions) and never went out (they appear to be on the same grid as the west side of North Moutain).


  49. To clarify my prior post – all those streets (pretty much the entire area between North Mountain, Anderson Park, the NJT tracks, Valley Road, and Watchung as been w/o power since Monday night (10/29).


  50. Hello all, I just wanted to let you know that there has been a PSE&G truck idling next to a downed street light post on the corner of the parking lot where I live (Inwood Condos behind Montclair State)since the morning of Wednesday,October 31st. The lamp post is barely hanging into the parking lot entrance and has already been surrounded by orange cones. The workers (so far 3 different men have occupied this post) have been sitting in the truck either on the computer or on their cell phones. The worst part is that we never even lost power during or after the storm. This morning is Day 5 of the seemingly 24 hour “lamp post watch”. I cannot imagine how this could be the best use of equipment, personnel and money. I just had to register to leave a comment because this is ridiculous as so many people are still out of power.

  51. upper montclair around Mountain Ave. NJ Transit station – no power. More than one elderly woman on block- confined to their cold homes.

  52. North and South sides of Watchung Ave between Appleton and Edgemont (and possibly further west to No. Mountain) dark since 10/29. On Sunday, PSEG put up caution tape around a tree that had fallen on wires between Watchung Ave and Parkway Ave houses, but has not returned as of noon today.

  53. Are you going to do this for Glen ridge and Bloomfield too, or are you restricting it to Montclair?

    go ahead and leave streets — will add

  54. Also, for friends in Glenridge: the east side of Stonehouse Rd — west side mostly seems to have power. They’re between Avon and Glenridge Parkway, but other blocks on Stonehouse Rd look dark as well.

  55. Power is out completely on Heller Way, Heller Drive, Cornell, and the east side of Woodmont Road, and the northwest side of Woodmont Road.

  56. The south side of Vera Place and the north side of Holland Terrace do not have power due to a line down and damaged transformer in the bacyard of 11 Vera Place. It does not look as though any utility company has addressed the fallen tree limbs.

  57. Stephen Court in Upper Montclair — worried we are one of the unlucky 500! Tree down in back yard on wires.

  58. Walnut Parkway (07042) is out due to multiple trees pulling wires down behind houses and also in the street. Nary a PSEG truck to be found!

    But possible good news for Marquette Rd. (07043) where there are now multiple trucks parked and men working.

  59. Edgemont Rd. and North Mountain north of edgemont school (so even south of Parkway for edgemont rd.). Downed tree took out wir between 2 poles behind 36 Edgemont.

  60. the 400 and 500 blocks of VALLEY ROAD are without power, and not on the list at the top of the page!

    (Unless its been fixed in the past hour, I’m referring to Valley Road between Watchung Avenue and Gordonhurst.

  61. Liz, we are on the west side of Upper Mountain Ave (above Bellevue) and don’t have power. I think you only have the west side listed.

  62. Liz, Watchung Ave isn’t just between Appleton and Edgemont, we are out in between Appleton and Valley (not sure if we are “north” or “south” side, we are the even # houses, the other side directly across from us has power.

  63. Upper Mountain Ave – north from Normal Ave into Little Falls, both sides of street. MSU seems to have had power all week (at least the parking deck and the flood lights for the fields).

  64. And the temperature is going down to damn near 31 degrees tonight….good times…

    Just can’t wait for Wednesday’s storm to arrive…whoopee.

    PSE&G = Perpetually Substandard Energy & Grids.

  65. 13 houses on Columbus Ave (including ours) between Grove and Ridgewood (Montclair). Half of the street has power. I did report it several times; our neighbors did too. PSE&G crews were looking at it late yesterday. Still no fix though

  66. crews today in the southwest corner. Have seen them all over town, but not here. Saw 5 Florida P&L trucks caravaning OUT of Montclair and into Bloomfield around 11:00 am. Sigh.

  67. To late now,but I would advise you not to post here to the public you have no power with alarms out and police working there buts off ,this inviting a list for trouble. Just saying…..

  68. Christopher St. Please correct the listing for Christopher St (07042).
    Power also out south of McDonough St.

  69. Upper Montclair (update);

    The Power folks are checking the laterals off of Valley Road north of Kings in Upper Montclair now. Just spoke with the guy doing the checks, they are hoping to have all of Valley (and the side roads that feed off that) North of Kings in Upper Montclair lit tonight. That is their plan at least.

  70. Thanks for the list, Liz. In 07042, please add eagle rock way, wayside place (east side) and stonebridge, as well as llewellyn.

    Sounds like some potential good news for 07043 folks tonight; good luck!

    Oh, and in terms of the bad guys knowing who doesn’t have power….I bet they can figure that out without reading Baristanet; they already hit nishuane school with those iMacs.

  71. Hi, I posted earlier about Stephen Court — FYI we’re in Upper Montclair, in 07043, not 07042. Thanks for managing the list!

  72. Highland Ave, all the way up to Little Falls (above Normal). We’re looking at a wildly illuminated university and powered up Little Falls.

  73. 07042 Montclair Please add 11, 13, 15, 17 Columbus
    Glen Ridge Please add 109 Glen Ridge Ave

    Thanks! Great Idea!

  74. @ bioniclime some parts of Bloomfield came back early yesterday morning.

    @jaybean – have they told you why – Sunset Ave came back yesterday

  75. Just to clarify: Clairidge Court is out on the northside in BOTH Monclair and Glen Ridge! (The southside is long restored.)

  76. Perhaps you can collect, and pin with different colours: (1) Places that lost power in the storm that have had it restored since (several of these have posted on Twitter, though only after losing it again) and (2) Places that lost power more recently than the storm, presumably in the process of some other repair.

    That would not only make for a more colourful map, but would also provide additional information as to the work being done in town.


  77. “I guess the chances of my power being on when I get home from work are slim to none?”

    Don’t try to call your home’s answering machine. It’s depressing to confirm that there’s no chance of power awaiting you.


  78. Please add all but 2 most eastern houses on McDonough St to the 07042 list of outages. Thanks!

  79. “Just spoke with the guy doing the checks, they are hoping to have all of Valley (and the side roads that feed off that) North of Kings in Upper Montclair lit tonight. That is their plan at least.”

    A plan? That’s more than we’re getting from PSE&G Corporate. I hope we can hear more of them.


  80. Andrew and all, I wonder, would that include the vicinity of Valley and Mount Hebron roads? Still dark as of about an hour ago before I headed out to eat and recharge.

    Lots of trucks working feverishly earlier today. I stopped and chatted with some of the guys – they were from Arkansas! They seem to be mostly – if not, all gone now.

    Let’s not be unduly hard on PSEG. They haven’t encountered such a mess before. Lets hope they learn in case there is a next time… and pray there isn’t a next time 🙂

    Pastor George

  81. Lights just came on south side (even numbers) of Fernwood Ave! It was quite startling, but most welcome! Wishing all our neighbors the same miracle. Across the street is still dark.

  82. Upper Montclair (update);

    Mountain Avenue train station seems live (noted above), nothing for Valley Road north of Kings nor Park Street. No crews actively working, no further activity. Is it really possible that PSE&G is no longer rotating crews through for 24/7 work? Guess not, we are not somehow worthy. Sleep tight Arkansas crews helping us, we won’t sleep as warmly as you, but we will await your rise to continue the work and get us power.

    Cold night, sleep tight as you are able, silent night (but for the generators) for too many in Upper Montclair.

  83. Liz, please add Ridgewood Ave between Watchung Ave and Brookdale Park. This part of Ridgewood has houses in Montclair, Glen Ridge, and Bloomfield, all of which are without power.

  84. I am posting this for my friend who lives in Montclair- still without power!!! 🙁 Power Outages are still at Squire Hill, Tuers Place, and Stephen Ct. Thanks!

  85. Power came back in the area around bradford school, including bradford school. Hope school will resume at bradford on wednesday.

  86. there were crews from Arkansas by the corner of Alexander and Valley yesterday afternoon. they were dealing with the downed lines

  87. Ridgewood Ave., beginning just after the library and going north, on the west side of the street is still out.

  88. Power is on for Valleye and Marion, just now. I presume that means much of Park St and Northern Upper Montclair.

  89. Good to here at least some people coming back on! Can someone please post the status of Gordonhurst/Valley at some point? I’m at work and would like to know if i am coming home to lights and heat tonight!

  90. “Norther Upper Montclair” made me laugh out loud. A great description of where in town it is. But it still: “Norther Upper” made me smile.

    A cold, dark, weary smile but a smile nonetheless.

    Thank You!

    (The Palatial Estate overlooking an organic garden and Brookdale is still without.)

  91. out on melrose still.

    how about once this is over, we figure out what to do with these old trees? we have enormous trees falling throughout town with each storm – not just this superstorm. In the freak snow storm last Oct, in Irene and even before that in just typical nor’easters we see trees down throughout the town. If PSEG won’t/can’t invest in towns like ours to bury the power lines then we need to figure out how to deal with our tree situation. They are pretty, they are good for the environment, but they are becoming more and more dangerous and if climate change (for whatever reason) brings more furious storms, we can expect more damage from falling trees. Many of the trees are between the sidewalk and curb which is town property I believe. I have no answers on this, just someone who wants to heat back and is scapegoating the trees and hope we can learn to do things better after failing when tested by a disaster.

    Also – how about forcing gas stations to invest in generators so we don’t have this problem again when the stations lose their main power? It’s a tax subsidized capital investment for them and they are vital parts of our infrastructure that are not working when really needed.

  92. @mattnj1, not sure about Valley + Gordonhurst, but I saw some utility workers clearing a downed line on Chestnut near Valley this morning – which might be helpful.

  93. Wildwood below Grove St. Power on as of 7 last night.
    After waiting 7 days for PSE&G the calvary showed up in the form of 10 trucks from Arkansas & Florida. These guys jumped out, jumped in (the baskets) and had us lit in 30 min.

    Really nice guys. When I asked if they needed anything they said coffee.
    When I mentioned that I had no electric so no coffee at home I was told, very nicely I might add, “Dunkin Donuts has great coffee”:o)

    For a moment I was taken aback. I remembered the Upper Montclair DD was closed and I’d have to drive over to Bloomfield ave. A pain in the a**
    and with the gas rationing, blah, blah blah.

    Then it dawned on me these guys drove from Ark/Fl to help us out.
    Long story short I bought a box-load of coffee for these guys and they couldn’t have been more appreciative.

    If you see them, say hi and offer them a cup. They’ll appreciate it.

    Godspeed to all who are still waiting.

  94. @ themusic, Great Story!! Glad your back. Hopefully your good cheer (and coffee) will get us all up soon.

    Thanks for the laugh.

  95. Oh Mattnj1! I live in the Gordonhurst Apt’s. I can’t tell you how happy I would be if their power has been restored.

  96. ANNOUNCEMENT GORDONHURST RESIDENTS: I spoke with my Super and was informed that the Gordonhurst appartments, right off of Park and Valley, now have power.

  97. Umm, 28th fish?……I just spoke to her too and she told me that hald the buildings are on and half arent….that was 2 minutes ago, wtf!

  98. Terrific news about Gordonhurst between Park & Valley! Anyone know about Gordonhurst between North Fullerton, Waterbury & Grove?

  99. At work today. Looking for updates on Watchung Avenue status west of Valley. Need to know whether I will watch election returns at home or not. Maybe it’ll be a perfect night; maybe it’ll be a forgettable night!

  100. Someone on Bruce Rd. needs to chime in here, as those are the lines that feed into that (my) part ot Gordonhurst Vilage. I was told that the buildings that feed from Park street are on and those that feed from valley rd are off. I would appreciate anyone that can confirm or disconfirm this.

  101. I’m on McDonough, just talked to a live PSEG rep at 1-800-436-PSEG. She claimed their system shows that myself and all of Christopher&Montclair Ave have had power restored FOR DAYS. I told her not so. She said she would add us to their list as we all show as restored.Suggest you all call & let them know. Only way to do it is to call, can’t do online.

  102. the28thfish, if you see this, let me know and read my post about gordonhurst. i need to know which buildings are on and which arent

  103. @ serpentofdreams “I will watch election returns at home or not. Maybe it’ll be a perfect night; maybe it’ll be a forgettable night!”

    Thanks for the laugh!!!

  104. Liz/Baristanet…I suggest moving this thread and its comments up to the top of the page. It contains useful info about power coming back to areas. Thanks.

  105. Hey Matt. I did not know only half were restored. She said building C is definitely restored, though. Which one are you in?

  106. Yeah it’s only the buildings that feed from the park st. lines so far not the buildings by bruce rd which is where we are. our lines feed from valley rd and are still out apparently. But if you happen to notice buidling’s F,G,H on, please post here! I’m at work and wont be home till tonight.

  107. …. I followed your advice, Overtaxed, and called PSEG to inquire about the Orchard Court/High Street area … a representative told me that the system showed our power was restored but that she would update their records and see if workers in the area could investigate…… wonderful.

  108. Just contacted PSEG – yep they think we’re restored as well and we’re not – could the mayor please take up this issue with the utility?

  109. If your power is still out, CALL PSEG to check the status on their end. As has been reported here, they had my account as “energized” and we are NOT so i had to call them and report it as still out.

  110. I just called PSEG too, and the automated system said we’re restored and we’re not (Valley Rd north of Watchung) – and I had re-reported my outage this morning using the online system. Hold time was only about 5 minutes before I spoke with a representative.

    Any news of crews or restoration near Valley around the A&P or further south?

  111. Power still out on Valley bet Kings and Keil’s. Called & was told restoration planned by 11/9 – iow, no new news. Can’t really believe anything PSEG reports or predicts at this pt. If you have svc on Valley bet Kings & Keil’s pls post. Good luck to all!

  112. 07042: NO POWER RESTORED at Essex Ave, north of Woodman Field. Frederick St. vicinity of Watchung School.

  113. Im on westview road in uppermontclair and we just got power at 830am today, i heard some spots of montclair ave may take another week

  114. Just called PSE&G and was informed that my street was “energized” two days ago.

    I politely told them their information was 100% wrong. Everything is still dark.

  115. Superintendent MacCormack announces all schools are open on Nov. 7. Previously announced alternate bus stops are still in effect. Please read the attached announcement for more detail.

  116. Neighborhood south of Watchung School–Yale, Mendl, Champlain between N. Fullerton and Essex–is listed as energized, but DOES NOT have power.

  117. UPDATE: Was tweeting (and DM-ing) back and forth with PSE&G as well (very responsive and helpful). They said their system showed it made a fix that my area was attached to, but they reopened the work order because I reported no power.

  118. Of course Yale doesn’t have power yet – look at this pole that has been laying in someone’s driveway for 8 days!

    Not sure if this is a sign of anything, but I noticed when I called PSE&G an hour ago to make sure that this was reported that the automated system now tells me that my previous outage report will be resolved by “Wednesday November 7th at 6:00pm”. The automated message used to say Friday 11/9.

    Again, no idea how much value, if any, to place in that, but it could be something.

  119. Bellaire Drive, southside, between Valley and Belvidere. Belvidere between Bellaire and Chestnut.

    We are powerless in every sense of the word.

    We are one of those difficult backyard pole situations so am not at all optimistic about power. Will likely be one of “The 500.”

  120. PLEASE…anyone in the Brookfield/Oakcroft/Carteret/Edgemont area south of Anderson Park call PSE&G again and make sure they know you’re still in the dark. I called for the second time today and also got the erroneous “already restored” status.

    The A&P now has power and we don’t. I’m starting to panic that we’re the forgotten zone.

  121. For those of you who got their power back, did you actually get the expected PSEG notification by phone? If yes, how long did it take between restoring power and calling you? Thanks!

  122. There is a parallel universe in which PSE&G is friendly, responsive and communicative. In this universe, yes, they call after your power has been restored.

  123. Thank, ‘roo. She was old and not well, but the cold house on Monday morning just put her over the edge. It’s very sad. We miss her a lot.

  124. South Fullerton has 3 or 4 houses out starting right after the synagogue. Everyone else around us has power.

  125. “Let’s not be unduly hard on PSEG. They haven’t encountered such a mess before.”

    My complaint isn’t with the people doing the work. I could be complaining about the lack of redundancy in the network, but that’s an issue for another day (and I’m hoping that complacency doesn’t immediately settle in with the return of power).

    Rather, my complaint is with the [lack of] information sharing. For example, as many have noted, we need to keep calling the 800 number to tell PSE&G that the power is still out. This is because, when they fix something, they just blindly assume that all customers that might be effected by the fix are therefore fixed. Somehow, we’re supposed to magically know that PSE&G thinks we’re up and then call the 800 number to tell them otherwise.

    So why not a web site describing the properties for which they think power is restored? We would know then for which properties we’d need to contact the company.

    Someone asserted that PSE&G cannot know this, but in fact we know that they do know this. They are marking properties as fixed. More, they’re very good and sending bills each month to the proper address for each meter’s usage.

    The teams in the field aren’t operating at random. There are known breaks. There are people seeking more breaks. And there are people fixing breaks in the list of breaks.

    Why not make the list, and the planned sequence of addressing items in the list, public?

    These are just the top two of many suggestions that could improve PSE&G’s communication during this and similar situations.


  126. Just talked to PSEG phone rep. She had Watchung area west of Valley as largely restored. Not sure that’s the case based on what I see and hear from neighbors. Guess I’ll be watching the returns somewhere else; hoping my candidate takes the day and saves my night.

  127. Above list doesn’t include St Lukes Place (between Bloomfield and Hillside). Half block is out. PSEG had told us yesterday would be restored. then called and they said it was restored I told them no it’s not and now we have a new date of the 9th. these foremen are just lying through their teeth about restorations.

  128. The latest update we received is that our area has been restored. When my husband told them it is not, they blamed us for not calling them to tell them. When we said our entire block and area is out and we doubted that not one other neighbor called, they said no one did.

    I’ve given up on getting my power back.

  129. My friends whose power is with Con Ed or Lilco or JCP&L had restoration end of last week in areas WAY WAY WAY more devastated than ours. I have friends who had rivers in front of their houses and 5 feet of water in basements and huge downed trees, they had power restored days ago. My block has not a single tree on lines and no trees in town preventing them from replacing the burnt transformer on my block. that’s it, just bring a transformer and swap it out. end of story. 9 days later, still begging

  130. I think we can all agree PSE&G seems a bit disorganized but the scope of this storm was overwhelming. Some areas of Sussex County were told they won’t have power until December. (JCP&L) Keep in mind any major improvements to service in the future will be reflected in your monthly bill. Being without power for a week was no picnic but having much higher utility bills doesn’t sound appealing either. Maybe at some point a nat gas generator is the way to go…though your neighbors may not like the noise.

  131. Does anyone know if power has been restored to Lorraine between Park and Valley? Headed back to town and am not sure if I should get a hotel or not. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

  132. “A bit” disorganized?

    The company is completely inept at communicating. They are opaque. That’s the issue, not their ability to fix downed cables (though Lord knows maybe they’re bad at that, too). It wouldn’t matter so much except that MILLIONS of people are literally waiting in the dark.

  133. Valley Road near Watchung is back! (Not sure how long down Valley it goes)
    My condolences to those still out–I hope you are restored soon, I know how crappy it feels.

  134. North side of the Gordonhurst dead end section is powered. Unfortunately our neighbors on the south side are still out.

  135. @ flipside, quiet. No one wants to hear your sanity here, for many they want to 1) bitch (which is understandable), 2) tell PSE&G how they should “communicate” (when they told us it may be till 11/9 before you get your power, but folks want to know EXACTLY when), 3) cry about their “suffering” when many in the area have lost everything single thing they owned, or the saddest, 4) show the world their true character by being unreasonable, entitled, and small.

    But you state the truth.

    I’m still waiting for all the “communication” experts here to tell me what PSE&G could possible “communicate” to them to make them feel better?

    The answer is nothing. WE WANT OUR POWER!!…. But I have a generator because after a week without last year, and a week during the microburst and far too many other days since I bought the Estate, we decided it was necessary. I hope all the disgruntled folks here will do the same. But I never got to complaining like many of the folks here.

  136. @ andrewz23, Great news!!! Got the little prof and I ran up to the merlons to check out the lighted view.

    Soon again I hope, my Palatial Estate will be bathed in PSE&G’s transmission of Edison’s pride. And I can pay off the hamsters spinning in their metal encased drum and set them free in Brookdale park.

  137. “I think we can all agree PSE&G seems a bit disorganized but the scope of this storm was overwhelming.”

    The ironic thing is that, at least with the information we have, the restoration process may be ideal. We don’t know otherwise. What has clearly been done badly, though, is communication.

    For example, PSE&G will mark all potentially effected customers as “restored” when a fix is performed, requiring that we re-call the 800 number to report a continued outage. Yet we’ve no idea when those fixes are performed and our calls therefore required.

    More, the 800 number has ridiculous hold times, esp. for those on a cellular battery.

    If PSE&G had a mechanism in place for informing customers that they should report success or failure, aong with a better mechanism for reporting that success or failure, the hold times could be reduced, the frustration could be reduced, and PSE&G would have more accurate information.

    PSE&G could also report on its plan to address known breaks. There will likely be new breaks added to the list, with corresponding changes to the plan, as more damage is uncovered. But the working teams need plans; those could be shared with us so that we could see the progress.

    That would also ease frustration.

    There are likely other improvements available as well.

    These improvements would make a large difference with a major situation such as this, but they’d also be useful in cases of smaller storms (eg. Irene, last year’s October Surprise, etc.).

    …Andrew (still powerless)

  138. @profwilliams PSE&G first told us Nov. 5th, not the 9th

    But we know you’re better than the rest of us because you refuse to complain about the lack of power.

    Do us all a favor and stop complaining about the rest of us in every thread. We get it. Give it a rest.

  139. Last week PSEG called met to see if a downed tree had been removed and the person I spoke with told me I would be back up on the 5th. I am still dark.

  140. To all of those who are still without power know you’re in many people’s thoughts. This may be of little solace but we’re thinking about you and wishing we could do more to help. Hang tough. It will be over soon.

  141. NO Power on stretch of Park between Alexander and Mount Hebron. Plenty restored BUT NOT ALL!!! NO Garbage Picked up with rotting food over a week! WTF Trucks came…trucks left can’t get through to PSE&G who might not even be aware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please help!

  142. @ montclair dweller: WE were told 11/9 the first day. But I almost died a few years ago and I would have done anything to spend a week or more with no power in my home, with my family. Anything. From this, I am forever grateful for ANY day I can wake up, hug my family and look up at the sky. Perhaps (and despite my “online persona”), this is why I went from being optimistic, to hyper-optimisic. So I certainly understand how we happy-jacks can be a bit of a pain.

    I think Andrew has it right: “This darkness and cold is getting to me… It’s been a long week.”

    But remember, “I cried because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet.”

    Stay Strong friend!!!

  143. Still not one truck seen or power AT ALL in the Yantacaw section east of Yantacaw Brook Park – Club, Cornell, Woodmont, Heller Way, Heller Dr. It is very frustrating and discouraging when everyone else seems to be getting power or at very least least attention by PSEG and the town.

  144. No power Edgemont rd south of Watchung, north of Edgemont school. Reported for 5th time yesterday after told power was restored(erroneously) for 4th time. Hello Nor’easter- we are so screwed.

  145. Does anyone know if the south side of Summit Ave, between Park and Grove, is now up? Or the north side of Wildwood (I believe they are fed by the sane line)? Thanks, and hang in there for those still without power!

  146. @profwilliams. Just a thought….Feeling terribly for those who have been so badly affected by the storm and feeling significant frustration for the cold, lack of communication, and no power are by no means mutually exclusive. There’s always someone who has it better and who has it worse. That does not mean that complex thinking people can’t try to advocate for themselves while also feeling heartbreak for others who have lost so much.
    As I see you discuss your significant optimism and obvious strong coping skills a thought comes to mind. Why not give that generator of yours to someone who has lost everything and needs it more than you?
    Did this post significantly change your opinion or attitudes? I seriously doubt it. But now maybe you may have some awareness for how others have felt after reading your posts putting them down for their basic human emotions when they’re dealing with a lack of basic human necessities.

  147. Let us be vigilant. Within the past hour a pedestrian walking up Montclair Avenue saw a wire separate from a house. In seconds, flames appeared at that corner of the structure. She flagged down a passing motorist, who brought Montclair FD via 911.

    The flames superficially had self-extinguished in the very few minutes necessary for Montclair PD and MFD to respond, but this was a close call. Had this occurred in the wee hours with no witnesses and a stiffer breeze, perhaps with a suitably frizzy branch or two crowding breakage site, this story might have had a different ending.

    Other tree and infrastructure weakenings may exist that await only wind and time to become breaks, and there’s a nor’easter on the way. Let us be vigilant.

  148. Any word on the Bruce Rd/Gordonhurst Village “pocket” that was still out this morning? I’m not home and trying to find out if we are back us, as i was told directly by a worker this morning that we would be by noon and haven’t heard anything yet 🙁

  149. Power has gone out again on Valley north of Watchung up to A&P, including all the little side streets west of Valley up to Anderson Park.

  150. Power has gone out again on Fernwood Ave. near Kings. It seems the whole neighborhood is down again. Sigh.

  151. Power is back on again on Valley north of Watchung up to A&P, including all the little side streets west of Valley up to Anderson Park.

  152. Don’t forget about the warming stations if you need one tonight. St. James Church in Upper Montclair has been a wonderful place to hang out. They are kid-friendly and definitely welcoming–even to a heathen such as myself…

  153. It would be nice to know if these recent power failures were the result of things breaking (perhaps due to the new weather) or were services deliberately/temporarily shut down to facilitate further fixes.


  154. Power went out AGAIN about an hour ago on Essex Ave near HS.

    I called PSE&G and they said they did not have any “new reports” of problems in the area, so it could potentially be temporary as a side-effect of work to restore something else somewhere, and to call back in 60-90 minutes if it is still out.

  155. Great to hear some streets are still being powered on tonight. Still waiting here (wildwood/summit area), fingers getting cold…

  156. still no power half of St. Lukes Place downtown. funny thing I saw PSEG truck on block parked, got so excited. asked them to roll down window to ask them when we’d have power back, they had NO IDEA they were just pulled over having lunch then leaving to go back to another location. UGH, double UGH

  157. Claremont Ave – South side between Valley and Midland is restored! Nice to see the lights again on a night like tonight.

  158. Funny thing….called PSEG again since they have us falsely restored. got a super nice and sympathetic woman on the phone so I said “no chance you work at PSEG you are too nice and sympathetic compared to everyone else I spoke with”, and sure enough I was correct. They contracted out people from another power co. In Midwest to handle calls. Too bad PSEG customer service isn’t as nice as these contractors

  159. Day 10 without power, spoke to someone at PSEG yesterday re: the outage and a damaged utility pole. I reported the outage again today online, here’s the response:

    We have not received any reports of a power outage in your area. Please report a power outage only in the event that your entire house or property is without power.

  160. Day 10 powerless. I feel powerless. 4 days of calls to PSEG; no discernible action. Out and about last night at 9, I noticed entire blocks still without power in my area of Watchung Ave, Edgemont and North Mtn. I am thankful for heat and my generator; alot have it far worse, especially after yesterday’s nor’easter. Still, I’m ready for power. Hell, I’d be happy to see a PSEG utility truck on my street at this point.

  161. Is the list at the beginning of the article still up to date, or should we start a new post to make this one more manageable (takes a while to load when running off 3G or 4G without actual internet at home :-))

  162. Power back on at Stephen Court. Baristanet, just want to thank you for keeping the updates coming through all of this. Appreciate it!

  163. If you can believe it, my cousin in California called to say she has a friend without power in our town, have small kids, and they’re going out of their minds … she saw my Facebook update that ours was restored and wondered if we could help. I tweeted their block to PSE&G, but aside from that and posting here, I’m not sure what to do. But North Mountain between Berkeley and Watchung is out, and they’d like some relief, as I’m sure all of you still without power would. -Alison

  164. PLEASE HELP OUR NEIGHBORS!!! North side of beverly between grove and fairmount…..South Side of Morning side between beverly and watchung. PLEASE DO WHAT YOU CAN TO TRY TO GET PSEG TO RESPOND…..THEY KEEP SAYING THERE’S POWER THERE AND PEOPLE DONT HAVE LIGHT OR HEAT THANKS

  165. Try approaching the crews in the streets. I’ve found them to be incredibly friendly and helpful and sympathetic, more than I would have thought possible. Many of them don’t have power themselves at home.

  166. The PSE&G crews and Verizon workers have done exceptionally good work in my neighborhood. We now have power and service after being without for the past week. We’ve lost so many trees here in Essex Fells. Best wishes to all! ox

  167. Power just went out on Forest Street in past hour, but was restored. I’ve been told it was likely some temporary outages due to PSEG ongoing work in area.

  168. Thanks to all of our loyal customers who patronized our store when we were without power. We appreciate your business and hope we were able to help your families cope with the hardship of Hurricane Sandy.
    Roy and Staff, American Royal Hardware

  169. Power out again on Glenfield Road. No FIOS either. FUOS said they have no idea when their wires will be fixed. The down side of bundles.

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