President Obama Wins Re-election, Plus Local Races And Ballot Questions

President Obama retains the presidency with a decisive electoral vote of 303 to 206. The popular vote was tighter: 50% for Obama to 48% for challenger Mitt Romney.

In state contests, Democratic Senator Robert Menendez handily beat Republican Joe Kyrillos, 58% to 40%. In the House of Representatives race, Republican Rodney Frelinghuysen trounced Democrat John Arvanites, 59% to 40%.

Both local ballot questions passed easily: a $750 million higher education bond issue, and changes to judicial benefit packages.

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  1. I always get excited after an election, regardless of who wins– the promise is always there. The hopeful victory speech offering to reach to those on the other side always make me hopeful.

    I wish Obama all the luck in the world and the ability for him, and the Congress to compromise for us all.

    Here’s hopin’!!!

  2. Howard, Herb is here with me.
    He’s fine, but he’s locked himself in the basement and won’t come out.
    But he’d like to shout out “hi” to all his fellow Baristavillians.

  3. Many on this site endorsed Romney; that is their privilege. I have no problem with that. But Herb, as arrogant a loud mouth and contemptible a poster there is on this site, after months of chest thumping and rhetorical hot air, put himself out on a political limb without a safety net.

    He deserves all the scorn and disdain he is likely to receive.

  4. Spiro – You’d better remove all sharp instruments and turn off the gas in your basement.

    On second thought, don’t bother.

  5. Now, silverleaf, herb is a great guy, and I intend to keep him safe. Fortunately, our basement didn’t flood in the hurricane, so his socks are holding up fine. I know herb and I are on different sides of the spectrum, and I know he has suggested (erroneously) that I have a grey ponytail and tofu colored birkenstocks, and one too many soy lattes in my Subaru every day.
    Nonetheless, he does enrich many lives here on Baristanet, and I feel it is my solemn duty to keep him around for a long time.

  6. Kay, he came here on his own. You can imagine our surprise. But, to answer your question, the basement door is locked from the inside.

  7. Congrats all yee Obamabots!!

    Herb called this one wrong. 50% million people are happy with a handout society the other 48% million aren’t. Hardly a mandate. I do hope he attempts to reach across the aisle this term and be uniter but his track record and his divisive “revenge’ campaign just isn’t that encouraging. That said, I do hope congress, senate and prez can work together to right the ship.

    I have never been more proud to be on the losing end !!

    spiro, classy as usual, you get it and I tku for the kind words.

  8. You poor, pathetic, disingenuous little man. No, it was your posts that have been filled with hatred, verbal abuse, and acrimony toward Obama, not mine. Apart from being on the wrong side (again), you suffer from selective memory.

    Go home, regroup, and start planning your strategy for 2016.

  9. Herb : You are a good man, I really enjoyed the baristanet banter over the past few months.

    Here’s to bipartisanship.

  10. herb, that handout theory of yours only goes so far. For a long time now, the Old South has been receiving more money from DC than they pay in. Yet they went solidly for Romney. The Northeast pays in to DC more than we get back, yet we went solidly for Obama. Not that I expect you to change your views. By the way, thanks for leaving our basement in top condition, except for the fact that we can’t find some of our power tools. Can you please check your backpack? Thanks.

  11. Herb is a good guy with some screwy ideas. Like (almost) everyone else here.

    I’d love to spend more time on here, but I’m on my way to Gallup HQ. I know there must be some mistake because ROC assured me that no candidate above 50% in October could lose.

  12. I think “Gallup” has turned into the “trots” for quite a few this morning.

    HI-YO Nate Silver !!!!! AWAY !!!!

  13. If I had woken up with no power and a President Mitt, I’d be in an institution. Fortunately, I no longer have to worry about my vagina being controlled by people who think science is a “belief” system.

  14. Mitt would have won except for Israel & Hurricane Sandy.

    The American economy needs Mitt. Clearly the momentum was on his side till Sandy hit the NE. Then all focus shifted to Sandy and suddenly Mitt was discarded old news.

    When push came to shove, even those who would never be caught at a “Public Library” went to one to warm up and charge their smart phones. Sandy made everyone re-think the need for infrastructure that will be there for us as a last resort. True we don’t want more debt, but at the same time we also would like to have a safety net when all else fails.

    Finally the question of Israel. Just imagine the outcry if Saudi Arabia’s King had made a public attempt to influence our Presidential Election. Imagine if someone known for his loyalty to China had made a obscenely large donation to a Presidential candidate (so that he could influence America’s foreign policy) ?

    Even worse, imagine the public outcry if any country attempts to rub an American President’s nose in the ground.

    For a while it seemed that Israel and Nathanyahu were getting away with murder, but in the final analysis, it appears that America does not indeed tolerate meddling in our affairs and will never allow some jerk to humiliate our President (popular or not).

    I think Mitt would have won. America needs Mitt. Nonetheless, America does not want, nor can afford another war. hence but for Israel and Sandy, I think Mitt would have won.

  15. Not one person I know who voted last yesterday had their vote change due to the storm. They had made their decision long before that.

  16. I doubt very much the storm had anything to do with Obama’s victory. Mitt didn’t make much sense to me till his VP pick. The first debate cleared away a few more of my concerns. I hoped for a real change but we didn’t get it. I’m in the smaller government camp but can still wish Obama well. Carry on!

  17. Hey, forget “smaller” government. I want *efficient* federal spending–the kind Bill Clinton advocated. Obama supports this idea, too. But, a lot of the “small government” crowd continue to ignore the facts: Obama has actually spent less than any president since Eisenhower. Don’t take my word for it, consider this piece from the not-exactly-centrist Forbes magazine:

    For a more dramatic visual, see this:

  18. “Don’t take my word for it, consider this piece from the not-exactly-centrist Forbes magazine”

    Yeah a blog written for them by the guy who under his name says Rick Ungar “The Token Lefty”. He’s the left commentator on Forbes on Fox.

    It’s too soon to have me shooting holes into absurd statements. At least give me a few days.

  19. A lot of people (many whom post here) got a little over-confident in guaranteeing a landslide victory for Romney. It was over-zealous to think either candidate would have a mandate after the election, and just goes to show how sharply divided the country is.

  20. I’m confused by the guy saying that America needs Mitt but that Netanyahu trying to influence the election cost Romney the election. Um, isn’t that exactly what Romney planned for and directed? I doubt the Netanyahu crap was not asked for.

  21. Today I turned my television back on. No more local election ads which were captioned for the hard of thinking and produced on shoestring budgets. Today I turned my radio back on and heard what passes for music instead of the moronic local election ads that have been pounding my ears for the last three months. Today I logged onto Baristanet: same old schmitt. Onward! Through the fog.

  22. The “but for Israel” post above is one of the most exceptionally dumb posts I’ve ever seen on this site. (Which is saying something, I realize.) It is just so wrongheaded as to beggar belief.

    Well, it is anywhere except this site, maybe.

    More distressing to me is that we returned to office such no-talent hacks as Menendez and Pascrell. At least “we” kept the House. Now back to figuring out what it’s gonna cost me in taxes thanks to that marvel otherwise known as “Obama care,” while playing Wanda Jackson singing ‘Let’s Have A Party.’

  23. Anyone know if Obama has reminded Republicans yet that he won on Tuesday? I hope not, because then the GOP would be “forced” to tank the economy on purpose to punish him for his arrogance!

  24. Good thing we’ve all become inured to hardship over the past 5 years. It will make the next 4 easier to take. Be careful what you vote for, you just might get it….

  25. Yaaaaay! Not only did Barrack Hussein Obama retake the White House, not only were marriage equality referenda approved by the electorates in Maine and Maryland, not only do we have our first out LGBT US Senator (Tammy Baldwin, defeating a popular former GOP governor of her state, Tommy Thompson), not only did we retain control of the Senate (cf: GOP campaign analysts predictions), and not only did Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin slip away from the GOP’s lethal embrace to reenter their century-spanning tradition of progressivism, but my power was restored, warming my home that had for over a week stood as black and as cold as Willard Romney’s heart.

    Note to Republicans of the “tinfoil hat” Tea Party set: climate change and global warming are real. Saddam Hussein never did have any WMD’s. FEMA is not building concentration camps in the country’s interior. No-one is going to take your guns away. Health care financing reform is not communism, or even socialism. The President is an American citizen, born in Hawaii. Racism, sexism and homophobia exist. Finally, the female reproductive physiology does not allow for the by-pass of fertilization in cases of rape.

    Get it? Got it? Good.

  26. If we could only have some of that $6 billion in campaign spending for some underground utility wires, some infrastructure attention and the TappanZee bridge….
    Boehner asks for some meeting in the middle to get things done. What a novel Idea, at last.

  27. The stock market has really dropped since Tuesday. There go people’s 401Ks again. Not optimistic right now about the future of our country. I hope I’m wrong.

  28. Nellie, the Dow doubled in value from 2008 to 2012. I expect it to double again from 2012 to 2016, unless problems overseas thwart the gains.

  29. My portfolio’s value has slipped 6 mil in the last few days. Fortunately, most of my vast wealth is in gold and silver, and is safely ensconced in Geneva. I visit it from time to time. Its doing well.

    I worry that this Obama fellow may wage class warfare against the Wall Streeters, who have all seen their wealth increase over the past 4 years and who have received more in the way of government largese than any other sector of the economy. Still, they seem to be worried, and when they’re worried, I’m worried! I’m not sure which of Obama’s policies will destroy the country soonest — his redistribution, his takeover of the health care sector, his weakness towards Iran, his business-killing regulations, or his taxes on the job creators!

    I’m OK though. I have an Irish passport, so I can go live in Eire, where austerity is showing results — why the unemployment rate there is only 18%. And climbing.

  30. Austerity has no record of success Mr Cro man, in Ireland or anywhere else. What you call “health care (financing) takeover” is a reform plan to include many millions of uncovered citizens, such as adult children living at home with parents. Free market health care has driven costs to the heavens as it thrives on perverse utilization and billing rather than keeping people healthy. Maybe we are seeing the waning of conservative results… 2 elections now with less enthusiam for its principles and results.
    “If the Republican Party turns away from self-destruction, it should do so for the right reasons. America shouldn’t reform immigration because Republicans need to add slices to their shrinking loaf of Wonder Bread. It should fix immigration because the system is broken and unjust and millions of people are suffering. Republicans should embrace family values for all families, gay families, too — along with protecting reproductive rights and access to health care — because these are the right things to do for the country we’re in, not the country they imagine it to be.” NYTime today.

  31. I find the right-wingers even more hilarious these past two days than I found them after the ’08 election, mostly because they know on Election Day 2008 that they were going to lose. This time, they really, really thought it was their year. And they were crushed, and still are, and it’s just plain funny.

    I wonder if any of them — Rush, Hannity, Mark Levin, Michelle Malkin — are wondering now: what if we had actually attacked the real Barack Obama? The one who dreamed up healthcare reform that was a giveaway to private insurance companies, and not a socialist dream as they claimed; the one who sends unmanned drones into Arab communities to kill people he deems worthy of dying, instead of apologizing to the Muslim world as they claimed; the one who offered tax cut after tax cut after tax cut, instead of raising taxes unprecedentedly as they claimed; the one who appointed Republicans to his cabinet, instead of waging partisan war as they claimed?

    They probably could have beaten that Barack Obama. Instead, they went after an imaginary one that, after four years, most voters realized was a complete fiction.

  32. Thank you mr. wildwoodbenman, for straightening me out.

    I was able to take me tongue out of me cheek long enough to read your post. Good stuff!

  33. The Republican party has lost it’s way but if they take some of that superpac money and hire a topnotch NY advertising firm and do tons of focus groups, they could evolve into something a little more palatable to real Americans…..They could call themselves the “New” Republican party of the future, with a big tent and…..BUT who would be ringmaster?
    Would it be “New” or “Classic”? Then they could fool some of the people some of the time.
    Hmmm…..Gives me “The pause that refreshes” feeling.

  34. Spiro, the reason that the stock market rallied so much over the past several years is because all of the money the Fed is printing had to go somewhere. The rally was essentially manufactured, as was the artificially low rate structure which has enabled banks to recapitalize. This creates a very unstable situation when both stocks and bonds reverse course once inflation inevitably kicks in. It’s all in the timing.

  35. Spiro, the reason that the stock market rallied so much over the past several years is because all of the money the Fed is printing had to go somewhere. The rally was essentially manufactured, as was the artificially low rate structure which has enabled banks to recapitalize. This creates a very unstable situation when both stocks and bonds reverse course once inflation inevitably kicks in. It’s all in the timing.

    Translation: it was all the government’s fault.

  36. Nobody was complaining when housing prices were going either. If you don’t believe me, just ask anyone that understands market fundamentals. Moribund economy doesn’t lead to higher equity prices. Flood of cash needs to find a home.

  37. The only reason austerity has no record of success is because by the time that word is getting thrown around the fiscal health of the related entity has already been destroyed.

    “Nellie, the Dow doubled in value from 2008 to 2012. I expect it to double again from 2012 to 2016, unless problems overseas thwart the gains.”

    Not necessarily problems overseas just more opportunity, capital will flow to those areas instead of the US. We really need to think global, we don’t have a choice.

    Spiro can you please tell me where apple is going to go?

    I was pretty sure Romney would win, not because he is awesome but because of Obama’s failures. I think govt now has a life of its own and cannot be controlled by any president (left or right). I wish Barry the best of luck though still want him to kill it.

  38. stayhyphy, I don’t know where Apple stock is heading ( probably up – as more folks world wide realize that pc’s are strictly second rate ).

  39. If you are looking for a little market advice here is a tip. You want to buy a stock when it is low and when it gets high, hopefully really high, sell it. Hope that helps.

  40. Excellent advice Herb.
    Stayhyphy is correct. Capital will flow to where the best returns and opportunities are perceived as available. My point is we’ve been printing money like crazy, and it needs to be parked somewhere. Despite our issues we are still perceived as as a stable haven. The plan has long been to inflate our way out of our problems, but you can’t easily expect to get the inflation genie back in the bottle once we start to grow normally. Nothing has changed in Europe, and they may follow our path at their peril.
    As for AAPL, it has been such a large component of so many portfolios that managers began locking in gains about a month ago. Why risk your year at this point? Personally, I feel as though a back-and-fill was needed, and despite the quality and demand for their products, the company has rolled out too much in too short a timeframe, especially at this point on the calendar. I’d say look for direction after the Holidays, but don’t look for any real breakout without a major catalyst.

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