UPDATED: More Problems At The Polls

Update: ACLU Statement from ACLU-NJ Acting Executive Director Ed Barocas on the Essex County Superior Court decision not to allow federal absentee ballots for New Jersey voters displaced by Hurricane Sandy:

“We are disappointed that the judge denied our petition. Although we understand these are unusual circumstances that the Lieutenant Governor and the Division of Elections are dealing with, our concern was with how it was being implemented at the county level. Because of the large volume of complaints from voters who were not getting a response to their email or fax requests for ballots, we would have liked to have another method that provided more assurance that the votes of displaced New Jersey residents would be counted.

The remedy that we offered was one that is familiar to New Jersey elections officials and that can be used by overseas residents and members of our military who are serving overseas.”

 There are several reports this morning of voters having problems at the polls today. Reports include: a man in Bloomfield who asked to produce an ID, an Essex County voter who wasn’t listed in the registration book, and a voter in Verona who didn’t think her vote went through.

 UPDATE: A voter protection hotline, 1-866-MYVOTE-1, has received 1,500 complaints from people in New Jersey who tried to email or fax and received no reply or were told they couldn’t be processed. The ACLU has received dozens of complaints through phone calls and social media from people having trouble voting today.

From NJ.COM:

The American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey plans to file an emergency petition asking a state Superior Court judge to intervene because of problems with e-mail voting in counties across the state. Residents were also reporting problems via social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

“You’ve got people who are trying to utilize this e-mail or fax voting capabilities the state has said they are entitled to,” said Alexander Shalom, policy counsel for the ACLU. “The counties are so overwhelmed with these requests, they are not able to reply. People have e-mailed in requests to get ballots and they are not hearing back.”

“We don’t want potentially thousands of people to lose their right here,” Shalom said.

Please let us know about any problems in the comments below, and report them to njvote, the Board of Elections at 973-621-5071, or the Superintendent of Elections at 973-621-5061. NJ News Commons has also set up a NJ Voter Problem Hotline — 732-903-VOTE .


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  1. Not a single problem. matter of fact it went quite swimmingly.

    An easy answer to all 3 issues though.

    1- Show it if you have nothing to hide. However, I would ask why if nobody else was.

    2- This happens quite often from new voters, new residents etc. Solution: Provisional ballot

    3- Solution: Provosional ballot which will easily be cross checked with ticket.

    I don’t think any of these issues are out of the ordinary except maybe the request for ID which I don’t have a problem with.

    While I am sure most people are appreciative with the information you provided I would think most people understand these situations are easily handled by the poll workers.

  2. I voted at Edgemont School and everything went smoothly. Now if only my power would come back on, things would be swell.

  3. I went to vote at the municipal building this morning and was told they had no record of me in the book (even though I voted in the same exact spot 4 years ago, have lived at the same address for the past 9 years, and brought the sample ballot they mailed me). When I asked how can that be, I was told “we just have what the county gave us.” I filled out a provisional ballot and voted that way, but I didn’t see THAT one coming.

  4. Voted at the Forest Ave school in GR, no problems. Noted all the extension cords running across Forest Ave. as we drove back & forth to the school. The old backyard utility pole dilemna, last on the list for triage by PSE&G.

  5. My daughter had the same problem at the Municipal Building this am. She’s voted there for many years and had received a sample ballot but was told she wasn’t in the book. Very disappointing. We reported the issue and hope others who have the same problem do that as well.

  6. I voted at Brookdale School in Bloomfield, the same place I have voted at for every election since I moved here in 2006. I was also told they had no record of me in the book, until I helped the poll worker discover that the page with my name was misfiled in the wrong section.

    The pages in the book are arranged alphabetically by last name, with tabbed dividers for each letter of the alphabet. I’m typically the first name on the first page after the tabbed divider for my letter, but today my page was placed before the divider, at the end of the previous section, instead of being placed after the divider.

    “Gee, I had to turn a couple of people away today, maybe that’s why” said the poll worker.

    How archaic that we still have to visit a physical polling location on a single day in order to vote, and that our right to do so could be erroneously denied because the divider tabs in a loose-leaf binder were put in the wrong place!

    After that it was smooth sailing, except for having to wait for what seemed like ten minutes for the person ahead of me to vote, obviously not having acquainted herself with the sample ballot, or perhaps she was simply incredibly indecisive (not very reassuring in either case).

  7. All voting should be done with paper ballots and counted in public. Period.

    Electronic voting machines are easily hackable. It’s been proven over and over again.

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