Tia’s Food of Love Sends Supplies to Jersey Shore Shelters

It’s been so heartening to see do-ers doing during the ever-expanding disaster that is Hurricane Sandy. Again and again I’ve seen examples of people and businesses remembering that the true bottom line has to do with trying to make the world a friendlier place during extremely trying post-Sandy times.

Over the weekend, Tia’s Food of Love collected supplies to load up a Tia’s truck for the second time in two days to bring food, toiletries, clothing, and items to pass the time to shelters in Union Beach and San Clemente Parish in Matawan. Some of the Tia’s volunteers had family who had been rescued from a roof during the storm, and one Tia’s employees lost his car thanks to Sandy,  so he can’t get up to Verona to work or help out.

Via the Tia’s Food of Love Facebook page, this local business has been organizing donations and trips to places serving evacuees from Jersey Shore locations. The greatest needs were batteries and flashlights, food, sanitary supplies and toiletries, diapers, water, first aid supplies, and more batteries. Other IMMEDIATE items (and for those without power/tv, you know this) are things to help pass the time for both children and adults. Great ideas are coloring and activity books, crayons and pencils, gently used books and magazines, new crosswords, games, and hobby supplies for knitting and crafting.  According to the Facebook page and the volunteers, there is NO need for clothing* right now. The volunteers are busy with organizing the supplies and coordinating the efforts (as well as their own lives!), but call Tia’s at (973) 744 0078 to ask about supplies or specific needs.

As always, cash and gift cards (Home Depot and other home suppliers) are greatly appreciated. According to Kristen, one of the constant volunteers, the areas served by the shelters are being evacuated AGAIN as a precaution for the upcoming storm. The needs do not go away.

A big thank you to great businesses and volunteers like these wonderful people! The Tia’s volunteers are giving of their own time and money (gas to drive the van with supplies is “fueled” by monetary donations!) to help make living in a shelter more comfortable – or maybe I should say less miserable.

* Volunteers have to go through donated items, and time and energy is precious. If you wouldn’t accept it from someone else for YOUR children or YOURSELF, don’t donate it. Give a ten-dollar bill instead.

This post originally appeared at That Unique* Weblog with a slightly more self-righteous tone.

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