Even On Election Night, Sandy Casts A Long Shadow

Election viewers at Just Jakes in Montclair.

The mood is relaxed and optimistic at Just Jakes in Montclair, where  Essex County’s Brendan Gill and other local Democratic politicos are watching tonight’s returns. The TV is tuned to MSNBC, and about 50 people are drinking Coors and soda, and dining on chicken wings. “Even though we aren’t hitting the 2008 numbers, we’re very happy with turnout,” said Gill. “Especially considering that half of the town is still without power, including me, and many people are focused on taking care of family first.”

Brendan Gill at Just Jake’s.

Over at Egan & Sons, the television sets are tuned to CNN. The noisy crowd of about 200 appears to be a 4:1 mix of Democrats and Republicans, judging by the cheers as the returns roll in. Manager Joe Giresi says Egan’s has been bustling since 4pm, when several families without power arrived for an early dinner. The outages made last week Giresi’s busiest in a long time. You think he’d be pleased, but he’s not. “You can tell who has no power. They’re sitting there depressed. They linger at the end of the meal. It’s sad,” Giresi says wearily. “I try to comfort them, to be jovial. I hope this ends soon.”

Egan’s on election night.

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  1. Herb – I hope you have power in your neighborhood; it’s going to be a cold four years for you. Your guy is getting crushed.

    Now say something clever.

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