UPDATE: Where To Watch Election Returns, With Friends And Online

 Need a place to watch election returns tonight? Just Jakes in Montclair is where Essex County’s Brendan Gill and other area politicos will be watching tonight’s returns. We will be updating this post with places you can go to see the night’s returns come in — for so many of us who can’t watch at home.

If you are a guy, Meat Night – Election 2012 edition is taking place at Solar do Minho at 15 Cleveland Street in Belleville. Bring $65 cash (meat, sangria, entertainment, pineapple and tip included). The event starts at 8 p.m. — you are welcome to arrive early and have a pre-meat night drink upstairs.

Suzy Que’s in West Orange will be hosting Democratic volunteers from Essex County, while Pig & Prince at Lackawanna Plaza will be showing the televised returns on TVs in the bar area, as will Egan & Sons on Walnut St.

If your power is still out, and you don’t feel like hanging out with a crowd, you can watch online if you have internet access. The Wall Street Journal and New York Times are dropping their paywalls for the event. YouTube’s Election Hub, CNN, CBS News, HuffPost Live, Washington Post, and the Chicago Tribune will offer live video streams.

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