Election Day 2012 – Where To Vote & Who Did You Vote For? (Update)

Update: We’re hearing the lines are blowing up at the Board of Elections. New Jersey News Commons says there are multiple reports of email voting not working, with emails being returned with the message:  “mailbox is full.”

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Public questions on the ballot

It’s Election Day, and between waiting in line for gas, calling PSE&G to remind them you still don’t have power, and figuring out the temporary location of your child’s school bus stop for tomorrow–we vote.
If, like me, you never received your citizens voters guide by mail (yet another thing I’m blaming on Sandy), go to the League of Women Voters of New Jersey’s website to learn more about the candidates for President, Senate, House of Representatives, and the two statewide ballot questions.

Please take our very unscientific poll, and let us know in comments who you voted for and why. Sound off in comments, or by Twitter, Facebook or email, about your experience voting post-Sandy and if you encounter problems at the polls today. Photos welcome!

Want to report trouble voting? Call Board of Elections at 973-621-5071, or the Superintendent of Elections at 973-621-5061. NJ News Commons has also set up a NJ Voter Problem Hotline — 732-903-VOTE — which will be monitored continuously by students at Montclair State University during polling hours on Tuesday, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., to document problems around the state.

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  1. If you are in the South end of Montclair in District 10, they traditionally vote 70/30 Democratic.

  2. I voted for Jill Stein, because I can’t get behind Obama’s drone campaign and his continuation of the civil-liberties abuses Bush Jr. began in his first term.

    If I were in a swing state, I’d vote for Obama to keep Republicans out of The White House for at least four more years. They decided after Obama was elected to sit by and let the economy struggle along (Remember Rush? “I want Obama to fail.” They got their marching orders, and they obeyed.) for the sole reason of winning today. And to allow that to happen would be to reward their nihilism, giving them a shiny prize for thinking of their party first and their nation last.

  3. A little off topic … but I went to Town Hall to vote. Despite having lived at the same address, voted at this very location before and being sent a sample ballot telling me to vote there, I was not in the books. Same thing happened to someone else. Oh, and the voting booth was having problems. It’s going to be a loooong night people.

  4. I went to Montclair High School at 6:15am to vote. There are NO voting machines there…a long line and a women saying she has one pencil and you can vote on the provisional ballot. What is going on???

  5. Ward 2 District 3- the sheriff buttons didn’t work. The observer could care less when I pointed it out to him, and SHOWED him that neither lit up. Called Essex Cty Bd of Elections who said they had already gotten complaints, and that HE said there was no problem. REALLY?
    GOod news? They are sending another person down there to see for themselves. And, I am glad to hear I wasn’t the only one complaining about it.
    If you have problems voting, I had busy signals calling Bd of Elections 973-621-5071- got a response at Superintendent of Elections 973-621-5061

  6. 6AM at the high school. A bit of a mess…if you don’t know which district you’re in (each ward has several districts), the woman with the roster book is hidden on the far side of the room and no one is directing traffic to her.

    Saw lots of neighbors who, like us, woke up early in their 40-dagree homes and dressed by candelight to go out to vote.

    Strong YES on Prop 1, to provide matching funds for infrastructure for our public colleges. NO on Prop 2 (removing the constitutional provision that protects sitting judges from the legislature changing their compensation) based on the Ledger editorial criticizing the initiative as overbroad and poorly conceived.

  7. Herb was #1 at his place, Mrs. Herb #2 and I knew the three people behind me so at my station it was Mitt 5-0. I was hoping I knew the next 2 people were definitly Romney people because that would have made it 7-0 and 7-0 is a shutout. Game over.

  8. Hey Herb — were the other 3 people in line with you the Alabama power workers who were sent home because they didn’t have union cards?

  9. Oh good. I’d feel much safer with Black Panthers protecting my rights than with Pete Stromolo protecting my rights.

    Schedule today 11/6/12
    * walk dogs
    *feed Cats
    *make Coffee
    *Get hubby up – spot him as he walks down the stairs and then into the car
    *fill up on gas
    *vote for Obama
    *drop hubby off at home
    *go to work!

    It’s a good day to be alive!

  10. From ROC’s Fox News link

    “Elsewhere in the city [Philadelphia], a representative from the New Black Panther Party was also spotted outside a polling site.”

    Location? Source? Corroboration? It frightens me what passes for “news” these days.

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