Humbug! Sandy Shuts Down Tree Lighting in Glen Ridge!

It may feel as if there’s a bit of the Grinch afoot in Glen Ridge. The annual tree lighting there was not held this week as usual, and in fact has been cancelled, in part because of damage caused by superstorm Sandy and the costs and logistic that would have been involved in repairing the problems. is reporting that the borough made the decision after an inspection and assessment of the tree and its lights.

Photo: Flickr via Creative Commons

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  1. One of the things my wife and I miss after moving from GR to Moscow on the Hudson is the tree lighting ceremony, which I ran for 19 years, from Mayor Ed Callahan onwards.

    I checked out the town’s website yesterday and noted no date for event. Makes me sad, as I would gladly have been there as our new citi-wannabe neighborhood really isn’t one.

    Over the years, we toned down the ‘carols’ and added other standards, which was a good way to reflect the diversity of the town. Maybe successive events brought out something for Kwanzaa and Festivus and Diwali and…the list continues.

    It’s a time for sharing the company of friends and neighbors. The Friends of the Library were wonderful about sharing cookies and cocoa; Jim O’Brien was indispensable; Kathy Gaffney was a musical treat; Michael Rohal was the glue that kept it together.

    There is a light on the tree for everyone in GR. And by bringing all the lights together, a community can celebrate, and be celebrated. Be safe, be warm, be together, be blessed.

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