Teens: Get Free Yoga for One Year with a Scholarship from Garden State Yoga

There is nothing, and I mean nothing, I like to do better than yoga. (Okay, maybe one thing, but this is a family site!) I am happiest in upward dog. For me, joy is falling face first out of a handstand.

I started doing yoga to stay in shape–and I’m the strongest I’ve ever been in my life–but I keep at it because it makes me calm, joyous and sane. Before every class, we take a moment to reflect on what’s important in life, and we learn to be happy about what we have right now. I don’t want to get all crunchy. The actual yoga moves are cool, too. I feel like I’m dancing. But thankfully, for everyone involved, I’m not dancing because I look ridiculous doing the pop and lock. Instead, I do yoga. Everyone can do yoga.

My favorite studio, Garden State Yoga, is offering a free one-year yoga scholarship to four enthusiastic local teenagers. GSY is the perfect place for young people: it’s athletic, it’s smells minty, and they use awesome playlists. The teachers motivate and inspire–and they literally stand on their heads for their students. One of my instructors, GSY director Erin Barry, knows a few special teens will get the awards.

Barry believes yoga is important for young people. “The earlier we are exposed to practices such as yoga–which encourages us to live ethically and to our fullest potential–the deeper impact it will have on our character. GSY feels strongly about passing this tradition onto the younger generation that may not have the financial means to practice regularly at a yoga studio.” She adds that the scholarship’s mission is “to provide the recipients with the knowledge to skillfully connect to their goals and aspirations, so they can make clear and powerful choices while making those dreams their reality.”

Applications are starting to come in, and Barry is psyched to give the award to someone soon. So get your kid to fill one out now–or forward this info to someone who might love it. Namaste. Here’s how to apply:

The Garden State Yoga Scholarship–4 are Available
Who: People between the ages of 14 and 22
What: One year of free unlimited yoga at one of Garden State’s two locations. The winners will be asked to take three classes a week and blog about their transformative experiences both on and off the mat.
Where: Two scholarships will be awarded at each GSY location:
GSY Bloomfield
71 Washington St.
Bloomfield, NJ
GYS Glen Rock
530 Broad St.
Glen Rock, NJ
When: Applications are being accepted now on a rolling basis
Cost: Free. Click here to apply.

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