Upper Montclair Goes Dark Again – Power Outage

Update – 11:35 p.m — now reports of power back on.

Power went out around 9:30 tonight, plunging parts of Upper Montclair into total darkness. Tipsters write…

No power Upper Mountain and Highland area between Bradford and Mt Hebron- maybe further??? Called PSE&G and have been told will be restored by 2:39 am Saturday morning. Sigh. Getting old losing power here!

Total darkness from the south side of Haddon heading north. I hear a transformer fire has knocked out electricity between Grove and Upper Mountain heading south for who knows how long. Wish I knew more. But lots of facebook updates w/ news of blackout here.

And our personal favorite…

Power is out on Buckingham, Fairview, Westview, at least. Society crumbling. Talk of a Hunger Games reaping at sunrise.

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  1. The middle schoolers at the party on Park Street and Gordonhurst were totally fine with the darkness in the basement. 😉

  2. It was creepy. To the left of our house, the power lines arched, illuminating the dark sky in electric blue, coupled with loud humming and vibrating – like you hear in the movies when somebody gets the electric chair? Three separate times. After the third time the transformer exploded and burst into flames. It was so disconcerting my teen, who of course won’t admit to be fazed by anything, came down and admitted being scared as he watched the developing situation. Glad we still knew exactly where all the lanterns were.

  3. Generations of Republicans and right wing Democrats plus tons and tons of corruption and this is what we get. Deregulation=failing infrastructure plus fat pockets for fat cats. Happy day.

    Enjoy the darkness while the government heads in to the end stage scenario of Karl Rove’s “Starve the Beast” policy.

  4. The state legislature periodically interrupts its fund raising to “grill” the utilities about poor performance, storm mess, etc. The utilities promise to do better, and the legislature pats itself on the back for doing a great job. They had a love fest after Irene, and they’ll have another one after Sandy. Same song and dance.

    Among concrete improvements PSEG and GPU could introduce are smart meters in all new residential construction, and on poles at key corners, etc. That would let them know right away where the power is out if there are battery backup internet access points on some poles.

    Steel poles are used in places that are exposed to hurricanes, like Florida, Hilton Head, etc. They work fine, and rarely need to be replaced. So do armored cables on the poles in areas where trees are an enormous risk. The wires, wrapped in steel cable, don’t break every time a 200 pound branch drops.

    PSEG raced to install high reliability poles and wires to the Glen Ridge Country Club. No reason why they couldn’t do that for ordinary rate payers, replacing 10 miles of trunk lines in Montclair each year.

    The legislature and the feds rushed to allow PSEG permits for their high capacity transmission line between PA and NYC. PSEG will earn fees for carrying electricity. How about some high reliability poles, wires, etc for ordinary folks? We pay high rates, and PSEG / GPU have stinted on their reinvestment in local neighborhoods.

  5. Actually I applaud PSE&G for how quickly they fixed this situation. Power was only out for about 90 minutes. After the scene we witnessed when the transformer exploded, I was guessing we’d be lucky to see power return within 24 hours.

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