Booker Turns Bullets into Bangles

The City of Newark has raised $20,000 for its next gun buyback program thanks to an innovative idea by Cory Booker.

The mayor, with the help of with Jessica Mindich of Jewelry for a Cause, has turned 250 weapons and shell casings seized by Newark police  into fashionable bracelets. The jewelry is made from the weapons’ melted metal and turned into steel or brass baubles, complete with the former gun’s serial number engraved on the outside.

On the Rachel Maddow Show Wednesday night, Booker said the jewelry was not “a cure-all” but was “one strategy” for curbing gun violence. “We’re using them as an instrument of peace,” he said.

The Caliber Collection sells for between $150-$375. According to the Star-Ledger, more than 400 items have sold since the collection went public on Nov. 28. Newark Police Director Samuel DeMaio, who was initially skeptical of the enterprise, told the paper, “I’m certainly going to buy some for my wife.”


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