Feeling Stuck Without A Flu Shot? Here’s Where To Get One

Is your doctor out of flu vaccine? You can still get a much needed shot in the arm at several pharmacies, grocery stores, and urgent care clinics in the Montclair area.

Be sure to call ahead to make sure supplies are available, and to ask about wait times. Here are some locations to check, according to the CDC’s Vaccine Finder website:

A&P on Valley Road, CVS/Pharmacy Stores on Valley Road, and also on Claremont, Pompton, and Bloomfield Avenues, Stop & Shop Pharmacy on Broad St., Rite Aid on Clifton Avenue, Pathmark in Lackawanna Plaza, and ImmediCenter on North Broad Street.

And remember, if you get vaccinated, but still end up in bed for a week with the dreaded virus working you over–blame the flu bug, not the vaccine. It takes takes about two weeks to build up enough antibodies to protect against influenza, and the vaccine does not protect against every strain of the virus. The CDC says this year’s shot is about 60% effective against the currently circulating flu strains.

Have you got your shot? Please share in comments any other locations you know of where you can still get vaccinated.

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  1. I find it interesting that the international Influenza Industry (totally microbe driven) has adopted the policies and strategies of the international Pharmaceutical Industry (totally profit driven) in such a manner as to keep one or two steps ahead of the competetition. Watch as the viruses mutate into a form just beyond the efficacy of existing antiviruses, then watch TV as Big Pharma invents yet another disease for which its drugs provide relief. Isn’t Mother Nature wonderful?

  2. Is it safe to get a flu shot without talking to your doctor? I’ve never gotten one and while I get the flu I get a bug for a day or two and I hot & sour soup it away. My co-workers who run out to get them spend all winter coughing, sneezing and taking a week off for the flu. I’ve also heard that once you get one you have to get it year after year – is that true ?

  3. Controversial issue. I think it should be up to the individual. If you want one, get one, if you don’t, don’t. I don’t like the coercion that’s been going on in regards to flu shots. I don’t remember this coercion from years past, why now?

    I have never gotten the flu and only had a flu shot a few years ago. I didn’t have a bad reaction to it but as I’ve gotten older and wiser and learned about all the toxins in flu shots, no thanks. Plus they have a 62 percent success rate. I have better odds at the Meadowlands.

    I don’t do anything special, other than washing my hands, eating right, taking vitamins, and avoiding sick people as much as possible. So don’t be offended if I don’t kiss you or shake your hand upon meeting.

    I AM a big fan of Tamiflu tablets as they do lessen the symptoms and severity of the flu.

  4. If you were thinking that I said that Big Pharma invented the flu, the answer is no. Not enough profit margin on flu shots. And, ‘Rooski, there was a grassy knoll. Only it had nothing to do with Kennedy and everything to do with Roger Clemens.

  5. I would call Savage a half-wit if I thought he had at least that much wit about him. Clearly, that would be a misnomer. And I got my flu shot at Walgreen’s. Can’t ever be too safe — the DCD just might get it right one of these days…

  6. the site lists several nearby stores that actually are out of the shots. Tried A&P on saturday and they were out. same with cvs on bradford, and walgreens in verona.

  7. MM – Very wise; couldn’t agree with you more about taking precautions. But have you ever taken the E Train in the middle of January?

    A veritable petri dish on wheels.

  8. Oh, I know, trains, buses. Sick people coming into work…stay home and get well! Your employer doesn’t want the whole office to get sick. Most doctors would agree that it’s wise to stay home from school or work if you’re contagious.

    I spoke to an ER nurse and she said that one of reasons it so bad this year, in terms of contagion, is the the flu season started early this year, before the holidays, and you had a lot of people in close quarters at all the office and house parties.

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