Happy 2013!

Greeks eat vasilopita on New Year’s Day for good luck. Photo (and cake by): Georgette Gilmore
Baristanet wishes you and yours a happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous New Year. Did you make (or break) a resolution yet? Will it be a lucky 13?

Today, New Year’s Day, Greeks eat vasilopita — a cake with a foil wrapped coin inside. The person who gets the piece with the coin will have good luck all year long. If you want to whip up your own, here’s a vasilopita recipe (my kids will be hoping to score the coin at Grandma’s house today).

Happy 2013! How did you ring in the New Year? What traditions do you have (and did anyone else bang pots when they were kids to make noise…?)

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  1. Happy New Year!

    Looking forward to another year of Baristanet! And all the lovely baristas.

    And yes, I did bang pots as a child. The only New Year tradition we have now is trying to stay awake long enough to toast in the new year with a glass of bubbly.

    Here’s to a happily, healthy and more peaceful year ahead.

  2. All my best wishes to my Baristanet friends for a Happy New Year: hope that all of you enjoy a 2013 filled with happiness, health, love, laughter, peace and prosperity!

  3. Despite being sick, we stayed up and watched the ball last night. A first since having kids and our first baby on New Year’s Day 2004. It was a nice night.

    As a child we would step out on the fire escape in our apartment and bang pots. I loved it.

    Today we celebrate my baby turning 9.

  4. Happy 2013- may it be a better year for all of us. I would like to 2nd Bill’s wish above “2013 filled with happiness, health, love, laughter, peace and prosperity” and add my own wishes –

    May Memphis be allowed to come home to the Coltenbacks(he’s stuck in South Dakota right now with no date for an evaluation or return to NJ), may the Bloomfield Town Council decide to try some transparency instead of making us all go through OPRA request after OPRA request(and then both complaining about the number of OPRAs and calling then “harassment”), and may they (the town council and new administrator) decide that Animal and Shelter services for Bloomfield be sent out for RFP (after all it is the LAW) and that those who take over the shelter be an organization that actually tries to get animals adopted instead of one who puts emphasis on fundraising.

  5. In 2013 I hope all those OPRA requests bring her back to daytime television, those Sunday night specials on OWN just aren’t the same. We love you Opra Winfrey!

    and I plan to eat at Samba and Indigo more often.

  6. Walleroo’s New Year Resolution 2013: post more frequently on Baristanet.

    Best wishes for the new year to all of you knuckleheads and misfits who keeping posting here, despite the utter futility of it all. You’re my kind of people.

    And God bless the Baristas, every one.

  7. My resolution is to keep praying for our sun to return to the northern hemi so we can reap whatever we sow in 2013.

  8. Happy New Year to All! In the coming year, may you all wear Haband, survive the fiscal cliff, and approach it all with a drink from Holly in your hand! Cheers!!

  9. Happy New Year to all. I like Iceman’s post and Nellie’s too. Put them together and you get “Haband on the Run”.

  10. To all, as glorious a New Year as possible. And one which is not perched on any sort of cliff, fiscal or otherwise.

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