Montclair Gets Shout Out On HBO’s “Girls”


Girls_logoFans of the popular HBO series “Girls” were thrilled to see Montclair mentioned in  Sunday night’s episode.

Lena Dunham’s ribald half-hour comedy about a group of 20-somethings exploring relationships in New York City recently won a Golden Globe for Best Television Series.

The episode featured a segment with Marnie, played by Allison Williams (NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams’ daughter) being interviewed for a job by an art dealer, played by Laurie Simmons (artist and Dunham’s real-life mom.) Here’s the dialogue:

AW: Marnie Michaels from Montclair, New Jersey! You know you have a terrific little museum there with wonderful Native American artifacts. Yes?

LS: Yes, yes and we also have, you know, a light orchestra, and um, we have a lot of cafes everywhere. There’s a farmer’s market there on Saturdays.

AW: It’s more cosmopolitan there now I think. Yes?

LS: Yes. I used to work at the bread store there, but he also had pesto and mozzarella…”

Allison Williams as “Marnie from Montclair” on the HBO’s “Girls.”

It’s wonderful to see the Montclair Art Museum, farmer’s market, and “a lot of cafes” get some well-deserved recognition, but “light orchestra?” Am I missing something? Montclair State University and several area schools have youth orchestras, but I wouldn’t call them “light.” What, exactly, could Marnie from Montclair be referring to?

Here’s an entertaining excerpt from the scene. Unfortunately, it begins just after the mention of Montclair, but it’s still worth watching.

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  1. I caught that! Cool! That job interview scene cracked me up, especially the part about the tea.

    Have to say I am enjoying the show much more this season than last. I think last year, we were just getting to know the characters and, to me anyway, they seemed one-dimensional. This season it seems that all of the characters have had time to “develop” and you see their vulnerabilities, not just Hannah’s vulnerabilities. It really is a warts and all show.

  2. I LOVE this show. But like many new, very talented voices, I’m getting ready for all the “I-can-do-it-to’s-even-though-I-have-no-talent” copycats.

    Far too many kids will see this and do “their” version. God help us all.

    “Tiny Furniture,” her breakout film was fantastic!! The last scene still breaks my heart.

    She’s young, very talented and works hard– that’s always nice to see.

  3. “She’s young, very talented and works hard– that’s always nice to see.”


    Someone should make a show about the lives of four 50-something women friends, like the “Golden Girls” but grittier. 🙂

  4. It’s come to this? Baristanet is so desperate for items? And folks are so desperate to post? Really?

    And Ms. Dunham’s rather large and involved tattoo remains tacky and classless.

  5. “And Ms. Dunham’s rather large and involved tattoo remains tacky and classless.”

    Well, I guess if you’re a successful 26-year-old woman with a hit show and a huge book advance, you can have all the tacky and classless tats you want.

  6. Since you obviously have so much disdain for Baristanet and the stories they present to us, maybe you can just go away?

    I know you won’t, but one can only hope.

  7. @ bannerchemical- the old “if you hate it so much why do you post” argument is dumb. My fear of a general lack ability to hear criticism is is realized almost daily.

    Here though, the story is about a Montclair mention in a hip show. This is not unlike a few years ago when one of the Mad Men was dating a Black girl from Montclair and even went to a party in Montclair (where, if I remember correctly, the Montclair Museum got another shout out). This simple mention makes this a local story.

    And unlike a newspaper that can signal a story’s importance by its placement (above/below the fold, or buried deeper in the paper), Baristanet suffers what most website suffers from: ALL STORIES, when posted, appear to have equal weight. So this story looks the same as School closing, a robbery, or a missing dog.

    As for Ms. Dunham’s tattoos, I agree- they are hideous. But I think I remember her saying as much about them– that they were a dumb college decision that she now lives with.

    Still, tats and all– I cannot get enough of her!

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