Montclair Man is Missing Person

From the Montclair Police Department:

On 12/28/2012, Officers responded to a Christopher St address on report of a missing person.  Upon arrival, Officers met with the parents of the missing person, Mr. Culbertson and Ms. Lee.  The two report that their 22-year-old son, William Culbertson (pictured) has been missing for two weeks.  William’s last contact with his parents was on December 12, 2012 at approx. 12 noon.  William is known to frequent Panera Bread in Montclair where he plays chess.  William also has an apartment in the Township of Verona. William has no conspicuous marks, scars or tattoos, however, his four upper front teeth are implants and that may be noticeable upon his smiling.  William is known to carry a back pack containing a chess board.  William is described as a white male, 6’ 3”, 275lbs, blonde hair with blue eyes. Anyone with information on William’s whereabouts, can contact Det. J. Anderson at 973-509-4706.

Other Montclair crime:


On 12/29/2012 at approx 0042 hrs. Officers observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed on Bloomfield Avenue in the area of Glenridge Avenue.  Officers followed and observed the vehicle to the area of 55 Park Street where a stop was made.  Officers conducted an investigation which lead to the arrest of Eric Galley, a 24 year old Montclair man for DWI.  Mr. Galley was additionally charged with Careless Driving.

On 12/29/2012, at approx. 1119 hrs. Parsippany Police dropped off John Scanlon at Montclair Police Hq. as he was stopped and found to have an outstanding warrant out of Montclair for Robbery and Assault by Auto.  The warrants resulted from an incident that occurred on 8/8/2012 behind the Grove Street stores, in the area of Walnut Street. During that incident, it was reported that Mr. Scanlon met a Montclair resident at the Pathmark where Mr. Scanlon agreed to meet and repair damage on the victim’s vehicle. The two met on 08/08/2012 as agreed.  The victim took $60 cash out of her purse and Mr. Scanlon reportedly snatched the money from the victims hand and sped off without any work being completed on the vehicle. In doing so, Scanlon drove over the foot of the victim.  Upon arrival of responding Officers, the victim was found lying on the ground where she was attended to.  She was ultimately transported to St. Josephs Hospital in Paterson for treatment.  Detectives assigned to the case conducted an investigation that lead to the charges being filed.  Attempts to locate Scanlon met with negative results.  Scanlon was entered as a wanted person. Mr. Scanlon was stopped by Parsippany Police on an unrelated matter and noted the Montclair bullitin.  Mr. Scanlon was held on $50,000 bail.


On 12/30/2012 at approx. 1030 hrs. Officers responded to the area of 68 Mission Street on report of a Car Fire.  MFD Truck 1, Engines 1 and 3 as well as a Battalion Chief responded.  Upon arrival Officers observed a 1996 Purple Plymouth Breeze with an active engine fire.  There was no property damage other than the vehicle.  The owner was located who stated that the car was parked not long before the arrival of emergency services, however she stated that when she got out of the car, she thought it was making a funny sound.  The car was recently purchased and no mechanical work has yet been performed on it.  There was nothing suspicious found regarding this incident.  The fire was quickly extinguished by the fire department without incident.


On 12/28/2012, Officers responded to a James Street address where the resident reported that a neighbor found her purse on the street.  The caller reported that the purse was kept in her vehicle.  She further reported that she last saw it three weeks prior in the car.  The only item missing from the purse was a silver necklace.  There was no forced entry to the vehicle.  The vehicle owner believes she mistakenly left the vehicle unlocked.  There was no value given regarding the necklace.

On 12/28/2012, at 0828 hrs. Officers responded to the area of 30 Gates Avenue on report of a stolen vehicle.  Upon arrival, Officers located and spoke with the owner of the vehicle.  The vehicle is described as a black, Audi A4.  The owner stated that the vehicle was parked in front of #32 Gates Avenue at 1900 hours on 12/27/2012.  He returned to the vehicle on the 28th at 0800 hours to find it missing.  Anyone with information regarding this case can contact Det. R. Singleton at 973-509-4722.

On 12/29/2012, at 1019 hrs. Officers responded to the area of 73 South Fullerton Avenue on report of three individuals attempting to break into vehicles.  Upon arrival, Officers spoke with a witness who related that they observed two black male individuals attempting to break into a Nissan Maxima that was parked in the lot.  The witness also stated that the suspects also attempted to break into a Chevy Tahoe that was parked in the lot.  The witness explained that when the suspects saw him, they jumped into another gray Chevy Tahoe and fled the area. This vehicle description was given out to all patrol units.  The suspect vehicle was located a short time later traveling on Llewellyn Rd.  Upon noticing the Patrol Unit behind them, the suspect vehicle suddenly accelerated in an attempt to elude the officers.  The vehicle was pursued at a safe distance to the Orange boarder where the pursuit was terminated.  The vehicle information was forwarded to all surrounding towns to no avail.  Upon inspection of the lot where the vehicles were parked, it was found that the Tahoe sustained damage such as a pry marks and broken door handle.  The center console on the Tahoe was rummaged as well.  The Maxima sustained a pry mark above the door lock on the driver side. This vehicle may not have been entered as the contents of the glove box and console were secure. Related to this case, it was also reported that vehicles were entered and/ or attempted in the parking lot of #23 South Fullerton Avenue.  Officers spoke to the owner of an unlocked black Jeep Cherokee who parked at that location.  The owner stated that he heard from another employee of the vehicle break in and went out to check his vehicle.  At that time, he discovered that his wallet was missing from his vehicle.  There are security cameras at this location in the parking lot.  It was discovered that the same Chevy Tahoe that was reported from 73 South Fullerton had been in this lot as well.  Two suspects can be seen exiting the Tahoe and walking up to two vehicles in that lot before they were seemingly scared off.  There was a black, Infinity that suffered driver side door lock damage, however, entry was not gained into this vehicle.  There was also a silver, Infinity that was attempted. This vehicle also had driver side door lock damage.  Entry was not gained into this vehicle.  Anyone with information regarding these vehicle burglaries should contact Det. C. Cunningham at 973-509-4716.

On 12/29/2012, at 1039 hrs. Officers responded an Orange Rd residence on report of theft from a motor vehicle.  Upon arrival, Officers located the owner who related that he left his 2007 GMC Yukon parked and unlocked in front of the Orange Rd address.  He states that he was inside the home for no more than three minutes.  Upon returning to his vehicle he found a number of items missing.  Missing from the vehicle were the following items:

  • Briggs and Riley briefcase color black $400
  • Dell laptop $1000
  • Laptop accessories $1000
  • Purse $30
  • Wallet $10
  • Black 16 gig iPhone 5 $500
  • USAA debit card
  • Pink DVD holder $30
  • Approx. 100 DVD’s $1500

The victim stated that he observed a nondescript white work van parked opposite his vehicle when he parked but did not observe anyone in the vehicle at that time. Anyone with information regarding this incident should contact Det. L. McCarthy at 973-509-4725.

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