Montclair State University Student Says Gag Order Is Unconstitutional: UPDATED

Montclair State University graduate student, Joseph Aziz, was recently suspended for violating a gag order after he made unflattering comments regarding a fellow student on a YouTube video.

UPDATE: Here’s the response from Suzanne Bronski, the director of media relations at Montclair State University:

This matter concerns a student disciplinary matter, and the University does not comment upon individual student discipline because of the responsibilities imposed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.  The University acted in accordance with its Student Code of Conduct which complies with the New Jersey Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act, and other applicable federal and state regulations.


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  1. Student? He’s 26 years old and harssassing some female on youtube. Looks like a bright future ahead for Mr. Aziz.

  2. This little creep thought he was funny. Now he thinks that slapping him down is un-Constitutional. Amazing display of nerve from such a hapless wienie. Certainly not worth coverage, Baristas. (I mean, you don’t yourselves see this as a Constitutional issue, do you?)

    Worse, the site linked to above (called with quite a bit of chutzpah as “The Moral Liberal”) actually refers to what’s now happening to Aziz as his “ordeal.” In the good old days back in parochial high school, some gentleman-by-intent would have punched the guy out as a (genuine) favor to the girl and that would have been the end of that. Nowadays, he lawyers up, alas.

  3. Actually he called her that in response to a youtube video calling a person a racist (which he is not). The issue isn’t so much his right to make fun of her on you tube, but instead his right to discuss this case. I agree he is an ars but he has a right to be

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