Montclair Tech And Media Startups To Discuss Creating Makerspace

What’s a “Makerspace” you ask? It’s a community-operated, physical space where people with common interests in computers, technology, science, and digital or electronic art can meet, socialize and/or collaborate.

Here’s more from event organizer Jon Bonesteel:

With Debbie Galant and Saul Hansell, I am hosting a “Meetup” this Wednesday evening at the Commonwealth Club at 26 Northview Ave at 7:30 PM.
These Meetups always include networking and discussions before and after.  The main topic of the Meetup is a presentation I will give on the possibility of a Makerspace in Montclair.

Here is a document that describes the topic and my talk

There is a $10 fee for the event for those who attend and they may register by following this link

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  1. The idea for something of this sort was first brought to my attention by Leeann Carlson a while ago. It is, I believe, a good one. Montclair has many of the ingredients one would expect for something of this sort.

    MSU has both technology and media programs, for example. This is an intersection on which I expect a lot of new services and products to form.

    Our HS Principal has indicated an interest in having students get more – and more directly – involved in technologies which can provide career paths. The STEM SLC is one manifestation of this, but I expect any incubator/”maker space” would find itself an eager partner in our schools.

    The township’s communications committee (probably best known for its involvement in TV34) would also likely be interested in possible synergies should they exist.

    We may not have Google Fiber, but we do have decent and improving connectivity options in town, including copper, fiber, and wireless. One of the reasons the company where I work – a technology firm – had to move from Montclair to Clifton a few years ago was limited connectivity options in Montclair, and I’m pleased to say that this lack has apparently been addressed.

    Finally, making Montclair more attractive to technology (and related) firms might serve us in our need to improve the town’s revenue/spending balance. In fact, perhaps some of the problems/limitations we face (eg. parking) might serve as samples for problems to be addressed by new products and services to be produced in town.


  2. Everyone is of course welcome to join in the Meetup to discuss in person what has progressed to date and what actionable tasks may be taken. Comments are wonderful, but actions speak louder. See the link above to sign up and join the group. Thanks, JB

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