No Decision on Pals Cabin

If you’re wondering what happened at last night’s West Orange Special Zoning Board of Adjustment meeting, which focused on the fate of Pals Cabin, you’re going to have to be patient. According to Rose DeSena, Zoning Board of Adjustment Secretary, the application is still being heard and the meeting is being carried to March 7.

Will Pals become a CVS? Will the CVS has a drive-thru? Stay tuned…

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  1. I am very happy that Pal’s will not be closing shop. I imagine that they will be moving the grill…their business… et all …to their other location across the street at Mayfair Farms….(another historic property….the Holmes estate) I will be glad to go there too.

    My concern is that their historic site will not be transformed into an ordinary shopping mall, that makes our area increasingly more ordinary and less special. Its so expensive and complicated for us to live and pay taxes for our homes in this area, our local governments should be protecting property owners’ interests and not be decreasing the historic and economic value of our properties.

    As long as they keep the existing building on the corner, developing the rest of the site does not harm our landscape.

  2. Cathar…. Nick Werkman Day at the Seton Hall game yesterday. It was nice that he showed , to bad we can’t say the same for the current Pirates.

  3. Thanks much, Herb, that’s very interesting. Is “Nick the Quick” at least somewhat recognizable today from his photos of old?

  4. His hair was white and he had bit of a limp but when you are a Seton Hall game that describes about 85% of the people there. They had him on the ‘jumbotron’ and his eyes welled up. They said some really nice things about him and the crowd gave him an enthusastic long standing ovation. It was very nice. He still leads The Hall in most categories and as you know back then ‘student/athletes’ weren’t allowed to play as freshman. He must of have been a great one to watch.

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