Sandwich Choices: More Dwarfs At Watchung Deli Montclair, and Caldwell Gets Red’s

angry dwarfLooking for a new sandwich to try? Montclair’s Watchung Delicatessen, home of the wildly popular Angry Dwarf, has some tasty variations (click image to enlarge menu).

red dips flips in caldwellThen there’s newcomer, Red’s, in Caldwell, featuring a sandwich-hefty menu, including this Chicago-style Italian beef sandwich and for something sweet, these obscenely decadent looking ice cream sandwiches. Red’s is owned by Barbi Ellen Newman, founder of the now-closed Mardi Gras in Verona.

What’s in your ultimate sandwich?

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  1. I lived outside of Chicago for 2 yrs and Italian Beef restaurants sandwiches were very popular and I loved them. I ate at Red’s yesterday for lunch and they tasted authentically Chicago. I’m telling you, on a cold day weekend day when you crave comfort food, that Italian Beef sandwich works.

  2. I recently tried Red Eye cafe’s grilled cheese with onion jam on multi-grain bread. Perfect winter comfort food.

  3. Someone once asked me how Baristanet chooses featured comments. (As if I should know.) I think replied something to the effect of “monkeys at a typewriter.”

    Those monkeys sure have a good sense of slapstick. Plus they’re cute.

  4. I have to concur with Iceman on his endorsement of Red’s Italian beef sandwich.

    I visited Red’s just a few days ago after reading the favorable write-up they received in the Star-Ledger. I’ve never been to Chicago, but if the sandwich is as much the real deal as Ice says it is, then outer Baristaville should gratefully receive this gift of Windy City gastronomy!

    The sandwich is served, as illustrated, with sweet red bell peppers and a crunchy celery relish that packs a zing (which you may order as an extra-hot version as well). Alas, my sandwich was not quite as stuffed as the one pictured, but was a satisfying portion nonetheless. As per your preference, you may have au jus on the side for dipping, or they will dip the entire sandwich for you; newbie to this that I am, I went with it on the side, but next time I’m taking the plunge, er, dip!

    Red’s also serves turkey burgers, about which another patron complained to me was dry, which she ascribed to the patty being too thick to cook the inside without parching the outside.

    Like pretty much everywhere else these days, they also serve fries, which I skipped. However, they offer soup daily, and on the sub-freezing day I visited last week, I enjoyed a bowl of their silky-smooth butternut squash. They also have a refrigerator and freezer case of items to take home, including their dipping sauces and soups (I left with a bowl of Bavarian Lentil, which I look forward to enjoying for dinner tomorrow).

    All in all, a good place for quick casual meal. Website is here.

  5. Re: Red’s: that, folks, is a sangwitch. Iceman, we have shared many a meal over the years, and I trust your opinions implicitly. As your attorney, I advise you to take me to Red’s (we can bring uncles Fred and Irwin, too) on my next visit to New Jersey, which is currently scheduled for one week after ice-out on Indian Lake. Marching orders to follow.

  6. “What the heck is comfort food? Is there food that’s uncomfortable?”

    You need to try the Phaal at Brick Lane in Uppity Montclair. That is un-comfort food both coming and going. Trust me. I’m from New York.

  7. The Chicago beef sandwich at Red’s is good. I had a regular (not extra spicy), dipped. Crunchy relish, two roasted red pepper strips, nice amount of beef, but not as much as in the publicity photo.

    Fine fries, they offer a decent sized scoop. And, they do it small batch style, cooking only small portions (I could see the fryer units).

    The grilled cheese is very tasty. Highly recommend that. Choice of provolone or jack, peppers on request, pressed in a panino cooker.

    Not cheap, but very reasonable for the quality. Light years ahead of fast food

    $4.75 for a half Italian +
    $5 for a kid’s grilled cheese with half / fries +
    $2 for a diet Coke +
    $2 tip (I’m not sure why this is offered on the bill. You’re called up to get your tray, and expected to clean your table, etc. Prob won’t add anything next time)

  8. My favorite sandwich is rare roast beef on a Italian long roll like Calandra’s, horseradish mayo, a little bit of lettuce (NEVER SHREDDED!) and salt & pepper!

    My next favorite is my homemade tuna or egg salad on Pepperidge Farm white bread, also with lettuce. Now I have a hankering for one – might have to whip some up.

  9. I forgot, an opened face reuben on grilled/buttered rye made with pastrami instead of corned beef, with melted swiss and saurekraut with a little bit of Gulden’s spicy brown mustard and russian dressing on the side for dipping.

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