Still Complaining About Your Most Recent Unpleasant Flight? It Could’ve Been Worse.

This just in from the police blotter: *Aircraft Incident* Newark International Airport (EWR)…

Port Authority Police Department (PAPD) requested to assist at the gate for an incoming aircraft with a passenger under arrest by the crew for assault on one of the crew members. FBI notified. UPDATE: The passenger is now off the plane and in custody by PAPD. They are requesting shackles and restraints for the subject who is reported to be severely intoxicated. Medics have also been requested to the gate.

Meanwhile, a similar situation occurred yesterday when a drunken flugdólgur or “air hooligan” attacked passengers on a flight from Iceland to New York. Here’s how Icelandair dealt with its drunk.

Have you ever had to endure a flight with “air hooligans” aboard? How did you handle it?


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  1. Once on an Icelandic flight, they ran out of booze (it was free back then) and the back 1/2 of the plane was singing Billy Joel songs by the time we landed at JFK. Actually alot of fun, but no one threw up or spit on each other.

  2. Well, there was the flight a few years ago from Newark to SF where the overly intoxicated lady got mega-friendly with our infant daughter, then threatened the guy in front of us and told us that this guy would kill our child if she kept being upset …

    She wound up being confined to a seat in the back row with flight attendants keeping an eye at all times, then the cops came and took her in when we landed. As we were leaving we heard her say, “but I hadn’t even had any drinks when I got on board!” Sure, lady, that’s a great way to help your case: you’re this awful sober?

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