House Votes To Provide $9.7 Billion For Victims Of Hurricane Sandy–Finally

Riverview Drive, Montclair

It’s about time. The House of Representatives just approved legislation today to provide $9.7 billion to cover insurance claims filed by victims of Hurricane Sandy. The Senate is expected to pass the measure later today.

Speaker John Boehner, a Republican from Ohio, drew the ire of both Democrats and Republicans–most notably, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie–for adjourning the 2012 Congress earlier this week before voting on aid for victims.

The New York TImes has more details.

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  1. Next up, spending cuts, via brinkmanship on the debt ceiling.

    Given where we ended up on the fiscal cliff negotiations one thing is clear, we have a massive F’g hole to fill, not that this should be surprising to anyone.

    We need huge entitlement reform (cuts) and huge defense cuts as well. Let the negotiating begin.

  2. the problem is the word entitlement. My collecting from programs like social security are not entitlement, I’ve paid into it I get to pull out of it. What we need to end is the corporate welfare and the hand wringing over making companies pay their fair share, and salary cap top executive pay at a percentage. The head of walmart does nothing to earn 700% over his core of employees. We need to review and change the rules regarding citizens who give up citizenship to avoid taxes. Biggest of all is to listen to Warren Buffett…””I could end the deficit in 5 minutes,” he told CNBC. “You just pass a law that says that anytime there is a deficit of more than 3% of GDP, all sitting members of Congress are ineligible
    for re-election.”

  3. Bush signed a $10.5 billion relief package within 4 days of Katrina and sent something like 10,000 troups and it was still his fault. Obama shows up shakes a few hands and once again gets a pass.

  4. Bush signed and Congress approved a relief package. Obama isn’t holding up the relief in this so he gets a pass while we focus blame on the congress who didn’t put this to a vote before taking off.

  5. Right hrhppg, which is why reform would be done in phases. No one already retired and currently collecting should see any change, those close to retirement should also see no change however those not retired or further from retirement (such as myself) will probably have to eat some loss, but thats fine, its what we need.

  6. I agree herb ! ….Obama shook hands ! He also hugged that old lady ! ….But he was also on the phone with the guv in the wee hours, if you want to believe Christie, that is. And the guv’s own words about the Big O’s efforts included “outstanding”, and (gasp) he said it live on “Good Morning Fox and Friends” ( wtf?) much to the dissatisfaction of those 3 couch potatoes with good teeth. So now, Christie’s a RINO traitor to the cause, despite being the most popular public servant in the USA, by far. How’s your gal Sarah , by the way?

  7. You DO know how the process works, right Herb?

    The president cannot sign a bill until one has been passed by the House.

    See, that happened with Katrina and Bush. But not with the 112th and Obama.

    But still, your boys get “a pass” and its Obama’s fault.

    Same old song.

  8. As usual the double douches Albert G, the limited Tech product and Cro, the Reformation revivor chime in with their hard left radlib vacuous smoke bs. Tell me how do you justify the Lausenberg fellow Blue douche senators pouring pork all over the bill windpower subsidies, fish relief in Alaska and who knows what else. No wonder the Repubs didn’t want to pass it. I guess we’ll know what’s in it after it’s passed to coin a douche speaker phrase. I wonder what percentage of the 60b is actually for the Sandy victims.

    How did the montebanks like Pelosi,Reid, Frank and all the other scoundresls get re-elected? I guess it’s the same way that the Essex retreads who are going to make Montclair even more citified than it already is got elected. I shudder to think what Bloomfield and Valley will look like when they’re through. Rego Park anyone? Civilization Ho!

  9. “Revivor”!

    Who knew that the hopelessly addled and incomprehensible algb was a fan of Funker Vogt?

  10. Administrator, Please delete my previous post, Spiro and Cro I apologize. I got carried away and regret my disrespect.

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