Ask Holly: A Valentine's Day Party

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Need to warm your child’s heart this weekend? A simple Valentine’s Day party might be the quickest easiest at home party you can throw. It’s as easy as inviting over a handful of children, asking them to dress in red or pink and having them make Valentines for their parents or teachers. Grab some pink and red table clothes, napkins and plates at the party store, serve some cup cakes and tea and ask the other parents to bring a festive snack.


vday party2Make it even more practical by asking the children to bring in their own Valentines for their class. Provide them with a few craft supplies and enjoy a glass of wine with the other parents while the kids get creative and knock out what usually gets left until February 13th.

Ideas for Crafting Supplies:
All in red, pinks, purples and white

  • Paper doilies
  • Heart and flower shaped stamps and stamp pads in gold pink or red
  • Red, pink and white card-stock
  • Beads (kids love pearl beads)
  • Glue
  • Scissors with patterned edges
  • Red and pink yard or string
  • Lace
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Markers, crayon and colored pencils
  • Ribbon
  • Heart stickers
  • Heart shaped cookie cutters for tracing
  • Use clean empty jars for setting out the supplies

vday party3Cupcake Decorating
I was lucky enough to have my very talented mother teach the kids how to make frosting roses. They loved every minute of this but to make it a bit more simple I would have a couple bowls of frosting out and plastic knives. Let the children decorate the cupcake with frosting and heart shaped candy.

Party Supplies:

  • Pink or red plastic table cloths ( it is handy to have more than one to switch out if one gets too sticky)
  • Heart napkins
  • Red or pink paper plates and cups
  • Red or pink flowers
  • Heart window clings are a fast way to make a room look festive
  • Pink carnations for each child if you would like a easy party favor
  • Cranberry juice and seltzer makes a cute red drink for the children

vday party4

Setting the Mood: Having a nice rose scented candle burning is always a nice touch. Mood music: I made a fun play list by searching my music library for songs with the words love, hearts, cupid and rose

Need more ideas? Click here for our full round-up of Valentine’s Day ideas and crafts and the slide show below.

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