Cat Found on North Mountain Avenue in Montclair

A reader from Montclair writes:

foundcat21713 (640x425)

I have caught this cat three times. She is super friendly, starving, and wanted to be caught. On Sunday, February 17, she was in the trap again. When I let her out, she didn’t want to leave so I fed her and she pushed the door open to try and get into my house. She purrs and lets you hold her. I have walked around the neighborhood showing her picture but have not found anyone who knows her. I am hoping she is lost and the owner is looking for her but she might have been abandoned. She was found on North Mountain Avenue, across from the nursing home.

If this is your cat, please contact

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  1. Would you consider fostering her? PAWS is great group … they will work hard to find her a home, but since they no longer have a shelter they rely on people fostering in their homes. They will advertise her and show her at adoption days.

  2. It appears she wants to live with YOU! If she does have an owner, they don’t seem to be taking good care of her. Please consider adopting her yourself.

  3. Thanks Jersey for the plug 🙂 PAWS always does need fosters. We are assisting the person that did find the kitty as best we can. The cat is so sweet, just glad she is out of the cold and off the street.

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