Dame Julie Andrews Charms Her Fans at Watchung Booksellers

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By 9pm, the line still extended out the door to see Dame Julie Andrews.

By 9pm, the line still extended out the door to see Dame Julie Andrews.

We were told we’d be glowing after meeting Julie Andrews, who signed 200 books at Watchung Booksellers last night. And it was true. As fans of the multi-talented star, some of whom had traveled from different states—and even other countries to see the author—left through the backdoor of the bookstore with their signed books, they really did seem happier and lighter and more joyful.

Ms. Andrews was in Montclair to promote the new children’s book The Very Fairy Princess Follows Her Heart, which she wrote together with her daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton. Unfortunately, Ms. Hamilton was unable to attend the signing last night, so Julie Andrews had to go it alone. She did so with grace and kind words for everyone who passed by. The cap was set at 200 books, but many more people streamed through, hoping to have a brief moment with a woman clearly idolized by those who waited in the cold.

Her visit to Montclair concluded a long day for Dame Julie Andrews. She started Wednesday by signing 250 books before breakfast, and then she visited an elementary school where she read to and spoke with over 200 school children. Later, she had a 4 pm book signing in Northvale, NJ, only to shuttle down to Montclair for a 7 pm signing at Watchung Booksellers. Those of us waiting in the cold readily forgave her for starting 30 minutes late. And had we known the schedule she’s been holding the last few days, we would have been even happier to bear the cold.Julie Andrews The Very Fairy Princess Follows Her Heart

If you missed her last night, you’re in luck. Today Ms. Andrews and Ms. Hamilton will be appearing on NBC’s NYLive at 12:30 pm today. After that she’ll be wrapping up in Connecticut with two more signings. The Very Fairy Princess Follows Her Heart is sold out at Watchung Booksellers, but The Bank Street Bookstore in Manhattan has signed copies still available, according to the staff at Watchung Bookstores.

It’s not every day a magnificent star of stage, screen, and pen visits our area. Thank you to both Watchung Booksellers and Dame Julie Andrews for a thrilling evening!


  1. POSTED BY annasan  |  February 07, 2013 @ 1:08 pm

    How amazing, and now I have to add that book to our collection!

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