Calling All Theater Geeks Who Are Good at Picture Games

Papermill Playhouse - 75 anniv image quizWhen I saw the five photos above, it reminded me of What’s the Word?, a low-pressure (and at times highly frustrating game) my son and I have been playing on his phone in which you are presented with four photos and a group of scrambled letters. The idea is to use some of the letters to spell out the word that describes what the photos have in common. Sometimes it’s obvious, but often not.

I’m pretty good at What’s the Word. But I’m stumped with the five images here — all clues from the Paper Mill Playhouse, about five of the productions that will feature in their Diamond 75th Anniversary 2013-14 season, beginning in October. Next season’s roster will be announced by Paper Mill next Monday, February 25.

Meanwhile, theater geeks, Google addicts and drama lovers can try their best to come up with the five shows that the photos suggest.


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