How Do You Feel About The State Of The Union?

state of the union 2012 obamaPresident Obama will deliver the annual State of the Union (that’s SOTU, to you political animals) tonight at 9pm. The president is expected to focus primarily on restoring economic prosperity to the middle class through proposals regarding job creation, clean energy, infrastructure and education, and to discuss initiatives for immigration reform and reducing gun violence.

The president’s speech will be followed by the Republican response, to be delivered by Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, a possible 2016 presidential candidate.

For those of you who love to get into the nitty gritty, the White House will stream an enhanced version of the speech that includes charts, graphs, stats, and other data on Use the hashtag #SOTU.


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  1. Probably not. It’s the same thing year after year. We’re broke, lets start some more wars, and something vaguely referencing the extinct middle class. Yawn. And if the republicans are already clammering around for the first guy they can find for 2016, they’re in deep doo-doo.

  2. I hope so, herb. I’;d like to go back to the good old days when health care costs were declining.

    I think that was around 1857.

  3. The fact that the GOP and Tea Party insist on separate speeches after the State of the Union Address is very bad news for a politically splintered and slowly dwindling ROC population. While all the world passes them by, they’ll be busy proliferating guns and restricting abortions, teaching creationism and denying climate change, and yelling on and on about the “War on Christmas”.

  4. spiro, your statement about declining cost coverage is absurd. The great one promised to fix that and lower premiums. You people drank the koolade. Meanwhile, nonpartisan the CBO states that by 2016, 4 million people fewer people will be getting health insurance coverage from their employers…. and as per the NYT link above, where exactly are those $2,500 decreases in premiums that Obama promised ?

    Do you get the feeling you’ve been duped yet?

  5. Spiro, I think the November election showed that the tea party is pretty much irrelevant at this point. If the GOP has any hopes for 2016, they need to lose the TP.

  6. herb, I didn’t mention declining cost coverage at all in my post… You must be doing your multitasking at work again. Too many balls in the air today, herb?

  7. This was a tough one. The second and final night of the Westminster Dog Show is on tonight so I will switch back and forth between the dog show and the dog and pony show.

    All kidding aside, the state of the union, to me, still resembles a patient etherized upon a table. So I can’t imagine he will reveal anything we don’t already know (and wish we didn’t). I expect more of the same, empty promises and lies.

  8. Hey Herb, my business’s Health Insurance did go down for the first time. Ever. Even though the average employee age is 54. And my daughter’s individual premium went down too.

  9. Herb. If, heaven forbid, you find yourself in the midst of a medical emergency in the future, I advise you not to refer to the personnel in the ER as “you people.” They may get pissed and let you suffer.

  10. It will be an evening filled with hollow rhetoric. From all concerned sides.

    But the President in particular is a carefully groomed creature of the teleprompter. So his speech will be tightly controlled because, face it, the man simply isn’t very good when he is forced by circumstance to veer somewhat off-topic or script.

    Nor, I’d bet, will there be any real discussion of how to pay for anything suggested. Nor will there likely be much mention of either North Korea, Iran or, probably, the problems that Israel faces.

  11. Love those fox fantasies, there, concerned ! You’d have to admit, it is rare that “one of the worst” gets reelected in an electoral college landslide, as his party holds the Senate and becomes stronger in the House.

  12. Dear concerned, because you seem to have this ability to predict the future, could you possibly take the time to look at the handicap sheet for Gulfstream Park and tell which horse you like in the sixth? What? Paul Revere? Okay! Thanks.

  13. I’m getting ready to be lectured about gun violence from the guy from Chicago, whose former Chief of Staff is Mayor, which had 240 gun deaths last year, who did nothing. That guy is also the guy who believes that he alone– after through internal checks and balances- can target and kill American Citizens with a drone strike.

    Still waiting for the liberal outrage on that one…… I guess when the war criminal is on YOUR side, you give him a pass. So it was with Bush, so shall it be with Obama.

    I won’t watch. Used to, back when I thought it mattered. It doesn’t.

    I’ll be watching GIRLS on demand.

  14. I have absolutely no problem at all with Barrack Obama (or George Bush, or Ronald Reagan, or any president) ordering an attack on an American citizen who has willingly joined an organization that has declared war on the United States and traveled to a war zone in order to take part in operations against American military and civilian personnel. That person has, in my view, voluntarily declared himself/herself to be an enemy of the United States and a combatant against same.

    Interesting that Obama has, in 4 years, gone from being a soft apologist who would weaken defense to a bloodthirsty maniac who wants to put a Hellfire up your culo while you’re at Trader Joe’s.

    But as we know, haters gotta hate!

  15. “I used to say worst president since Carter, now I just say worst president.”

    Well, my life only goes back to the Eisenhower era but in my lifetime, I don’t remember feeling despair like this. And that is really out of character for me.

    I was poor as the proverbial church mouse when I was graduated from college back in the late 70s but I never felt the despair I felt now. I knew that things would improve one day and they did. If you were out of work, it certainly didn’t stretch out to two years. Today, unless you are a 1%-er, you really can’t afford to retire comfortably, even if you did everything right, even if you have a pension, and IRA, or other source of retirement income.

    Things cost more today and part of that is to be expected but income has simply not kept up with the cost of living. And I am not talking luxury items, I am talking the basics: food, clothing, heating oil and gas.

    I have friends who are Realtors and they want to be optimistic but none of them are breaking out the champagne just yet. None of them have seen anything like this in the past 30 years, including the mid-1990s when we had double-digit interest rates.

    The health care debacle is just beginning. Let’s have this conversation again in four years and see how hope and change have worked out.

  16. I vowed to drop out of the news loop (including Fox, talk radio etc.) since they took me for a ride in the election. I have stuck for it except one night I flipped through and saw hannity ranting about the drone attacks on “American citizens”. Made me laugh because if it was a Republican in office I’m sure he would have been singing a different tune. I’m with Cro on this one. If you can take the enemy out with a drone I’m on board. John Walker Lindh is not an American citizen imo.

  17. Amazing how Obama is blamed for the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression, even though this happened on Bush’s dime. Not that it was his fault either. I can only imagine how much worse off we’d be if McCain and Palin had been running things the past four years.

  18. herb, read JG’s post. She said that the collapse was not Bush’s fault. The middle class has been strangling in this country for over 40 years, while dozens of pols from both sides have fiddled and enriched themselves.

    Blaming one president — ANY president — is beyond foolish.

  19. Maybe not his fault but what has he done in the past 4 years to jump start it? Notice I didn’t say “fix” it. I know that Rome wasn’t built in a day but things haven’t gotten any better and in some cases, have gotten much worse.

  20. As long as computers can do more and more of the work once performed by employees ( without sick days and benefits) , and as long as people overseas can produce for US corporations (for pennies on the dollar), the US job growth situation will continue to languish.

  21. Who says things have gotten any better?

    The stock market is through the roof, corporate profits have never been higher, the economy has gone from losing 800,000 jobs a month at the end of GWB’s term to adding jobs each month, the housing sector has begun to recover.

    Things are certainly not where most people would like them to be, and they may not be that way anytime soon — or ever, for that matter. But there has been a marked improvement, in my view.

  22. Herb, you misread what I said, I said neither president is to blame and you can be certain McCain would have been disastrous. We were in a pretty deep hole, and things are improving. It took many years of financial industry shenanigans to bring us to the brink and unrealistic to believe we could be brought back to Clinton era prosperity in a mere four years. It took him eight and he had a much better situation to start.

  23. Gee, maybe he’ll blame the 47% of the country who freeload.

    Or illegal aliens.

    Or socialists.

    Or educrats.

    Or atheists.

    There are so many from which to choose.

  24. The conservatives I work with have nothing good to say about the SOTU. However they’ve all been able to hire assistants, are going out more, spending more and having more success in business.

  25. cathcroi, I’m with you on the shiftless 47%, illegals, socialists and educrats. Where do you get off throwing atheists in the mix?

  26. Soaring rhetoric, the visuals of the adoring in the audience, the promise of tomorrow!, all that HE HAS DONE FOR US! I can’t wait for SOTU tonight! An effortless delivery with those telepromptered pauses, staring far off into the distance to allow us to consider his supernatural powers, how gifted he is, how lucky we are, and how many more jobs will be lost during the sixty minutes of this dreadful exercise? THE ONE has it all…”I have a gift, Harry”…sheesh Baristaville!

  27. cathcro, I just looked up Mark Levin and I must say that I’m very impressed. This guy is brilliant! I’m going on Amazon now to by his book, Liberty and Tyranny. Thanks for turning me on to Mark Levin.

    Keep it up and I’ll give you top billing. How does croicath sound to you? To date you have earned your second billing status. I find the cath half of your personality to be wittier, but you’ve been putting in some good work lately.

  28. My mom loved Bob Grant. I listen to Gambling in the morning and Joe Bartlett. I used to listen to Michael Savage at 6 PM but he has been moved to 9 PM and that’s a little late for me during the week. Plus, the format of his show has changed a bit. Can’t put my finger on it but he’s lost some of his bite.

  29. I too am surprised that cme is just now hearing of Mark Levin. They seem made for each other.
    But then I imagine cmesheep doesn’t get out much.

    His book is a great read, by the way. You’ll enjoy it. It offers pithy answers to all of America’s ills that all boil down to, well, I’m sure you know….. LIBERALS!!!

    I love this country so much though that I actually like it when pinheads support pinheads. Everyone wins! He gets richer, you get validated, and I get to laugh my ass off!

    Like I said, EVERYONE WINS!

  30. I Love the “Great One” Mark Levin. Liberty / Tyranny and Amerotopia are both good reading. Warning though, he leans far to the Tea Party side. Blasts McConnell and McCain nightly.

  31. I find it odd that Levin and Hannity are close friends when Hannity represents the Republican hacks Levin loathes. Levin spends a good portion of his time bashing those that Hannity continually protects. Levin blows Hannity away and so does Michael Savage.

  32. Savage, Hannity, Cavuto and Levin are not a whole lot more than overfed, sedentary zhlubs who are terminally desperate in their quest for unbridled acceptance among the descendants of plantation owners and big-magazine gun owners hailing from countries that mocked and persecuted their ancestors. I believe they are all shameless and beneath contempt. I don’t know why they waste their time in this quest, except for the fact that it pays pretty well, considering that green fees are pretty high these days.

  33. I feel like an Astronomist arguing with Astrologists (spiro, cathcroi, mathilda, jerseygurl, redrum et al).

    Why do I do it?

  34. Perhaps, sheepy, it’s YOU who is the “Astrologist”, and those who merit a place on your list are the “Astronomists”. Anyway, I’m a Libra, how’bout you?

  35. Mark Levin’s writings are the greatest bum fodder ever invented.

    Someone above mentioned Eisenhower…if only there were still any Republican politicians left in America who could fit that mold.

    But as long as the GOP is anti science, women, and just about everything else..well, it’s going to be a long time in the wilderness for the once great party of Lincoln, Teddy and Ike.

  36. Will he address why our debt has grown while he’s been in office?

    I sure hope not. I, for one, which much rather that our Great Leader, as herb so reverently refers to him, focus on explaining how he will transform our nation into an even greater socialist workers’ paradise than he has already done in this past four, short years!

  37. I am beginning to come around on this Obama guy (seriously). As Spiro points out DOW is 14,000+. S&P is now 1500+. 401k has a seen a very nice recovery. Investment portfolio is killing it. There are millions of unemployed and a ton of people whose homes are still underwater, but you can’t please everyone.

    I really think 7%+ U3 is the new norm as well as 15% U6. Kind of hard to blame Obama for high numbers here, the housing bubble really just delayed this effect. Obama has an opportunity to hit it out of the park in the first few months here. We shall see.

  38. Right On stayhyphy!!

    Black Male Unemployment: 13.8%
    Black Women Unemployment: 12.3%
    (from the US Labor Dept.)

    Unemployment rate for 18-29 year old African-Americans 22.1%
    Unemployment rate for 18-29 year old Hispanics 13%
    Unemployment rate for 18–29 year old women 11.6%
    *from generation opportunity

    But the DOW is up so everything is fine, and American is “moving forward.” Just don’t be Black, or 18-29.

  39. For all your feeble-as-usual attempts at wit above, Spiro, I’d wager that Obama is indeed very favorable to the concept of “socialism.” He just knows better than to call it that.

    He certainly would probably see no great differences, were he to get his agenda passed, between, say, Norway and America. And his clear lack of belief in American exceptionalism is what may well in the end define him in history. (Along with his total flubbing of foreign policy matters, of course.) He is the perfect President for our current age of defeatism and fiscal imprudence. And his administration in so many ways reminds me of all those “Present” votes he settled for during his brief time as a Senator.

  40. Enough about our Comrade-in-Chief’s exhortations to the proletariat to renew our socialist revolution with increased vigor!

    The most memorable moment of the evening is, and shall for a very long be, Marco Rubio’s shifty, sliding-into-second reach for the bottle of water, following by the gulp-heard-round-the-world!

    How can you people (and you know who you are, medical professionals exempted) look to the likes of Ryan and Rubio as the vanguard of the GOP when they can’t even go toe-to-toe with Obama and Biden without getting all dry-mouthed and flop-sweaty?

  41. I was hoping that Obama would declare the automobile to be illegal, on the ground that it is killing animals by warming the planet, raising sea levels, flooding wetlands, turnings deserts into tundras and forests into tundra and glaciers into rock gardens and rain forests into forests and forests into deserts. It is changing the ocean currents which will affect the atmosphere which will in turn changes the currents more and affect the clouds.

    I was also hoping he would institute the death penalty for any human who inflicted pain and suffering on any other creature, regardless of size or IQ.

    I am disappointed, bitterly.

  42. Oh look, cathar trotted out “American exceptionalism”.
    That’s one of my favourite horse$#^ concepts!
    Thanks, old boy!

    Malaysian exceptionalism is pretty good — as is Ugandan and Peruvian!

    We’re all exceptional! We all get a trophy!!!!

  43. The basic problem is capitalism is a faulty concept, it eventually will “eat” it’s young and shallow pocketed. I agree with Mathilda. You’re all running around looking for political band aids while this planet slowly dies.

  44. Don’t people realize Rubio’s rebuttal was written well before the SOTU aired? Kind of a “prebuttal”.

  45. …but great news, despite all their other objectionable qualities, Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell are looking to finally legalize hemp production in the Midwest. A superb crop with many uses in construction, clothing, etc, and a real potential job creator. Seriously.

  46. jg, all rebuttals are prepared before the speech. The WH releases the talking points pre-speech and the opposing party frames a rebuttal. Not even the great Ronald Reagan could stand in front of the press and speak off the cuff about an hour long speech five minutes after it w/out preperation. I find the puppet and lip synching comments humorous coming from supporters of a guy that can’t speak in front of a 5th grade class w/out a teleprompter.
    I didn’t watch any of it. I was busy watching the Rangers blow a 3 goal lead (before winning in OT).

  47. I find humor in people who are in despair over the economy. Maybe focus on your careers then instead of posting hourly on baristanet if you are that concerned about personal finances. Until then those worries are laughable.

  48. I in turn find humor, albeit of the saddest sort, in those who think that despair over the state of this economy is somehow easily dismissable. Perhaps they too should, well, “focus on their careers.” Hourly or otherwise.

  49. “I vowed to drop out of the news loop (including Fox, talk radio etc.) since they took me for a ride in the election.”

    —what did they do, herb, hypnotize you to ignore fact? hey, you took yourself for a ride there, genius.

    you’re now what you define as a “liberal”, herb—blaming the Old White Man Industrial Complex for your ignorance and lot in life. whatever happened to personal responsibility?

  50. Herb! It doesn’t matter. I just got an email from a reputable source (my disowned wingnut brother from his bunker somewhere in Florida) that says the Supreme Court will look into the fact that Obama was not born in the United States and that Joe Biden would be the interim President. Of course, that won’t make you feel any better, will it?

  51. So now the executive branch of our government has been lead for several years by a man who has a family name ending in the letter “A”?? What’s up with that? This is an affront to a hallowed and venerable American tradition. Yeah, OK, sure, President McKinley was the last president we ever had with a vocalized vowel at the end of his name ( the silent “Y” notwithstanding ) , and yeah, a “Y” functions as a vowel in names like “Kennedy”, but an “A”? C’mon folks! Look, Coolidge had a name where the last letter was a vowel, okay,sure, but he had the decency to keep it silent. What’s with this “A” stuff? Give me a break ! REAL Presidents have names that end in a consonant. It’s tougher sounding, more resolute, more American, like Reagan, or Nixon, or Washington, or Jefferson, and, gosh darn, we need that as a people !

  52. “I find humor in people who are in despair over the economy. Maybe focus on your careers then instead of posting hourly on baristanet if you are that concerned about personal finances. Until then those worries are laughable.”

    I find humor in the fact that such a huge % of the people identify with either Obama or the Right when both are a complete joke and far off the mark. I guess it is just too much to ask people to think for themselves.

  53. @ stayhyphy
    You hit the nail on the head. Makes me wonder why people on the far left and the far right can’t get along. They have more in common than they realize.

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