It Happened This Week: Nemo, Explosions, Cancelled Debt

creepy commercialBesides preparing/panicking for Nemo and all that snow, here’s what else happened this week:

  • Montclair reduced its debt by $8.2 million, including the cancellation of $1.072 million in debt (prompting commenter ROC to ask, “Cancelled debt? As in something we decided not to borrow? That gets counted as a reduction in debt? Or are we counting future interest on retired debt as a ‘debt reduction’? My wife will be happy to note we just saved $5000 on a vacation we decided not to buy!”)

    Bus on Fire feb 7 - 1 of 2

  • We broke the story of a scary school bus fireon Willowdale Place in Montclair. Thankfully, no one was injured.
  • Former New York Mayor Ed Koch was laid to rest, with many prominent folks paying their respects (though we like our own Erika Bleiberg’s tribute best)
  • The Ravens won the Superbowl, but all anyone could talk about was that creepy commercial. In the meantime, Baristaville is gearing up for next year’s NJ-based Superbowl.
  • We learned what a simit is and why we’ll be getting familiar with them very soon.


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  1. Congrats to all the morons who Snow blowed their snow into middle of streets. Maybe they need to rais eyour RE taxes for the extra plowing.

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